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  1. RT @jeffisrael25: Thinking NFL players are 'protesting the flag' is like thinking Rosa Parks was protesting public transportation

  2. RT @matt_slotnick: you know what's actually pretty disrespectful to the american flag? the confederate flag

  3. RT @DukeGreene: Like Steph, I would turn down a photo op with this President. Every pic of Trump w/ a black person gets played as a "get ou…

  4. RT @KamalaHarris: Until the GOP drops this effort to throw people off health insurance, I will be sharing the stories of people who would b…

  5. RT @funder: Watch this Dad say what every other American is feeling. Stop trying to take our healthcare away & start helping us! https://t.…

  6. RT @jfkantrowitz: Retweet if you want other people's families to have health insurance. https://t.co/3jem6LOOjp

  7. RT @JoyAnnReid: All those MAGA hats y'all are buying? You're paying a supposed billionaire's legal bills. Well done. https://t.co/Gz0IXoynC0

  8. RT @paulapoundstone: Sean Spicer should not be celebrated. He lied to us, and screwed with our democracy, knowingly, over and over. He is n…

  9. RT @petersagal: Pete Docter of Pixar sent a storyboard from FALAFEL, the film that will sadly never be made. @paulapoundstone @waitwait htt…

  10. RT @ShannonSharpe: Did Pres Obama request NBC fire a certain reality star for saying he wasn't born in America? 🤔

  11. RT @natemcdermott: Ted Nugent told Obama to suck his machine gun & said that Hillary should be hanged for treason, and was invited to the W…

  12. RT @FullFrontalSamB: BREAKING: @missbreton's “Who Is Paying For The Wall” list has been updated. Please make a note. https://t.co/78mYaPtVvm

  13. RT @SpursOfficial: We are back under way at Wembley. Come on you Spurrrrsssss! #COYS https://t.co/QR6GrcrdiL

  14. RT @EnvDefenseFund: Pruitt ignoring climate change during Irma: It’s like telling people to shut up about germs during a flu epidemic. http…

  15. RT @SnoopDogg: https://t.co/7RiA0O9x75 https://t.co/wUHNeB9ZwJ