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  1. RT @xo_itzanito: Anyways biffle, I'm off to bed now; hope you have a good night & I'll be sure to let you know abt my commute 2mrw lol 😘😴 @…

  2. RT @BleacherReport: Nittany Lions with the walk-off! No. 4 Penn State escapes with a 21-19 win over Iowa on a last-second TD https://t.co/…

  3. @xo_itzanito I'll try not too 😉 https://t.co/mTwHLfpkPl

  4. Well this is a major L https://t.co/VfHJNAUcuq

  5. Oh and cool I get to sit in traffic now fun lol 🙃

  6. RT @MarkKeeble_: Did you ever play "Heads down, Thumbs up" and got mad when you never got picked like, you fr??? Wait till we play "Wink Mu…

  7. @ColbyNotLopez I have never seen this Abby you speak of on my timeline ever lol

  8. You're welcome ☺ https://t.co/YcDLKfISaH

  9. Gonna call it a night now got work in the morning Good Night 🌚 😪 https://t.co/7GuQvgybyy

  10. Good Night 😪😴 https://t.co/a2MxZvDR20

  11. @xo_itzanito Thanks Anita I will you have a great day off 🤗😊

  12. @KrystalBarbara https://t.co/XTDqvjo9af

  13. RT @ChampionsLeague: Who is on top? https://t.co/CTzQmBnin0

  14. @KrystalBarbara https://t.co/BPSOf1YAIf