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  1. @SNESdrunk Winning Run *2016

  2. RBI Baseball 3: 2017 is available for patrons TODAY! Release on on 4/28.…

  3. This afternoon I finished R.B.I. Baseball 3: 2017. I will be releasing it on on 4/28, one week from today. However, if you don't want to wait the seven days, you can get it early on my page.
  4. I never figured out the switch-hitter things. Also, I'm not sure how/if you can make your fielders put their hands up. I haven't seen any on-the-field collisions, so I'm guessing that calling off your teammates isn't necessary in RBI Baseball. /shrug
  5. @AngelaKinsey In @theofficenbc S3E8 "The Merger", why was Andy @edhelms putting a cat screensaver on @OscarNunezLA Oscar's computer?

  6. Syracuse vs. Penn State - Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA 2017 Gameplay (NES): via @YouTube

  7. @Retrobrains @Gizmodo I'll bet it still works.

  8. I am not familiar with Super Mega Baseball 2. Might have to confer with my Google machine.
  9. San Francisco vs. Miami - Tecmo Super Bowl 1984 Gameplay (SNES): via @YouTube

  10. Yankees vs. Red Sox - Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run 2016 Gameplay (SNES): via @YouTube

  11. That's funny. I saw that you responded to this post, and I knew it was about Bumgarner's batting. I never figured out how to get left-handed pitchers to bat right-handed. Since he's a left-handed pitcher, by default, the game makes him bat from that side of the plate.
  12. @Racalto_NFL @TecmoBot I've seen folks use PIT in tourneys, and the first thing most do is swap Bubby for Rick Strom.

  13. I made a couple of minor fixes: Kelvin Herrera of the Royals ERA was broken, reading as '.51. It's fixed. Changed Brad Ziegler of the Marlins pitching stance was changed from overhand to sidearm.
  14. @TheRobBrownShow I often get Wil Wheaton @wilw tweets mixed up with @TheRobBrownShow.

  15. RT @eagles1229: my childhood !