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  1. Thanks @davefmurray!
  2. MattyD moved to New York because of Tim Ubick.
  3. Tim Ubick is a hidden stat used by Johnny Johnson
  4. Tim Ubick scores with Cap Boso on a Run 4 reverse play.
  5. Tim Ubick defeated Joeygats in an online game
  6. Tim Ubick makes his opponents listen to Nickleback, and they thank him for it.
  7. Joeygats arch nemesis Tim Ubick has achieved much in life. I will share what I have heard about this legendary figure. I encourage you to do the same in this thread. Regulator wears Tim Ubick pajamas Tim Ubick wins with default playbooks Tim Ubick starts Grogan George and McMahon Tim Ubick taps 18 with roundhouse kicks to the controller Tim Ubick goes back and b by pressing forward and a Bob Nelson calls lurching Tim Ubicking Tim Ubick subs out Jerry Rice and John Taylor for Harry Sydney and Dexter Carter Tim Buck is 9 feet tall and his beard smells like honeycomb Tim Ubick recovers onside kicks as player 2
  8. I'm hoping at some point to be able to help out a local tournament and do just that.
  9. Great job as always with the community Gerald. 4 days after the tournament and all the vids are up, I love it!
  10. You forgot @ImFlo playing urinary target practice on the fence afterwards. Seriously great times. Well done @RetroNathan as always.
  11. This gem of a passing attack happened between Kyle Nelson and Troy Evers tonight. The game was much closer than the score indicates.
  12. Don't feel too bad. There are at least 2 other tournaments in the country in addition to Tundra Bowl happening. Hopefully you get connected to some local players down there. Now you have the resource to see when other regional tournaments are being scheduled.
  13. I'm ok playing wherever they put me, and yes I agree it's nice to play different people if possible. Maybe your pull as the defending Milwaukee and Tundra Bowl champ would afford you some influence there.
  14. I don't think you and I played during the last Milwaukee tournament. I'm sensing sarcasm here on the joy factor.