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  1. @THETRAKSHAK @drumming4Jesus

  2. @PandaExpress Thank you

  3. RT @bilalfarooqui: Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself. We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal…

  4. RT @GerrardsPrime: Think I've found my favourite ever GIF

  5. RT @LaurenWalshTV: Birmingham Bulls Owner Art Clarkson meets with Eli Gold, who will call play by play for the games. Renovations underway…

  6. @ringer 3. There's a salary cap so Cavs can't outright sign Kevin Durant, 4. Durant isn't a free agent; 5. Trades c…

  7. @ejmaroun @JaredKMueller ha this is BS no way Harper Lee beat Nick Saban in Alabama :)

  8. RT @EverythingGoats: I am no sheep I am so woke I grind when you sleep I am the goat…

  9. @HackingDave I like Seven Lions

  10. @JaredKMueller @TheOBR @Browns 56%

  11. @TheRealLA__ I'd just like us to get a useful player back if we do that. Not pure salary dump.

  12. @RealMYoung23 Ugh

  13. @bomani_jones @SportsNom @SeanDeveney He might have different priorities than all of you think he should.

  14. @RealMYoung23 but he has fresh legs, look at how little he played last year :)

  15. Some solid 2 way players who add flexibility on defense and youth.