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  2. @jellyscare @Chris_Dring @tomphillipsEG No, not that.

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  4. The aftermath. #amazing #skol @FOX9 @KFAN1003 @kare11 #BringItHome https://t.co/gzZLTWgvUj

  5. https://t.co/7KaTgVC8Bl @SC_ESPN @SportsCenter

  6. Great clip in the DLC. #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/1t9XnEHeB5

  7. Special guy. Love how he gave credit to God. https://t.co/xZUAERyjMI

  8. @RetroStudios Smash confirmed

  9. RT @LifeNewsHQ: Black Lives Matter? 78% of Abortions in New York City Were Done on Black, Hispanic Babies https://t.co/Lm5VoP8NzN https://t…

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  13. RT @BirkMatt: Kinda sums it all up...perfectly https://t.co/gAU1TOHuev

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  15. RT @LifeNewsHQ: Planned Parenthood Kills 900 Babies in Abortions Every. Single. Day. https://t.co/bcCUyO10ka https://t.co/9xlstgunTC