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  1. Does anyone know the set commands for moving the field goal posts to the front of the end zones?
  2. Hey, Chris99, how do you move the FG posts to the front of the endzones?
  3. Are you guys going to relocate the field goal posts so that they are positioned at the front of the end zone? This was a pre 1974 rule, if I'm not mistaken. Also, there was no overtime period in regular season games. Is that another thing you'll be implementing, too?
  4. Never mind, Buck, I got it. Thanks for the code. It worked like a charm. Thanks, again.
  5. Hey, Buck. Thanks for the reply. I'm a newbie here and don't quite know how to look for something like that. I have the FCEUXDSP program and have opened up the rom, but for the life of me, I can't see what you mean by replacing the script that you've listed. Please, if you can, advise me how to do this. If it's too complicated, then could you instead post a rom where this already done. I would appreciate it.
  6. Could anyone post an original TSB rom with the kickoff position at the 30. I'm trying to complete a 94 rom and this is one thing I need added.
  7. Madden NFL 95 I believe.
  8. Hey, guys. Did any of you create a 28 team rom with a 8 playoff bracket?
  9. Hey, Carther, have you figured out how to do an eight team playoff bracket?
  10. Niiiiiiccce. that's what I thought.
  11. What was the flag picture graphic supposed to be anyway?
  12. Good question. Has anyone made an 8 team playoff bracket hack? How about a 16 team playoff bracket to cover the 82 strike season?
  13. This works pretty good. But is anyone else noticing certain player images come up as an error after selecting them?
  14. Yeah, but you're still stuck with 8 divisons, corrrect?
  15. So, if you can remove teams, then can you add them, as well? Well, at least enough to make 30 team Roms to cover the 95-98 seasons? Seeing that you can remove teams and knowing that there are two spaces available in the AFC Central and NFC West, in theory it looks like you can make at least six 5 team divisions, anyway.