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  1. @SNESdrunk As a Yankee fan, I am already looking forward to making Griffey 18.

  2. Final exams complete. Check mate! @nwfstatecollege

  3. @THEVinceRusso @the_ironsheik @PodcastOne Make it happen!

  4. @WWERoadDogg I was afraid to question this as a greenie back in 2001. In training, you suggested my gimmick be Skel… https://t.co/oynM2bZgnV

  5. I learned this morning that my wife likes to get up at 2AM to play Mario 64 on my @Raspberry_Pi @recalbox .

    1. drew


      Great job on the 2017 bad news bears rom sir!! Just curious if you had an editor you could possibly share for this game?? Id love to make one for my son with his team, thanks!

  6. Tentative lineup for #TecmoBowl NCAA18. Teams will be finalized after the season and will change based on rankings. https://t.co/Z88DlTrOWT

  7. I found this while cleaning the garage. @WWE #AndreTheGiant https://t.co/l3Cf1ZCTzT

  8. I hear @TripleH and @WWE are expanding into the home improvement market. https://t.co/4OEL86lsCn

  9. @TheJakeMitchell Clemson’s loss to Syracuse looks even worse now because Syracuse has not won a game since defeating Clemson.

  10. @TheJakeMitchell When I first saw the Syracuse/Wake Forest score, I thought to myself “What a terrible way to start the basketball season.”

  11. I watched the Legends With JBL on @WWENetwork with @WWERoadDogg last night last night. Great stuff!

  12. Hey Baron are you going to drop a tecmo nba 2017 . If not could you possibly update your 2016version with the major moves . Such as Durant and melo . Please and thank you

  13. @TheJakeMitchell #MVPorzingis. Too soon?

  14. @TheJakeMitchell Who will @EricDungey kick this weekend?

  15. The championship changed 4 times between 11/10/1928 and 11/29/1928 (Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon, New York University, Oregon State).