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  1. RT @pattonoswalt: NO ONE fucks over their supporters harder and with more glee than the GOP. No one. It's beneath reptilian how they operat…

  2. RT @nytimes: See how every glacier in Glacier National Park has retreated over 50 years

  3. Ugh...

  4. RT @AlanTudyk:

  5. RT @BroderickGreer: when you created the Muslim Ban and you're in a Muslim country

  6. @vanessabayer absolutely love the weather character. #SNL

  7. RT @SuckMeter:

  8. RT @iamdevloper: == loose equality check === strict equality check ==== both values shop at the same Wholefoods

  9. RT @GeorgeTakei: Some tweets are forever.

  10. RT @MEPFuller: Paul Ryan says his job is to be "dispassionate" about the facts. Has Paul Ryan ever acted without the facts? Like, without…

  11. RT @kumailn: "Go say I didn't do it." "You sure? We'll look like idiots if you say you did it." "I won't." *press conference* "He didn't do…


  13. RT @TheDweck: A tragedy in three acts

  14. RT @DocInRealLife: The Washington Capitals have been WAFFLEBOARDED AWAY!

  15. RT @prattprattpratt: Just lemme know