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  1. I'm hoping at some point to be able to help out a local tournament and do just that.
  2. Great job as always with the community Gerald. 4 days after the tournament and all the vids are up, I love it!
  3. You forgot @ImFlo playing urinary target practice on the fence afterwards. Seriously great times. Well done @RetroNathan as always.
  4. This gem of a passing attack happened between Kyle Nelson and Troy Evers tonight. The game was much closer than the score indicates.
  5. Don't feel too bad. There are at least 2 other tournaments in the country in addition to Tundra Bowl happening. Hopefully you get connected to some local players down there. Now you have the resource to see when other regional tournaments are being scheduled.
  6. I'm ok playing wherever they put me, and yes I agree it's nice to play different people if possible. Maybe your pull as the defending Milwaukee and Tundra Bowl champ would afford you some influence there.
  7. I don't think you and I played during the last Milwaukee tournament. I'm sensing sarcasm here on the joy factor.
  8. Last Milwaukee tournament, we setup the night before, and many of those traveling from out of the area came by to get some practice games. It ended up being a lot of fun and gave those already in the area something to do. The venue appreciated the extra business too. Not sure if anything like that is planned or not.
  9. I recently joined a CRT collector group on Facebook, and the general consensus I've seen is that even when HDMI modded NES or Retrousb AVS via HDMI connected to high end gaming monitors with less than 1ms input lag and features like gsync, there is still a noticeable delay, albeit minimal when compared side by side to an analog powered CRT. The thing about digital is that it essentially means, information has to be processed by your display in order to render it. Even if it's lighting fast, there is still a delay created by said processing. This is why we see additional lag introduced by emulators, it's another layer of processing. I could be wrong here, but it's really the kicking game that seems to be the most obvious game play mechanic affected by all of this. Perhaps a rom hack that changed how the kickoff and punt meters were treated, such as changing the location of the arrow, or meter to be one frame behind the indicator. I know this would create a whole new challenge on deployment of all of this, but it could be worth exploring as CRT's are a dying resource. Bruddog is that even possible? Who knows what the future will bring with digital technology. For now I'm sticking with CRT's as long as I have enough of them, and can still get them.
  10. I can't see any images here, not sure if I'm the only one. Thought you'd want to know.
  11. We captured many games on stream all the way from group play and the playoff brackets. Please enjoy the footage. Like the videos if you like them, subscribe if that's your thing, and comment your thoughts on the games. Thanks!
  12. At some point in our future, CRT's and original functional consoles/controllers will simply not exist in enough quantities. That could be decades from now and tough to say for sure exactly when. I'd like to believe I'll still pick up a controller and have my kids hand it to me when I'm really old, but it would likely not be on original hardware. It will be interesting to see how the community adapts to these types of challenges. I truly believe the retro tournament scene will eventually see things like either the Retro Pie, or Retro AVS via HDMI paired with <1ms response time monitors take over the failing analog equipment. Maybe not those specific devices, but ones like those that already take advantage of digital output. I'm a fan of the Retro AVS because it uses field programmable chips, using hardware, not emulation, is not a Nintendo on a chip, and supports flash carts. As tap meters go, I think they are a neat feature for the spectator, but for the players themselves, having that initial mystery of who taps faster could be spoiled by encounters against the drones if displayed in exact tap presses. I do like the idea of stat hacks. Flash carts would be great for tournaments of annual roster hacks. If incorporating flash carts into standard TSB tournament play with modified roms(tapmeter, stat hack, other fixes), some extensive testing would need to be done to avoid bugs that would affect game play, or potentially soft lock the console. Not sure if this was something you were looking to incorporate at one or two stations, or tournament wide, but those carts add up pretty quick. Setting a price of $150-200 all in for a flash cart, once you figure in 30 + consoles, well do the math. This is why I haven't tried running a tournament for the rom hacks. You can buy 4 or 5 control decks for one flash cart.
  13. Poor Kevin Cabarello, car starts sputtering, has to turn around, gets a rental and drives from OH to Green Bay anyway. He gets here after midnight, and then Tim Ubick and I roll him in two straight Tecmo casuals. We are shifting away mainly from Tecmo today and playing NHL 94 for the Sega Genesis, and here is the trophy!
  14. Our tournament was featured on Ideas By Elliot! Please share!