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  1. @Bin_Hamin Delightful! “The Hacker” vs. “The Berlin-fidel”. Flag vs. Flag. I’d come out of retirement for that!

  2. Delightful! https://t.co/twNtfI5gln

  3. @JeffLane22 Not many people used Disco Inferno in WCW/nWo Revenge. Not even @TheRealDisco used Disco. I hear he and… https://t.co/E2HeEQVF1Q

  4. @zaktoscani Or difficulty levels... One set for advanced users, one for intermediate, and a set for those who have never used one before.

  5. Will @bWoStevie be inducting #IvoryWWE into the #WWE #HallOfFame?

  6. Super tecmo baseball snes

    I poked around with this one a while back. Seeing the serious undertaking involved in updating the player faces, I turned away from it.
  7. @Bin_Hamin @bWoStevie McGregor/Mayweather III should be at Wrestlemania under Brawl For All rules. @THEVinceRusso

  8. .@realDonaldTrump Disney World Hall-of-Presidents animatronic > @NancyPelosi 8-hour babble-fest animatronic.

  9. I put in for U.S. Ambassador to Deutschland today! https://t.co/y3jlgYuSk6

  10. .@THEVinceRusso #RawIsStarWars Imagine the possibilities... https://t.co/AhDk48AF1R

  11. Make it happen! @WalkingDead_AMC @Robert_Maillet as Beta! #TheWhisperers! https://t.co/Y5r3csCfhy

  12. @jetzotime @theraveneffect I used an example similar to this a while back to explain why television shows like Hann… https://t.co/rXY59RVpVH

  13. @theraveneffect @WestwoodOne @jetzotime Noted!

  14. Bigger surprise? Barry Horowitz winning a match at SummerSlam ‘95 or wrestling a match at SummerSlam ‘95.

  15. @LanceStorm https://t.co/ulRGeaBO3x