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  1. Group I DT won the toss He called Phx Dallas I took Dallas DT gets the kick to start the game and throws an int to Horton who proceeds to fumble right away. It bounces a few times but Holt picks it up for the Cowboys. Long pass to Novacek takes it down to the 10 which allows a quick TD to Martin. DT gets the ball back but fumbles with Johnson on a picked pass play. Daniel Stubbs picks it up and takes it to the house. 14-0. DT next possession is a turnover on downs and this leads to another Novacek TD. DT gets the ball back and is able to drive down the field and scores on a catch by Reeves who is double covered with no time left. 21-7 at the half. I get the ball to start the second half and is able to hit Highsmith on a long pass that leads to a Willis FG. In the second half, Rosenbach turns it up. He is completing JJs all over the place and hitting the open man. DT is able to score twice to make the game close but is unable to get an onside kick at the end to try for the tie. 24-21 GG DT
  2. Group I DT won the toss He called Minn vs Rams I took Minn DT gets the kick to start the game and scores quickly with a deep JJ to Ellard. I get the kick and drive down the field with a couple passes to Anthony Carter. DT makes a few stops and I have 4th and 4 in the red zone early. I decide to go for it and Walker is able to gain the needed the yards. This leads to a Chris Carter TD. DT drives the ball and scores again on a Green rushing TD. DT leads at the half 14-7. I receive the 2nd half kick and able to score with a deep pass to AC to tie it up. With DT's next drive, he is able to get to my 40 but I get a big stop right at the beginning of the 4th. I get another AC touchdown to take the lead. DT has one last drive and has a chance with a 30 yard pass to Flipper but it ends in Browner's hands to end the game. GG and GLRW
  3. Purplehaze i can host
  4. Like to get back in the WTF leagues. Discord - purplehaze. In 2 leagues I can host.
  5. I am in for next season.
  6. Thanks. Excited to join the league. We will have to see about Brockington and his chainsaw.
  7. GG War. Yeah I think I was a little late in tapping on the CC with Lofton. I meant to kick a FG at the end of the first half and just was picking plays as normal and picked too quickly. Oh well. Thanks for running this.
  8. I like to be added to the wait list. AIM: rob22u2 Nickname (if applicable): purplehaze Email: rob22u2@yahoo.com Availability: most evenings Can you host?: yep List 4 Team Preferences: any What's your location/timezone?: eastern
  9. I would like to play. AIM Handle: rob22u2 Discord Handle: purplehaze Can you Host? yep Preferred method of contact for games. AIM/Discord What's your location/timezone? Eastern
  10. I will enter with my retro team - Patriots. Thanks.
  11. I think Buffalo has two duplicates games. One against the Colts and another against the Lions.
  12. Crazy game. GG as well GLTRW
  13. I am around both Saturday and Sunday. Let's find a time to play. Feel free to message me and I will message you.
  14. Hey. I just sent you a message. Feel free to reach out and we can figure out a time. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Coco and jfagundes. You are correct with my name being Rob. I am just hoping the league makes it to season 23. If not, I have had an amazing time in the retro league.