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  1. @TheJakeMitchell Clemson’s loss to Syracuse looks even worse now because Syracuse has not won a game since defeating Clemson.

  2. @TheJakeMitchell When I first saw the Syracuse/Wake Forest score, I thought to myself “What a terrible way to start the basketball season.”

  3. I watched the Legends With JBL on @WWENetwork with @WWERoadDogg last night last night. Great stuff!

  4. Hey Baron are you going to drop a tecmo nba 2017 . If not could you possibly update your 2016version with the major moves . Such as Durant and melo . Please and thank you

  5. @TheJakeMitchell #MVPorzingis. Too soon?

  6. @TheJakeMitchell Who will @EricDungey kick this weekend?

  7. The championship changed 4 times between 11/10/1928 and 11/29/1928 (Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, Oregon State).

  8. @TheJakeMitchell The Knicks win? By 20 points? Against Cleveland? On the road? What kind of magic is this?!

  9. @TheJakeMitchell Who would’ve thought that by this point in the season, @CuseFootball would have twice as many wins as @FSUFootball?

  10. I see #ChuckNorris jokes being replaced with @EricDungey jokes in the near future.

  11. @SNESdrunk I was always a fan of the names Bret Saberhahen and Steve Balboni.

  12. Random Thoughts

    I watched this clip at least 30 times before responding. Delightful!
  13. I just realized something... Two of three @WWE 3MB members are holding their respective show's #1 title. @JinderMahal @DMcIntyreWWE

  14. @tman162000 @Super70sSports Instead of ten teams, it’s the entire league (26 teams), plus two All Star teams and two Legends teams.

  15. By pro-wrestling and boxing standards, @CuseFootball is the new NCAA National Champion! #SyracuseVsClemson #Syracuse