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  1. @SportsNom Have to be real about what Dan has accomplished without that 2003 ping pong ball. If LBJ gets drafted an… https://t.co/1jIBVoYnXG

  2. @JerryHinnen won what?

  3. 😁 https://t.co/KcLj10vkdU

  4. @WayneEmbrysKids Yep. I’m also not convinced there’s anyone available worth using BKN pick on.

  5. RT @Captsully: Nine years ago today, a routine flight turned into a life-changing moment for 155 people. While I reflect today on #Flight15…

  6. @RossTuckerNFL Me too exactly

  7. @bengott Yeah they need 2, one in the draft and one some other way. They have 0 functioning ones now

  8. @DavidZavac It was a good one. It’s interesting too in the Bible the people say ‘can anything good come from Nazare… https://t.co/Lj27iooXFP

  9. @JoshFin it's amazing there's 9 million other ways that could have been communicated and you choose that one. eek..

  10. @_PeteSmith_ I think there always should have been a 'football guy' involved, and ultimately that was the failure. Not really Sashi's fault.

  11. @_PeteSmith_ Let’s get this done

  12. @RyInCBus yeah the approach works well for cap, assets, etc. but eventually you have to select great football playe… https://t.co/kbmosl7San

  13. @RyInCBus which with Paul and Berry still around probably will be the case now (re on the DL)

  14. @isaiahthomas https://t.co/GV0ymkjg5o

  15. RT @CrossFit: "I have found my cure for my chronic disease.” https://t.co/mMzb8HB3v1 https://t.co/C9dD4xRtx0

  16. #myQB https://t.co/YtEJMtl24S

  17. RT @scott_kerr: Remember. https://t.co/36Kf403LdF

  18. @Mattfobrien @jake_burns18 Right now is as train wreck as it gets. You need 2 QB on a roster capable of helping you… https://t.co/JOuRiD8pCi

  19. @NewsHour @teresa_carey @CrossFit

  20. Good for about 5th in MVP vote I guess 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/v6kgTo9sQz

  21. RT @SteelCityPops: Pop of the Month...Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crunch! Featuring: - Peppermint Pop - Dark Choc. Dip - Crushed Peppermint…

  22. RT @mashable: Bitcoin is worth so much that people are doing crazy things to keep them safe. https://t.co/paBlbaNFm7

  23. RT @gifdsports: LARRY NANCE MURDERED KEVIN DURANT https://t.co/dzLN8Fu3GT

  24. Me too!!! https://t.co/EdFf951VdJ

  25. So sad. Fans want to support the team. For it to be this bad is shocking. https://t.co/Sb2lpGzekL