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  1. @_PeteSmith_ trying to think through what coach would fit the FO philosophy best and be more willing to not turn th… https://t.co/HcDfKEHELM

  2. @_PeteSmith_ Lol no that play fit perfectly 😊

  3. wow https://t.co/UFHZW9z07G

  4. North Stars for me, no question.. https://t.co/hlVU0Ng6YA

  5. @KenCarman oh yeah try apple juice. ouch

  6. #winning https://t.co/6LFsO1QRYl

  7. Dear @ChickfilA when is Peppermint Milkshake coming?

  8. @clevezirm No not me

  9. @ChrisFedor yeah, is Luck gonna be ok though?

  10. RT @SInow: Called it... 😉 https://t.co/GK8VZDmPR2

  11. Wait ok now we have reached peak #Browns maybe? https://t.co/rPWGZWPl6d

  12. Totally agree https://t.co/BJy3z6SE94

  13. @JaredKMueller Congrats man!

  14. Man @eltorofreeman you are one of my favorite players of all time. You always left everything out there and we coul… https://t.co/NipSYXerbs

  15. @WFNYScott lol yeah I'm not sure this helps at all