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  1. @rafymahone https://t.co/JbCfv0uRuV

  2. RT @NotJimRoss: November, 2067 Roman Reigns is laying on his death bed, saying his goodbye to family. Braun bursts in I'M NOT FINISHED W…

  3. RT @LSUbaseball: LSU and Florida State will square off for the second time in the CWS Wednesday at 6 p.m. CT. RECAP: https://t.co/VGMSjug…

  4. RT @ello_k: @HeelShow1992 That's so sweeeet. Thank you Jeff 😘

  5. RT @SInow: Every Celtics fan that's had a Markelle Fultz avi for a month https://t.co/uVDCzQ7L0H

  6. RT @RebelChick49: @HeelShow1992 Hope you're okay hun

  7. RT @MikeElChingon: 3 years ago today, this happened in the World Cup https://t.co/PrAoXgbg7E

  8. Update: Currently having a puke a thon 😭😷😩🤒

  9. RT @StephenAtHome: Stephen King has been blocked by Trump on Twitter. I guess his book about a scary clown hit too close to home.

  10. RT @p0is0n0uz: Nah. These jokes gon' fly. https://t.co/xY1nKUFHD9

  11. RT @RElGNSSECTION: @GCertified_ @_Romans_Empire @johnritz1390 @RomanEmpire_AA @stephwhite324 @Steph121215 @dnebel62 @HeelShow1992 @Divya_Ra…

  12. RT @NBCSports: Rafael Nadal remains undefeated at the French Open as he wins a historic 10th title. Presented by @Longines. https://t.co/hJ…

  13. RT @astros: Wait for it... https://t.co/1lwXjwTC8Z

  14. This shit more rigged than WWE lol #NBAFinals

  15. @ProFootballTalk Yep mentoring him in how to drop the ball late in games.