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  1. TTL Wait List

    War Machine yes can host
  2. HSTL S41 Draft

    Drake list: SF DL
  3. HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: War Machine Availability: every day after 8EST Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: Steelers then don't really care What's your location/timezone?: EST Why do you want to join HSTL?: I had to drop out of HSTL due to unavailability but should be good by the time I'm up on list.
  4. Week 1 division battle both teams coming off tough losses in their openers. This game went as expected. No defense whatsoever but the Giants putting up more of a fight than the Cardinals. Montana pretty much had his way with the Dave Waymer led defense. Back and forth scoring with the Cardinals able to muster a FG before half to go down 10-14 at halftime. Second half, the Cardinals find more success with a good mix of run and pass and eventually find the end zone to go up 17-14. The Giants get the ball and Cardinals continue to fail at stopping the offense until Marcus Allen (?) coughs it up and PHX recovers!! Cards punch it in to go up 24-14 and take control. The Giants put together a long drive wasting precious time but score with 1:30 left to go down 24-21. Onside kick fails and some picked plays put a scare into the Cardinals but enough time is wasted to kill clock with the punt. PHX 24 GIA 21. GG Drake!! Fumble was obviously huge and the game wouldve gone to the team with the ball last for sure. GLRW!!
  5. Thunderdome Championship Game Regulator vs Daboy8821 Regulator wins toss and calls MIN.-S.D. Daboy8821 chooses S.D.
  6. 3rd Place Game: Jesusluvsme4ever vs Joeygats Jesus wins toss and calls DET.-K.C. Joeygats chooses K.C.
  7. Thunderdome IX: Bracket Pool Madness (Cash Prize!)

    Congratulations to @TSBGOD for winning the bracket pool!
  8. Final 4: Jesusluvsme4ever vs Regulator Jesus wins toss and calls CLE.-G.B. Regulator chooses G.B.
  9. Final 4: Daboy vs Joeygats Daboy wins toss and calls CLE.-G.B. Joeygats chooses CLE.
  10. Elite 8: Jesusluvsme4ever vs Matty D. Jesus wins toss and calls CIN.-MIA. Matty D. chooses CIN.
  11. Elite 8: Joeygats vs Disastamasta Joeygats wins toss and calls G.B.-N.O. Disastamasta chooses N.O.
  12. Elite 8: Daboy vs Nos Daboy wins toss and calls G.B.-N.O. Nos chooses N.O.
  13. Elite 8: Regulator vs Rico33 Regulator wins toss and calls CIN.-MIA. Rico33 chooses MIA.
  14. Sweet 16: Jesus vs Vikingmoe02 Jesus wins toss and calls CHI.-K.C. Vikingmoe02 chooses CHI.
  15. Sweet 16: Disastamasta vs Drake Disastamasta wins toss and calls PIT.-JET. Drake chooses PIT.