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  1. RT @jrisco: ¡Qué pinches nervios! ¿Quién ganará? 😰😰😰 https://t.co/UGncEVK8jF

  2. @Yhacbec @PWehrlein Yo pienso Eeicsson lo está exhibiendo como un piloto de lo más equis

  3. @Zistory @thebuxtonblog Giving a capable racer a drive and the tools so she reaches a podium in her series debut se… https://t.co/zKULuOXKN4

  4. Podemos cerca del basurero de la historia https://t.co/v99B9U5pbs

  5. RT @NateSilver538: If Franken has (basically) admitted to the conduct Tweeden accused him of—or at least to groping her while she was aslee…

  6. RT @MsMelChen: The "Free Speech But" Manifesto: Step 1) Say that you support freedom of speech as long as it's not hate speech Step 2) Def…

  7. RT @mareoflores: Dice EPN que cuando la sociedad critica el pésimo trabajo de las autoridades les estamos haciendo BULLYING. Dios mío, nos…

  8. @andylockhart88 @thebuxtonblog ... therefore not passing on the track... Only exciting part of races were whether t… https://t.co/uSCnvZUcin

  9. @DonCronos @rrodosm @Rod_Salazar @monkeybusinesss @Luferperaza No era Withmarsh el necio?

  10. RT @Mex_Libertario: “El socialismo es una alternativa al capitalismo igual que el cianuro es una alternativa al agua” Ludwig Von Mises

  11. @monkeybusinesss @DonCronos Calmantes montes, que no corrió la primera práctica. Además Brasil nunca se le ha dado… https://t.co/x6stnPVo7g

  12. RT @PastranaTweet: Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja #Oscars #Oscars2018 https://t.co/UR38xmn72t

  13. RT @UpshotNYT: New research suggests that regular people were working hard, with little credit, to address the problem themselves. https://…

  14. RT @F1: Finally in 1 tweet… Farina Fangio Ascari Hawthorn Brabham P Hill G Hill Clark Surtees Hulme Stewart Rindt Fittipaldi Lauda Hunt An…

  15. RT @ScottAdamsSays: Here's how to do everything wrong (persuasion-wise) in one sign. The active part says "Vote Republican." https://t.co/E…