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  1. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    After further talk and matchup testing. DEN is staying exactly where it is in the OP. We gonna make LB4 lurching against the rules with same punishment.
  2. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    Then either we should switch DEN with WAS or not move DEN at all Since DET is on an overlap, its odds of being paired against DEN would be lower than DEN vs MIN/WAS if DEN was moved
  3. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    What you say of denver is true. Do you feel MIN or DEN fairs better against RAM, WAS, DET? Or do you feel its about the same? If its about the same or DEN would do better than I think swapping DEN and MIN may be the right call given the positioning of other teams.
  4. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    Yes, lurching is against the rules when done by the nose tackle or any of the DL in our tourney. We don't out right disqualify the person for it though. If you are caught doing it and its your first time doing it, your opponent gets to pick your next play and you are not allowed to touch your controller during that play. If its your second offense, that happens for 2 plays, and so on. It should be noted that this counter does NOT reset at the end of the game or tournament. It carries over in your player history. So if you did it once last year and you did it once this year, that would be your second time breaking the rule so you get penalized for two plays. We were considering having the same rule apply to LB4 though, with DEN and RAM being the two main offenders if we put them in the same tier, we might not need to. How well do you think DEN does against DET and WAS?
  5. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    Talked to my friends that helped me make the initial rankings. Considering the strength of DEN's LB 4 (How well he blows up TB and SD plays) and how bad MIN plays are, I think we are going to switch DEN and MIN in the tier listings. That should improve MIN, SD, and TB viability. But I'm not sure how fair that would be with DEN LB4 vs RAM LB4 since DEN's playbook is worse. Thoughts? Also how do you think ATL and DEN pair against each other? I can't say I've ever played that matchup.
  6. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    We have considered putting teams with really bad playbooks (SD, PHX, MIN) in overlaping tiers as that would give them a better matchup spectrum putting them against weaker teams, however that would also increase their odds of being played. Teams at the overlaps will come up more often in the software code as they have more possible matchups. So we tried to place popular teams with good playbooks at the overlaps while keeping bad playbook teams grouped against each other. The current teams at the overlaps are RAI, DET, ATL, DAL, TB, and CLE. As my friends and I are from the Cleveland area, Cleveland and Vinny Testaverde are popular. RAI, DET, DAL all have legendary RBs and DAL had a notable franchise in the early 90s. ATL is also involved at the overlap as their playbook is really good and their team skill fits their current position. Two teams are at the middle overlap as the current tier design puts 6 teams in tiers 2-5 and 5 teams in tiers 1 and 6. This leads to Middle of the road teams ultimately get used more so than really good or really bad teams. DEN, SD, and CIN are bad playbook teams with similar skill and they are all in the same tier. They have RBs that can do well against TB. While TB's front 7 are not good at blowing up a lot of bad plays. DEN, SD, and CIN have LBs and Secondaries that can get takeways and make up for some of their short comings against DAL and ATL. Bad playbooks can ruin your offense but not special teams or defense. NYG has a bad playbook but their defense is so good we couldn't justify lowering them to a lesser tier. MIN and WAS have unique and wonky playbooks with MIN being notably terrible. RAMs have no shotgun plays and a QB drop back that closely resembles the rest of its plays but will still give itself away early. ATL and DAL starters are weaker than RAM, WAS, MIN but the playbooks involved close the gaps. If you think things can be done better to improve the viability of bad playbook teams, please let me know. DET may have an easy time against its tier 3 opponents but not so much against its tier 2 opponents. Not sure they have been balanced right in the tier system to be honest so any feed back here you may have is more than welcome.
  7. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    In my opinion DET and ATL probably have the two best default playbooks in the game. CIN doesn't have a reverse, but they do have a flea flicker and a play where the qb drops far back. SD and DEN are the ones with the reverses and flea flickers. PHX and MIN have reverses and reverse flea flickers. There are other plays and playbooks with similar flaws. For the most part, we have tried to group the teams based on flaws and what teams had capable defenders that could exploit those flaws. Figured the mentality of, if both teams can make use of the same trick on each other, then its a fair. Or if the team is really good with bad plays and the other is bad with good plays, then it can be fair to the right extent. We play with defaults because when you played as a child, you used defaults. Its a means of great nostalgia for us. And it can level the playing field for people that might not know the best playbooks or what bench players are better than starters.
  8. My friends and I have been having a little tecmo tournament between ourselves for the past few years. The tournament has not been made open to the public and it has a unique set of rules slightly different from madison rules. Teams are selected based on a tier system similar to the Tomczak bowl's but with a twist. You are not allowed to change your playbook or starters before or during the matchups. As a result our tiers are different from Tomczak's. The current tiers can be seen in the picture here: Before a match starts, player 1's team is chosen at random by some software code we wrote. This team can be any of the 28 possible. Player 2's team is chosen based on the tier(s) player 1's team falls in. Player 2's team must in the same or an applicable tier based on player 1's team. For example using our current system, if player 1 was GB, player 2 could only be CLE, SEA, IND or NE. If player 1, was DAL player 2 could only be DET, RAM, WAS, MIN, ATL, DEN, CIN, SD or TB. Taking into consideration that "You are not allowed to change your playbook or starters before or during the matchups." how good do you think these team tiers are? Are there any changes you would suggest being made?
  9. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    I should be at the event tonight and tomorrow. The U's and V's look very similar in that poster
  10. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    Cool. Also is there a deadline on when you must be signed up by for this tourney? You going to allow walk ins at the door?
  11. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    Do all the prelims gatherings give free entry to first place? Is there a max number of signups for this tourney?
  12. Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    I used SD in both rounds. Was gonna switch to Detroit when I thought I was gonna play ninja in the second round, but as that did not happen, I used then both games
  13. Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    Ok now I get it. Thanks
  14. Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    The preliminary's sound very important in this kind of tournament since it nets you an advantage in the main tournament play. During preliminary's are the matchups/teams decided by the usual coin toss. Winner of toss names matchup, loser of toss picks team or player 1? Do all prelims players advance to the main tournament even if they go 0-4? For the main tournament, are you saying that the best record player gets to pick a team first and can take that team through the entire bracket if he wants? For example let's say "Bob" gets best record. He picks Eagles. He uses Eagles in every matchup he feels they will win. Only time he does not use them is when he plays "Jim" who has raiders. "Bob" opts to take the raiders that round and its allowed since he has a better record than Jim. I have never followed or watched the Kumite so if I am misinterpreting your description, please let me know.
  15. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    Not sure if I will be able to make this or not. There's an annual improv theater event I participate in each august that occurs 1st or 2nd weekend of august each year. Pending the exact date of that, I may not be able to make this.