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  1. My first Tecmo (four years ago now), I took a binder with attributes for every team, and keep doing it. Soooooo many people know more than me, so a quick reference before I start a game on which defenders I should use or which OL are weak was (at least minimal) some help. I'll probably bring it again this year just because. I don't keep it away from others tough. If someone wants to peruse it (even my opponent), I'm fine with it. Which reminds me, hey, group as a whole, should I bring a couple of buckets of large pretzel sticks again?
  2. Dude, let's go doubles on NHL and NBA Jam. I love drinking and checking fools. I also love showboating a giant windmill dunk.
  3. This is probably one of the many reasons why I'm not elite. :/
  4. I also prefer the old Madison way, but I can adjust. I don't know why someone wouldn't want to pick the matchup. Against a newb or an elite player - it's the one thing you can get a slight mental advantage of - you can pick teams that you know you play well with. Rams, Dolphins, Eagles, Bears... Or, you can just say, "f*ck it" and go Jets/garbage. The only time this could be considered a disadvantage would be if you run out of matchups because you are amazing enough to make it to the Elite 8, at that point I'm guessing most of the elite players like picking their own matchups anyway. I wonder if there would be a way we could do a sort of informal poll to get an idea for later what people prefer? Hell, I can do the poll at the registration table or whatever, I'm a former journalist so I remember how to sit around and ask random people dumb questions for a "People on the Street" voice piece.
  5. Now I have to go home and scour my cards... But I feel like I have a Marc Munford, because everytime I hear/see his name, I always giggle think back to my other screen name I nearly used: Munford & Sons. (I'm not very funny.)
  6. I am definitely down for another beer swap. I'm also thinking of getting in on some of the paid hotel shiznizzay. As fun as it is to pass out under the sink in people's hotel rooms, I'd prefer to have an actual bed this time. So if anyone wants to go splitsies for Friday and Saturday, I may be down to share the cost - and bring a TV or two.
  7. I had so much fun last year at the NYC tournament. However, with my schedule this year I won't be able to make it out. [/sad face]. I would need a flight from southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois to leave between midnight-7 a.m. Saturday and get me in to LaGuardia early Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the earliest I can find is an arrival time of 10:30 a.m. And assuming flights will run on time (they won't), and I can hop an Uber right out of the gate (doubtful) and traffic is easy to break (20 minutes), I would be able to make it upstairs for the opening ceremony. So I'll miss it this year.... But hopefully I'll see everyone at the (let's hope it's 100% real) Tecmo Madison in April!
  8. Very pumped about this! I'm also interested to see what is chosen as the tournament facility, now that Badger Bowl is closing.
  9. http://www.wkow.com/story/32733098/2016/08/10/madisons-badger-bowl-set-to-close-after-39-years?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WKOW_27 As Tecmo Madison goes, so goes Badger Bowl.... RIP Badger Bowl. RIP Tecmo Madison (One more year? I kid...)
  10. I'd pay just to watch a tournament with these theoretical tandems.