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  1. @tman162000 @Super70sSports Instead of ten teams, it’s the entire league (26 teams), plus two All Star teams and two Legends teams.

  2. By pro-wrestling and boxing standards, @CuseFootball is the new NCAA National Champion! #SyracuseVsClemson #Syracuse

  3. I hear @FSUFootball has a new motto: “When do we play @CuseFootball?”

  4. @TheJakeMitchell The #Yankees win if @TheJudge44 cuts it out with his “A-Rod Judge” (1 for 16, 12 strikeouts vs Cleveland) routine.

  5. .@Eminem sounds bitter that he was rejected for @realDonaldTrump Celebrity Apprentice. Poor fella hasn’t been relevant since 2000.

  6. Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editing/Hacking Tips and 1996 Hack info

    I hear http://barongaming.weebly.com/ has ROMs similar to 2014, maybe even some more recent ones. Perhaps there is even a Legends-themed one, as well.
  7. @TheJakeMitchell After Friday night’s Navarre/Escambia high school game, I haven’t seen that many sad faces in the crowd since election day.

  8. Shane McMahon is 0 for 2 on that top-of-the-cell elbow. Gotta try something else. #HIAC @WWE

  9. .@ElGarySanchez and @TheJudge44 are the second coming of #TheBashBrothers. @Yankees

  10. @TheJakeMitchell Keeping within 2 points into the 4th, did @CuseFootball play well, or did @LSUfootball play poorly?

  11. @JMET19 I have no plans, but plans change.

  12. @TheJakeMitchell After this weekend, where does Orange QB Eric Dungey sit on your Heisman radar?

  13. The coffee in the break room smells like burnt toast and dirty diapers.

  14. @WWEDramaKing Aiden English will be the Shawn Michaels of the Vaudvillains version of The Rockers.

  15. @SNESdrunk So.... did he get traded?

  16. @CarverJohnny Don Mattingly, Patrick Ewing, Barry Foster, Shawn Bradley, and Rod Woodson.

  17. (SNES) Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016

    Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016 View File It's heeeere! This is the 2016 edition of the sequel to the SNES's Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball. The rosters are based on the ones that I used for last season's Ken Griffey Presents 2016, which are based on the opening-day rosters from the 2016 season. For those unfamiliar, Winning Run is a different ball-game from the original. It's more simulation, less arcade. In many areas, it improves on many facets that Presents accomplished. For starters, it expands on Presents' season stat tracking. Now, not only is your team's stats tracked through the season, but the rest of the league, as well. And to compliment this, there are sortable league leaders screens, as well. Also, something new to Winning Run is the ability to trade players. So, while this is a 2016 game, you can trade players with other teams and keep your rosters updated for multiple season. Please note, this doesn't rule out future 2017 or further releases. Oh, did I mention that all THIRTY MLB teams are here? In order to unlock the two expansion Tampa and Arizona teams, you must complete a season (not sure if it HAS to be 162 games or not). I also updated the All-Star team (something not done in previous Griffey updates) and all eight Homerun Derby rosters (something not done until later releases). I updated as many fine details as I could get my hands on to make this look as "official release" as possible. I was able to change Florida, California, and Montreal to Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, respectively. However, I was unable to change the logo of the Washington Nationals. So, while the standings and team-select might read "Washington," there is still an Expos logo hanging around. Nothing game-breaking. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 04/05/2017 Category SNES  
  18. NCAA 2018

    With Syracuse at #83, I'm surprised they cracked the top 1/3 of the country. In regards to team selection, I made it a point to (in future releases) include the winner of the previous season's Armed Forces Bowl so that at least one military academy is included. If I'm not mistaken, last season's release of Tecmo Bowl NCAA (not Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA) I included all three. So as not to fill almost 10% of the schools with academies, this is why I've decided to limit it to at least the winner of the AFBowl. Now, if all three end up as Top 10 juggernauts, that's a whole other story. That's if I release one.
  19. NCAA 2018

    IF I were to make an NCAA ROM, I wouldn't go near it unless Syracuse was a part of it. No Orange, no deal. I wouldn't touch that piece of trash with a mime's lightsaber. No Syracuse... indeed.
  20. Aaron Judge - HR Derby

    How's this for foreshadowing? (He won MLB's Homerun Derby in case you didn't know.)
  21. @bjwanlund Eventually I want to have a ROM for every season. I am actually surprised I haven't made a 1984 one, yet… https://t.co/es8S0zXTd7

  22. Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editing/Hacking Tips and 1996 Hack info

    Reading this thread, in regards to fielding I developed a method that works for me. 7 is average. The average fielder will have a 7 fielding rating. On Baseball-Reference.com, there are fielding stats, including a fielder's fielding percentage and a league average for their respective position. I compare the two. If a fielder's percentage is higher, I'll rate higher. If the fielder's percentage is similar or higher/lower by a point or two, I'll rate a 7. If lower, I rate lower. The player will get a point or two bump if they're a Gold Glove winner. Catchers, I rate differently. Again, average is 7. On Baseball-Reference.com, there is a stat for catchers that shows the percentage of base-runners he throws out on steal attempts, and the league average. Again, higher % = higher rating, and lower % = lower rating.
  23. Just curious, if you do go with 1987 or 1977, what do you plan on doing with Colorado and Florida? The inclusion of these two teams is the reason I've never done an older season ROM (1977 was one I had in mind at one point).
  24. Excellent! I'm glad you got it working. What project do you have in mind?
  25. Found it. An individual had the exact same problem when he wanted to work on Griffey '97. To remedy this, it helps to know how to navigate around a DOS prompt. My solution to him is as follows: I did this recently on my Windows 10 computer, and it took some serious dancing around. My understanding is that the later versions of Windows did not come pre-installed with some of the files required to run this editor (that came out in 2001). First, I tracked down the missing file on the internet (I forget where, it's out there) and copied it into my C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder. Then, using the search bar on your desktop, type cmd.exe, right click on "Command" and select "Run as administrator. It takes you to a DOS command prompt window. It helps to know how to use DOS at this point. I navigated to the folder and typed "regsvr32 /i comdlg32.ocx". Try that. You might have to do that with a couple files. If so, change the name when you type in "regsvr32 /i xxxxxxx".