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    My girls. Guitar, chess, cooking sexified cocktails, Cleveland sports (torture!) KSU Golden Flashes. Pens. tOSU. Mike Doss. Arsenal. Zeke. DL43. 420. 69. Sega thumb. NHL '94. And of course, Tecmo. As a kid and Browns fan, I wished Bernie had his name in the game. Now I prefer the mystique of QB Browns going up inside people.


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  1. brandonj47

    Tecmo Super Bowl 25th Anniversary Edition

    Ok. Just so we're clear. There is a secret formula that 26 people will know when this comes out? Career stats aren't the only factor, cool. So Butler is too beloved in Chicago to keep out your homeboy...right? I lova da Fuada, so I'm gucci with that, but my friends that are 35+ hate Kevin Butler, and hate his Mother, too. And that last paragraph is just a mess. I mean, why was Gould brought up simultaneously before and after you saying we were only rapping about OG guys? This whole contest makes me anxious. I still vote for Haddix, bt dubs.
  2. brandonj47

    Saints Season -- Eric Martin MVP

    *Stan Brock. Sorry, but I did some time in west central PA, and Tunch calls the Steelers games. Totally owns it. Especially following Myron Cope. Tunch has great balance between objectivity and homerism. Good stuff. **I guess he's the color guy for any of you anal retentive types..
  3. brandonj47

    Browns Season and **Playoff Challenge**

    You really do. Got hooked on D/ST seasons. ..winning it all with the Vikings was an unbelievable ride. Got 22? picks with Browner, and Walker went bananas on returns, and Fuad kicked us to glory...that was after losing with Pit,Chi,Cin,Buf,Hou,SF,TB, and KC..tough stuff.
  4. brandonj47

    Tecmo Super Bowl 25th Anniversary Edition

    I agree. Poop-Stain Wayne all the way. That said, this is YOUR creation Psycho, right? I mean, isn't Steve Christie, like, your Home G? What gives? I'm sorry, but fuck Kevin Butler. Right up his stupid ass.
  5. brandonj47

    Ultimate Playbook

    I'm sure this isn't the most effective, or sneaky, or smartest playbook choice for a tourney or anything. But I play against the CPU a lot these days and have fun with this one...cheers!
  6. brandonj47

    The Ultimate Tecmo Challenge

    Busted out the Edenpure the other day. Check me out.. When, you know, it's like really cold and you just need that extra kick.
  7. No worries, mate. I'm back in foggy Londontown, so it's all soccer all the time (which I love...Gunners!), so I'm scouring the injury report looking for Mack...otherwise brilliant! Checking defensive conditioning mid game is about the sexiest thing I've seen in a while...
  8. No relation to this actual quote, and I hate to nitpick, but Buck. Why no Khalil Mack? The guy is a fucking machine. http://nflspinzone.com/2015/02/03/oakland-raiders-khalil-mack-praise-not-hyperbolic/ I'm not asking anyone to change this, but perhaps he can find his way into your OG rom?
  9. brandonj47

    (NES) 1985 USFL and NFL TSB by buck.nes

    I don't know if this got lost in the shuffle or what, but this rom is the fucking JAM. I've been ultra busy (moving back across the pond for a bit) and haven't finished my first season yet (went 15-3 with the Stallions, now onto the NFL half) but this is my favourite game. Get it. Play it. Love it!!!
  10. brandonj47

    Tecmo Super Bowl 25th Anniversary Edition

    That's Bo's charm. I don't want to see a slow Bo. What about Okoye's HP? If we're saving guys like Lonnie Young for their RS, then, well, I mean, is Dick Dick not going to be jumping all over crossways and sideways for JJs? I'm just not sure how to vote now...and I swore I saw Bo on there.
  11. brandonj47

    The Ultimate Tecmo Challenge

    This is courtesy of Bodom and his Grogan challenge..now that's airmail.
  12. brandonj47

    The Ultimate Tecmo Challenge

    Great game, my man. The touchdown saving tackle, and subsequent injury to Thurman at the end of the first was huge. Grogan at his worst, and you said it...Bruce Smith totally ignoring the G Man's bubble space. And it didn't look like Ray Bentley forgot to take his Adderall..
  13. brandonj47

    The Ultimate Tecmo Challenge

    Fuckin' A! I love it. And check out the reply number...just saying.
  14. brandonj47

    The Ultimate Tecmo Challenge

    Damn. That shit is whack.