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  1. @CoreyStewartVA Um...pretty darn sure slavery was worse.

  2. RT @KenTremendous: Oh shit what a great point.

  3. RT @MarkRuffalo: Here are some of the most awesome signs from the March for Science # via @HuffPostPol

  4. RT @1o5CleanEnergy: Favourite banners @rachel_weta @ScienceMarchBRS @ChrisGPackham #ScienceMarch Bristol

  5. RT @davidaxelrod: Inoculation in advance for next week's 100 day report card. "Mom, I'm just saying. I did good work. That teacher just HA…

  6. RT @Mickey_McCauley: FOX News sends a powerful message: a workplace culture of rampant sexual harrassment and aggression will only be toler…

  7. RT @SpursOfficial: Congratulations to @ThlfcOfficial on beating West Ham 4-0 to clinch the @FA_WPL Southern Division title at White Hart La…

  8. RT @Steelersdepot: One of my all-time favorite #Steelers gifs and it features Dan Rooney and @Ike_SwagginU

  9. RT @MelissaJPeltier: Sometimes Breaking News comes at exactly the perfect moment:

  10. RT @HerewegoJoe: This tiny, vulgar Celtics fan is my new hero.

  11. RT @Mikel_Jollett: TRUMP: The only ones who care about my tax returns are reporters. AMERICA:

  12. RT @Benstonium: WTF is this?!

  13. RT @nature_org: Our scientists study climate change, deforestation, & overfishing. Rather than depress them, science gives them hope https:…

  14. @GGosselink Great shot. Worked at the Carnegie Museum (in the background) for quite a while and went to CMU. Home p…

  15. RT @Mikel_Jollett: UNITED: We are the worst people in the world at PR. SEAN SPICER (Defending Hitler on Passover): Hold my beer.