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  1. Will @OfficialTAZ be at #Raw25?

  2. @officialTAZ The #Patriots are the Dean Malenko of the #NFL.

  3. Did you decide on making/releasing and end of the year 2018 NCAA rom?  I considered doing one but was waiting to see if you were.  I'd love one of yours and would buy a cart too if that's an option. :wink: 

    1. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      I started working on an end-of-year NCAA ROM for the original Tecmo Bowl.  I set all 32 teams and rosters.  I'm about 80% done setting all the cut-scene names correctly.  I completely forgot how much of a beast this ROM is going to be.  Because I didn't use all of last year's teams in the order that they were, I have to re-set all the team uniforms and "draw" all the scoreboard names for all 32 teams.  Once this is complete, all that remains is to rate all the players and input all their 2017 statistics (the reason I prefer vanilla TB over TSB).  Ratings are easier to do in TB than TSB because since you can't see a player's ratings on a player data screen, I don't have to worry about nit-pickers and I can be a little more general with the player ratings.  I've been shifting between this and TB52.  If I were to guess, I'm looking at around a mid-March release for these.

  4. @TheRobBrownShow @BWalker_SEC What station are you doing shows on now? Is a Ticket return in the cards?

  5. @TheRealDisco What kind of odds can you give me on @THEVinceRusso showing up on @WWE #RAW25, firing half the roster… https://t.co/qtiQahWEM5

  6. Booking idea for @WWE: Team up @IAmEliasWWE & @WWEDramaKing as a wrestling 2-man band. Bring in @WWERoadDogg as T… https://t.co/zbZXhFF976

  7. @TheJakeMitchell Easy. The 80s and 90s has guys named Ewing, Robinson, and Olajuwon standing in front of the rim.

  8. A @FoodNetwork cooking show in the works. You heard it here, first! https://t.co/udJDJdmrfN

  9. A match between @WWEDramaKing and @real1 is an excuse to print money! @wwe Book it!

  10. Can your NES do this? @ustvnow @Raspberry_Pi @recalbox @KodiTV #NEvsPIT https://t.co/poXfUmgYbw

  11. @TheJakeMitchell Predominable Snowman https://t.co/XpYFLfiSrK

  12. @TheJakeMitchell I use this phone app to listen to the radio broadcasts for the college games. https://t.co/iQ4KrykVqC

  13. @SNESdrunk As a Yankee fan, I am already looking forward to making Griffey 18.

  14. Final exams complete. Check mate! @nwfstatecollege