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  1. Tack this on the bulletin board 😊

  2. @Carter_Shade I love how everyone assumes that Cavs lose Game 6 at home if Draymond plays.

  3. RT @MylesLGarrett: This made my day

  4. Yep

  5. RT @NBAonTNT: Romper game strong πŸ˜‚ (via @spurs)

  6. @mowery257 @FearTheSword That was Beal talking.. BOS would have played TOR and we would have played WAS? Right?

  7. RT @cavs: Nine down, seven to go. #DefendTheLand

  8. RT @evankirstel: Now you know

  9. RT @getnickwright: I want written apologies from all of y'all polluting my mentions all year mad that I said LeBron was the MVP. I've never…

  10. RT @JorshP: Hey @cavs, can this year's team do this? Please.

  11. @yungtaquito This is brilliant

  12. You have a bulletin board for this @Indians ?

  13. @NickCaminoWTAM Kinda hoping he's here for good soon

  14. @Cavsanada Ha yes I remember nobody caring about LeBron going to Miami. Nobody πŸ˜‚

  15. @_PeteSmith_ Nucua too future HOF 🀣