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  1. RT @JuddApatow: A great day for 35 jobs ! And your friends make billions! But also 35 permanent jobs! https://t.co/72G2giMeAZ

  2. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/8F0TiyQET5 #Trumpcare Gotta blame it on somethin', gotta blame it on somethin'

  3. RT @thehistoryguy: If you've been watching Fox you may have been told that London is defeated and demoralised. So I walked to work and fi…

  4. RT @TeaPainUSA: A quick status update. #trumprussia https://t.co/D3be2cvujs

  5. RT @davidaxelrod: Stunning rebuke from @WSJ: "Yet the president clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle." https://t.co/…

  6. RT @RepSpeier: Napolitano reports #fakenews on Fox and gets fired. The President repeats it, alienates our closest ally, and...? https://t.…

  7. RT @Nick_Offerman: .@realDonaldTrump NACHO you're lying on Twitter about the hearing about you lying on Twitter. Might want to change tack…

  8. RT @TheOnion: ‘I Have Four Young Children,’ Says Kellyanne Conway In Most Disturbing Public Statement To Date https://t.co/Or2C9zAlfo https…

  9. RT @SenSanders: It’s time to join the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all of our people. https://t.co/UPjXzyz7dP

  10. RT @GeorgeTakei: You know what a coal miner in WV shouldn't have to pay for? Trump's Mar-a-Lago travel bill or his family's use of Trump To…

  11. RT @NRDC: In 1970, the environment was so polluted, few questioned the virtue of founding the EPA. Too bad memory is short. https://t.co/Lx…

  12. RT @GeorgeTakei: Justin Trudeau took Ivanka to "Come From Away"--a play about town welcoming foreigners--hours after Muslim ban struck. Tro…

  13. RT @aishatyler: 🙌🏾 https://t.co/Pw7k7PQUmx

  14. @foxandfriends @FoxFriendsFirst You can't be serious. You are supposed to be journalists.

  15. RT @Benstonium: Find someone who looks at you the way this guy looks at Coach Sullivan... https://t.co/9K9McECM6R