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  1. Tournament Abundance

    A lot has already been said on the subject. Despite all the reactions and opinions, not every tournament organizer out there is going to fall in line with hopes of avoiding the dates of other events. I think it's ultimately up to the individual organizers out there to communicate with other regional organizers, and see if they are agreeable to a compromise on timing of events. War Machine contacted me before Thunderdome as I was looking to do another online tournament in the fall, and after talking with him, it made sense to hold off, so that's exactly what I did. His communication was perfect, and an example of thoughtful and effective negotiation of the issue. Ultimately, it's up to each organizer to decide how they want to do things. Hopefully folks stay diplomatic along the way.
  2. Possible to start a private league?

    I run my own Discord channel, and that's easily the best way to communicate with those on a group level with instant access. It's a great way to keep everyone engaged. I recommend that you do the same. It's free, and you don't have to worry about stepping on any protocol landmines by using someone else's platform.
  3. trojangblan yes can host Central after 830 mon tue thur, as available otherwise
  4. When you are there, you can ask him to reboot his router the night before, which will probably help things a bit as well. It wasn't feasible to run a wire or anything to his router based on its actual location if memory serves. I hope it all holds up. Way to do your homework buddy!
  5. Just a friendly heads up related to streaming from last year, for some reason, the night before the Internet held up when we did the casual games streams/testing, but once the place filled up day of the tournament, it got worse. I'm guessing a lot of Tyler's(bar owner) patrons have the wifi password. Your mileage may vary of course, but I had to use a very low bit rate, and the day of the tournament last year, it wasn't stable enough most of the day. If you have a dedicated alternative method for Internet like a 4G LTE jetpack, that might be a more stable option. You could also just record locally, then upload later. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bunch of smaller video files with gaps in between. Best of luck everyone!
  6. NGTL Waiting List

    Discord: trojangblan Nickname Trojan Email: trojan1979@gmail.com Availability: Typically after 830PM CST, Mon, Tue, Thur nights Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: GB/CIN/TB/IND What's your location/timezone?: CST Why do you want to join HSTL?: I've done the tournament scene on the regular game, and am intrigued with shaking up the traditional matchups for something a bit more dynamic. I've beaten some of the top guys in online tournaments and pickup play, but think this would help me elevate my game. When all else fails, I have my 17 tap thumb to save me.
  7. Tournament Abundance

    Good Lord I love your smack talk
  8. TecmoBowl.Org TSB 2018 Release Date

    Thanks for the update, always fun to mix it up from a source that has a team behind it.
  9. Posts this immediately underneath the post stating that Gats is probably coming. Play online more, you will get a lot better. You have 4 + months.
  10. TecmoBowl.Org TSB 2018 Release Date

    this ^^ Also, I would be interested in contributing to future projects, specifically in the play stat evaluation/allocation area of things.
  11. Tournament Abundance

    I would have to say it depends on the end goal of the organizer. If the goal is to be a destination annual tournament that draws lots of travelers and top talent(Tundra Bowl, Midwest Tecmo, Kumite, etc), then communication with other organizers is important to try and not dilute the talent pool, especially if you are in the same state as another notable tournament. If your objective is to get some buddies together, and open it to the public to get a better player base/payout, I'm not in the opinion that this hurts anyone. In fact, it probably helps recruit more players into online play, and eventual larger local tournament play. While it does help to avoid other overlapping tournaments in your area, you'd be surprised how many people still break out this game with buddies, and have no idea this site or community even exists, or that there is a serious tournament in their state. More exposure increases the likelihood they get connected to us. We are also seeing more and more events tied to larger gaming events. The Dallas tournament, Millard's Mayem, the Long Island Gaming Expo, were all tied to larger gaming events, and sometimes you are at the mercy of such things. Mort Nate and Rico coming to our casual GBLAN 3rdbeebe tournament was mainly a warm up to the bigger fish, mainly Cleveland and Millard's Mayhem. I knew full well my event wouldn't deter anyone from attending something grander. Go Tecmo!
  12. Green Bay WI - 08/03/17 - GBLAN Presents, 3rd Beebe

    Elite 8 bracket game between @mort1237 and @hankthetank
  13. Green Bay WI - 08/03/17 - GBLAN Presents, 3rd Beebe

    Here's the 1st round stream game.
  14. Seahawks not the worst...

    $100 this is the Megaman X guy that visits my twitch channel, argument is almost verbatim that he types in chat. I don't know if he's ever played a human in this game. Shitbirds are not the worst. Jacob Green and Glascow can get it done on defense, and their offense weapons while a bit slow, can get the job done at that tier. Typically you are seeing them play the Packers, Browns, or Patriots. JJ mastery is a must if you play with this team. Colts are the worst, despite some offensive weapons, they just don't get the job done on defense, unless your name is Matt DeGeorge, then they are on another level.
  15. Green Bay WI - 08/03/17 - GBLAN Presents, 3rd Beebe

    Pictures from the event are posted near the top of the event posting. Will get to working on uploading bracket games to Youtube this weekend. Good luck to @mort1237 as he rides the waves of momentum into Tecmo Cleveland this weekend. Also, best of luck to @davefmurray as he expands the ever growing Tecmo universe into Dallas this weekend!