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  1. Pleading with the wife, if she says yes Tim U and I will make it. If we do that, you can count on some clone systems controllers and carts.
  2. That is correct. Tournament had started and VikingMoe, Nos, Timpapi, and Science Guy were all late to the party.
  3. Reserved for Media Uploads
  4. Reserved for Results
  5. Group 1 Matty D 1 The_Shield 2 Dueceloose 3 JPtheBowler 4 Group 2 Rico 1 Baxter 2 Barletti 3 StenZ 4 Group 3 Arncoem 1 Ryan11P 2 Toothbrushes 3 MadtownSpliffStars 4 Group 4 OL Dirty Tecmo 1 Trojan1979 2 Nelson79 3 Elyons051 4 Group 5 Odell 1 Darthrockman 2 PunkyQB 3 Lincoln Hawk 4 Group 6 LuckyTool 1 SuicideKing81 2 ptitteri 3 Simple Simon 4 Group 7 Regulator 1 Prime 2 Tundrayeti 3 Randywags25 4 Group 8 Purple Haze 1 QB Lions 2 NMUFred 3 Elijah Peters 4 Group 9 VikingMoe 1 Science Guy 2 Timpapi 3 Nos 4
  6. Rules: 1 - This tournament is free to play! There will be 9 x 4 player groupings. You will play each person twice in your group, once as player 1 as the matchup selector and host, and once as player 2 as the team selector. You may not duplicate matchup selection in group play, but this does reset for bracket play. If you cannot sort out hosting between you and your partner, please attempt to have player 2 host. Please reach out to Trojan for support/resolution if a game connection can be established in a reasonable amount of time, or if the game play is considered "unplayable". Feel free to open a test pro bowl game to ensure the connection is stable before proceeding. 2 - Bracket play will be double elimination at all tiers, Top 20 will advance to bracket play. 3 - Order of rules for seeding : 1) Record 2) Point Differential 3) Ranking in your group 4) Head to Head 4 -Typical tournament game play rules apply(No lurching, running with TE/WR cept for reverse) 3 - Turbo is not permitted. We know who taps fast out there. 4 - Condition checker is not permitted(scout's honor) 5 - Please do not live stream the games. Online game save states should be recorded and sent to Trojan via discord, or if you use OBS, you may record locally, and upload the video file after the fact to a shared location for Trojan to download. We will upload them with commentary as time permits for posterity and the community's enjoyment. I am interested in having multiple people offer commentary on videos. @Ryan11p and @Darth RockMan are really good at this. You must have the ability to record a voice over on top of a video feed to do so. I use Wondershare Filmora to achieve this which runs about $50 online. This can also be done via OBS. 6 - Accidental disconnects can and do happen from time to time. Ideally you will play with minimal Internet usage at your domicile for optimal experience for both you and your opponent -If the disconnect happens in the first half the full game will be played while retaining the score. -If this happens in the 3rd quarter, the score will be retained, and a new game will commence. -If this happens in the 4th quarter, a new game where only the 4th quarter is played will commence. If there is 15 + score differential in the 4th quarter and a disconnect occurs, the game will automatically be called at that time. -The person who possessed the ball at the time of the disconnect must receive the kickoff. If you forget, just tell the player you need to reset and make it right. 7- Don't be the turd in the punch bowl. Evidence of intentional lag or disconnects will not be tolerated, and may/will lead to automatic disqualification from this tournament. 8 - Keep it clean, and come out Tecmoing. All disputes or concerns should be brought to Trojan PRIVATELY via Discord. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, and is a great way to get some of the newer players involved deeper in this community. Don't hang your head in defeat, and don't gloat in victory, unless you are playing The_Shield, always give him shit. Saying GG is the next best thing to a real live hand shake. No one likes a keyboard warrior.
  7. Participants are as follows, this is not perceived rank: 1 - Trojan1979 2 - The_Shield 3- LuckyTool 4 - Darthrockman 5- Barletti 6- MadTownSpliffStars 7 - Lincoln Hawk 8 - Matty D 9 - NMUFred 10 - Nelson79 11 - ODel 12 - @Ryan11p 13 - OL Dirty Tecmo 14 - Arncoem 15 - Dueceloose 16 - JPtheBowler 17 - QBLions 18 - PunkyQB 19 - Elyons051 20 - Rico 21 - ptitteri 22 - Suicideking81 23 - Baxter 24 - Regulator 25 - Simple Simon 26 - Tundra Yeti 27 - Purple Haze 28 - Toothbrushes 29 - Randywags 30 - Elijah Peters 31 - StenZ 32 - Prime 33 - VikingMoe 34 - Nos 35 - Timpapi 36 - Science Guy
  8. Our regular get togethers in Green Bay, be it casually, or in tournament form really grew over the past 2 years. Our last one got us up to 24. Do I smell a tournament scene popping up?
  9. Agreed. The broadcast improved with QBBrowns, Ryan11p, Retro Nate etc on there. Early on sadly the folks just weren't quite right with some of the information about the game being shared. As far as energy goes, they definitely brought it. It's gotta be a tough gig to assimilate everything into a game when you are a traditional sports broadcaster with limited knowledge on the finer points. The longer they do it, the better they will get.
  10. Thanks @davefmurray!
  11. MattyD moved to New York because of Tim Ubick.
  12. Tim Ubick is a hidden stat used by Johnny Johnson
  13. Tim Ubick scores with Cap Boso on a Run 4 reverse play.
  14. Tim Ubick defeated Joeygats in an online game