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  1. @_PeteSmith_ 🙁

  2. @TheKardiacKid Not me

  3. @KristenBalboni They're good. Blue socks would be better. But both teams' color rush are good

  4. @TribeFanMcC what's the magic number where he starts regularly hitting home runs?

  5. Congrats @scott_h_james! https://t.co/UiNvyymTKU

  6. @DavidZavac Funny I answered this one and I don't remember. I was also wrong.

  7. 😑 https://t.co/xz8yknZlao

  8. RT @MrLapara: Getting my hair ready for the party tomorrow 🎉 #2017ALCentralChamps https://t.co/QZTyPGYyng

  9. RT @JuradoNYC: #Indians win streak ends at 22 but that didn't stop the crowd from giving them a standing ovation. #Windians https://t.co/Jd…

  10. @buckeyewes @BenAxelrod But I love the Block C as well. Have both.

  11. @TeedUpKirk that's tough.. I'd like to see Salazar look great a couple more times.

  12. RT @ejmaroun: MLB posted an 18 minute highlight reel of the Indians streak: https://t.co/FLsBEYo70C

  13. Awesome thread https://t.co/0Yz80ETwkD

  14. @AnthonyDiPiero7 They are still about 6 wins behind Pythagorean numbers. Was a fluke they weren't winning as much earlier

  15. RT @DawgsByNature: #Browns’ offensive snap counts, stats, and PFF notes: Week 1 https://t.co/aOh4LTP1Vb