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  1. @tman162000 @Super70sSports Instead of ten teams, it’s the entire league (26 teams), plus two All Star teams and two Legends teams.

  2. By pro-wrestling and boxing standards, @CuseFootball is the new NCAA National Champion! #SyracuseVsClemson #Syracuse

  3. I hear @FSUFootball has a new motto: “When do we play @CuseFootball?”

  4. @TheJakeMitchell The #Yankees win if @TheJudge44 cuts it out with his “A-Rod Judge” (1 for 16, 12 strikeouts vs Cleveland) routine.

  5. .@Eminem sounds bitter that he was rejected for @realDonaldTrump Celebrity Apprentice. Poor fella hasn’t been relevant since 2000.

  6. Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editing/Hacking Tips and 1996 Hack info

    I hear http://barongaming.weebly.com/ has ROMs similar to 2014, maybe even some more recent ones. Perhaps there is even a Legends-themed one, as well.
  7. @TheJakeMitchell After Friday night’s Navarre/Escambia high school game, I haven’t seen that many sad faces in the crowd since election day.

  8. Shane McMahon is 0 for 2 on that top-of-the-cell elbow. Gotta try something else. #HIAC @WWE

  9. any chance you still have the ken Griffey Legends snes rom can send me? Tried the link to DL from your 2015 post on forum but an error comes up.




  10. .@ElGarySanchez and @TheJudge44 are the second coming of #TheBashBrothers. @Yankees

  11. @TheJakeMitchell Keeping within 2 points into the 4th, did @CuseFootball play well, or did @LSUfootball play poorly?

  12. @JMET19 I have no plans, but plans change.

  13. @TheJakeMitchell After this weekend, where does Orange QB Eric Dungey sit on your Heisman radar?

  14. The coffee in the break room smells like burnt toast and dirty diapers.

  15. @WWEDramaKing Aiden English will be the Shawn Michaels of the Vaudvillains version of The Rockers.