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  1. 3-1 https://t.co/KQNsIxV0HR

  2. RT @WWECreative_ish: Seth Rollins is bringing the knee to the face back. "Cool" - @JohnCena #RAW

  3. RT @NBA: The @cavs (4-0), @HoustonRockets (3-1), @celtics (2-2) and @utahjazz (2-2) each WIN in Sunday's #NBAPlayoffs action! https://t.co/…

  4. @ricandoll6 Wait what did I do?!

  5. Okay I'm out 😴

  6. @krista__nichole I would have loved for my team to be in the playoffs

  7. #NowPlaying Thoughtless by Korn β™« https://t.co/QVpcno1cJs

  8. RT @FunkMaster_UFC: Bro, βœ‹πŸΎ stop. Just stop... It's 9am and I ain't even trynna entertain this type of shit today. #NotToday #NotUpInHere!…

  9. RT @SliceWrestling: If I See Anyone, ANYONE Trolling Or Joking Why Couldn't It Been Roman Reigns Passing Instead Of Rosey Anoa'i.... Prepar…

  10. RT @SaintRedeemable: Remember: Do not approach the suspect. Call 911 if you see him. Keep RTing so people can spot him.…

  11. Any of my followers in Pennsylvania Indiana Michigan stay safe y'all πŸ™ #Cleveland

  12. 29 straight losses at Anaheim for the @NHLFlames #StanleyCup

  13. @UncleGusNyc Yep well the offense is gonna have to be like Jesus and rise from the dead on Sunday lol

  14. @CertifiedLaur I knew you would πŸ€—

  15. #NowPlaying What About The Rest Of Us by Action Bronson β™« https://t.co/nwgZVRkbcM