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  1. RT @davidaxelrod: .@POTUS calls Ds "obstructionist" for not working w/@GOP on health care-as if they had been invited to participate.

  2. RT @KamalaHarris: No public hearings. No debate. No text. No transparency. On behalf of the American people, I demand the GOP #ShowUsTh…

  3. RT @ACLU: We agree with @GovPenceIN on this one. Do you, @VP?

  4. RT @HistoricalPics: He truly was a man ahead of his time.

  5. RT @SenWarren: 2006: Bank CEO says it's safe to deregulate his bank 2008: His bank gets $1.4B bailout Yesterday: He's back asking for dereg…

  6. @realDonaldTrump Don't you like, have a job to do? I would get fired if I tweeted on the job as much as you!

  7. RT @RealDanaHeinze: Here you go. 16 game pucks for 16 victories. 2017 Stanley Cup Final Champions Pittsburgh Penguins. It looks great http…

  8. RT @FromTheFaceoff: Here's what the Stanley Cup would look like if the NHL never removed any rings:

  9. RT @cjzero: Pens locker room celebration

  10. RT @dbild: w/ all that's happening in the world, nice to see grn herons & red-eared sliders still know how to get along #animalfriends #nat…

  11. LET'S GO PENS!!! @penguins #StanleyCup

  12. Bahahahahahahhahahahahhahaa

  13. RT @ananavarro: I don't get how anyone sane accepts a political appointment from Trump right now. It's like volunteering as a tribute for t…

  14. RT @penguins: Save this GIF for when you're having a bad day.

  15. RT @GeorgeTakei: Your lawyers JUST argued in federal court that it was not a Travel Ban, it was a "pause." Oops. #DeleteYourAccount https:/…