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  1. RT @SashaBanksWWE: I would like to point out that @NatbyNature is wearing a turtleneck, leather jacket and a scarf at a water park. I love…

  2. RT @BCNDailyDingers: Eric Thames fake charged the mound when he was in Korea 😂💀 https://t.co/aCJhKzdE9G

  3. RT @celtics: "I gotchu AB" - Crowder https://t.co/fI1o8zjTgu

  4. RT @DidStrosWin2Day: Yes

  5. RT @wontgottlieb: Joel Anthony's most notable moment https://t.co/PdFZAhK427

  6. RT @TheNewEraPod: You all desperately want this to be real.. sorry kids no @CMPunk s #NXTTakeOverChicago https://t.co/OGP0Xcr2u1

  7. RT @TheRealJRSmith: If you don't knock it off! Win game 7 an then talk. Till then sit home an enjoy the show! https://t.co/aZkZ7Lpi4u

  8. #FF @p0is0n0uz @DerekMorganC @TCS37 @TheBrooklynLife @_Njay3 @SLM9461 @__Mochahontas @JLaniDae @shawneeharbaugh @ello_k @krista__nichole

  9. RT @Scott_Ian: Shocking news. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Going to crank Badmotorfinger. @… https://t.co/vyzvOsgTHL

  10. RT @ByJayKing: Jae Crowder on people picking Cavs: "Did you hear anybody pick us to win last series either? What about the one before that?"

  11. RT @BullsLegacy: OBJ #NeverForget https://t.co/fiGWBbUpJV

  12. @MelodyAnn227 You're welcome 🤗

  13. RT @RawanHoops: Warriors had no business winning this game. I know and y'all know it. Undeserved

  14. .@astros your* fucking auto correct

  15. RT @LegendsofCH: "BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!" Trump: bLacK liVeS mAtTer!!! https://t.co/hHAD6CJo1O