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  1. Everybody needs their sleep 😜 https://t.co/UO1pOm0Awd

  2. RT @arielhelwani: Weidman: keep doubting me. I dare you.

  3. RT @DeanlsReal: Soon @Giants https://t.co/u5RLuLSUdT

  4. RT @rascalflatts: Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chester Bennington, his family and everybody in the @LinkinPark camp. What a sad day.

  5. RT @sashasalexa: Rt for Sasha and Alexa Fav for Emma and Charlotte https://t.co/3ZTviaWanh

  6. RT @IntChampionsCup: Rapper,Producer, actor Drake will be presenting the Official Game Ball to “kick off “@ManUtd @mancity Derby game 7/20…

  7. That's probably true too lol https://t.co/xLXiveVZPG

  8. @717shid Happy Birthday bro 🎂

  9. Summer League chill https://t.co/y4vR4Qtq05

  10. RT @totaldivaseps: Don't let it end this way. #TalkingSmack #TheAPlusPlusPlusShow https://t.co/1mlSid9pXc

  11. Wait they canceled #TalkingSmack 😟😡😭

  12. RT @birthdragon: In 1964, Bruce Lee took on Wong Jack Man in the most controversial fight. See the trailer for #BirthOfTheDragon, inspired…

  13. Should have been Clemson vs Bama 2 #ESPYS https://t.co/l4EcRkfMEk

  14. Did not see this coming 😂 https://t.co/KeetnKCI9A

  15. RT @KingRicochet: If you've got a problem with someone tell them. Dont go behind their back & tell everyone to try & ruin their rep cause y…