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  1. @TheJakeMitchell Predominable Snowman https://t.co/XpYFLfiSrK

  2. @TheJakeMitchell I use this phone app to listen to the radio broadcasts for the college games. https://t.co/iQ4KrykVqC

  3. @SNESdrunk As a Yankee fan, I am already looking forward to making Griffey 18.

  4. Final exams complete. Check mate! @nwfstatecollege

  5. @THEVinceRusso @the_ironsheik @PodcastOne Make it happen!

  6. @WWERoadDogg I was afraid to question this as a greenie back in 2001. In training, you suggested my gimmick be Skel… https://t.co/oynM2bZgnV

  7. I learned this morning that my wife likes to get up at 2AM to play Mario 64 on my @Raspberry_Pi @recalbox .

    1. drew


      Great job on the 2017 bad news bears rom sir!! Just curious if you had an editor you could possibly share for this game?? Id love to make one for my son with his team, thanks!

    2. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      I don't have an editor, per se.  I remember at my last job writing a program that, once I input player stats into it, it spit out a string of code that I could cut/paste into the ROM.  Unfortunately, unless I saved it somewhere else, I think the program is sitting on the computer of this old job.  I was laid off back in June.

    3. drew


      Oo i see well if you ever find it and wouldnt mind sending i'd really really appreciate it, thanks!!

  8. Tentative lineup for #TecmoBowl NCAA18. Teams will be finalized after the season and will change based on rankings. https://t.co/Z88DlTrOWT

  9. I found this while cleaning the garage. @WWE #AndreTheGiant https://t.co/l3Cf1ZCTzT

  10. I hear @TripleH and @WWE are expanding into the home improvement market. https://t.co/4OEL86lsCn

  11. @TheJakeMitchell Clemson’s loss to Syracuse looks even worse now because Syracuse has not won a game since defeating Clemson.

  12. @TheJakeMitchell When I first saw the Syracuse/Wake Forest score, I thought to myself “What a terrible way to start the basketball season.”

  13. I watched the Legends With JBL on @WWENetwork with @WWERoadDogg last night last night. Great stuff!

  14. @TheJakeMitchell #MVPorzingis. Too soon?

  15. @TheJakeMitchell Who will @EricDungey kick this weekend?

  16. The championship changed 4 times between 11/10/1928 and 11/29/1928 (Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, Oregon State).

  17. @TheJakeMitchell The Knicks win? By 20 points? Against Cleveland? On the road? What kind of magic is this?!

  18. @TheJakeMitchell Who would’ve thought that by this point in the season, @CuseFootball would have twice as many wins as @FSUFootball?

  19. I see #ChuckNorris jokes being replaced with @EricDungey jokes in the near future.

  20. @SNESdrunk I was always a fan of the names Bret Saberhahen and Steve Balboni.

  21. I just realized something... Two of three @WWE 3MB members are holding their respective show's #1 title. @JinderMahal @DMcIntyreWWE

  22. @tman162000 @Super70sSports Instead of ten teams, it’s the entire league (26 teams), plus two All Star teams and two Legends teams.

  23. By pro-wrestling and boxing standards, @CuseFootball is the new NCAA National Champion! #SyracuseVsClemson #Syracuse

  24. I hear @FSUFootball has a new motto: “When do we play @CuseFootball?”