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  1. This year, I will hold a consolation tournament for people who did not make it to the bracket! Winner of this tournament will win a free t-shirt from the tb.org store! I will only hold this if we get at least 16 people to sign up. Please sign up here if interested. Interest List: 1. MadtownSpliff 2. Tundrayeti 3. Ryan11p 4. Retronathan 5. JPBowler 6. Heardyasquash 7. SimpleSimon 8. Barletti 9. SammieSmith33
  2. Brackets will be posted in here once the last group game is played. Challonge Link: Reminder about matchup calling: Matchup calling will now be done by the players and not pre-determined like in Group play. Same rules apply for coin toss: Winner of coin toss is P1 and is home and calls the matchup. Will follow the one matchup call per tournament rule. If a player called one of the pre-determined matchups in Group play, they cannot use that matchup in bracket play. IMPORTANT and in RULES: If you call a matchup that you already called in the tournament and win the game, the game will be replayed. If you lose, then the game will count. You are at fault so will pay the consequences.
  3. All Bracket Round games will be streamed either live by the players or by me. I will post links to the twitch/youtube pages in this thread. Matchup Call Tracker: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69977-thunderdome-x-matchup-call-tracker/ Challonge Link: TBD
  4. Posting for Hoff since it was streamed. Hoffnasty vs Dueceloose Group A Duece wins toss and calls NO-JETS Hoff takes Jets Tight game all around and Duece gets a chance to try and tie it with a last second JJ but falls incomplete. Hoff wins 21-14/ Game was streamed on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207658127
  5. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    First bounty has been knocked off! Hoffnasty has been eliminated and @stalltalk wins $15. First post updated with tracking info.
  6. Posting for Barletti. Barletti vs Hoffnasty Group A Barletti wins toss and calls CIN-MIA Hoff chooses CIN Dolphins jump out to 21-0 lead after a key fumble by CIN and end of half CC. Hold on to win 21-14. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207097574
  7. Thunderdome X: Format Details

    Updated "One matchup call per tourney" rule when mistake is made and consequences.
  8. Thunderdome X: Format Details

    Updated first post tiebreaker section with an example of how tiebreakers work for byes. Also added a table of how many byes there will be based on number of teams who qualify for bracket. Remember since you just need to go 2-1 in group there could be anywhere from 1-3 teams who qualify per group. So number of bracket qualifiers will not be known until group play is done.
  9. War Machine vs Swampc1 Group D War Machine wins toss, calls KC-CHI Swamp selects CHI Chiefs get a stop on downs and take the lead 7-0. After an INT, they go up 14-0 and ensuing kickoff fumble and eventual TD seals it for the Chiefs. 21-7 Final. GG Swamp. The fumble was brutal. Glrw
  10. War Machine vs Odell Group D War Machine wins toss, calls PHX/DAL Odell selects DAL PHX stops Dallas on downs on the first drive and scores after some CC's including a 4th down called red gun (although it looked like defender got there just a fraction late.) Rosenbach goes in excellent and Johnny Johnson in good and after some other key stops, PHX takes control to win the game. 21-3 GG Odell and glrw.
  11. @trojan1979 @TimBoneCleveland and Green Bay are not one of the matchups in group play. I've linked the rules/format numerous times on discord, had a nice pretty picture made in the group announcement and its in the title of the recap thread. This game must be replayed.
  12. Group D War Machine wins toss and calls NO-JETS Tundrayeti takes Jets Saints play good defense to win this one 21-0. GG Tundra! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205171025
  13. Posting for Nos since the game was live streamed. Nos vs Bone Winkleman Group I Bone won toss Bone calls CIN/MIA Nos chose MIA Recap: Nos wins 38-10. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/204884147
  14. Posting for Prime since the game was live streamed. Prime vs Ryan11p Group E Ryan won toss Ryan calls KC/CHI Prime chose KC Recap: Destruction! 34-0 Prime wins.
  15. Thunderdome X: Matchup Call Tracker

    This is now live