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  1. RT @ImagenFeminista: Comer miel es #machismo. La producen abejas obreras hembras (♀) cuyo trabajo les es expropiado. Las oprime el mismo si…

  2. RT @isikbreen: lol cops literally steal more from you than robbers do.

  3. RT @HitchensQuotes: As my friend Mike Kinsley once put it so well, in Washington it's never what's illegal: the scandal is what's legal.

  4. @revolucioasno43 @Pajaropolitico @bbcmundo De hecho es una traducción errónea, quisieron decir piece, no peace... A…

  5. Protected and served to death

  6. If @Delta launches an unseat Ann Coulter product, I'll pay. Daily.

  7. RT @charlieagu: Ojo con Kvyat que ya tiene 7 puntos en el carnet. Hoy le van a dar 2 mínimo

  8. Ya me voy a la Formula E... A ver qué tal se pone

  9. RT @autosport: With Vettel looking to consolidate his title lead, has Silverstone just exposed Ferrari's development fears?…

  10. RT @SergioSarmiento: De obligar a tener estacionamientos a prohibirlos, el gobierno de la CDMX va de un mal a otro

  11. @hking1 @ESPYS @AaronRodgers12 @JaredCook89 @packers Now without crying

  12. RT @erederbez: Qué vergüenza me provoca Monreal

  13. @greggel1982 @jon_wertheim Rafa would have Sergi Bruguera's Wimby record if the tournament was still played in proper grass courts

  14. @ClintSmithIII Occupational licensing for completely safe activities is bonkers and limiting

  15. What were you smoking when you decided to put Nico on that strategy?