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  1. @HackingDave oh hello!

  2. @BrendanLeister Like almost nobody needs an assault rifle

  3. RT @mcten: Remarkable tick-tock of Koby Altman and the Cavs’ transformative trade deadline, by @wojespn. Reveals just how intricate and del…

  4. @drantbradley Pretty much

  5. @CavsTeamShop @WayneEmbrysKids 😂

  6. RT @SI_LeeJenkins: An irony of LeBron’s career: He seeks the superteam but doesn’t really need one. A half-dozen useful NBA players who can…

  7. @WayneEmbrysKids soon! :)

  8. LeBron 18/16!!!/9 #Cavs

  9. @BrendanLeister I’d have almost hired him as HC right now. It won’t be long.

  10. RT @enigma0x3: Random: if you elevate an endpoint, you can cause SCCM to send you the NTLMv2 hash of the domain service account used to ins…

  11. RT @lifehacker: Did you know LEGO figures make the perfect cable holders? https://t.co/aWyQkJsp7J https://t.co/4jNgSqnwuV

  12. @JoshFin @ejmaroun It’s Carlson! #WarEagle

  13. @CLECavsOutsider @WayneEmbrysKids Yeah should have figured it out with Kyrie if that was the goal 😕

  14. @HPbasketball I wish

  15. Nobody will ever be able to convince me this isn’t true. What a miss letting Griff go.. https://t.co/Zde3D3oGj7