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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Jameis Winston is not very smart.
  2. Mike and Mike

    I found them annoying, but they really are one of the last vestiges of the "Good ESPN" that stopped existing sometime around 2010. The fact that they've been doing their show for so long is proof that they must have been doing something right.
  3. Classic Tailback Highlights

    This is the first highlight video ever posted on youtube of Eric Dickerson during his Pony Express days. What an incredibly graceful runner; his running style looked effortless even though he was faster than anyone else on the field. @buck and Tailback King, you two will probably enjoy this video the most.
  4. Classic Tailback Highlights

    I'm going to disagree with you on that one. Lattimore was very prone to juking and cutting, especially in his freshman season before his knee injuries. Lynch and Lattimore looked like clones. Of course, I just finished his freshman year, so maybe he lost that after his knee injury.
  5. Classic Tailback Highlights

    It's a work-in-progress. In other news, I've started a Marcus Lattimore video, and he was basically a Marshawn Lynch clone. Was well-built but not huge, and didn't have great speed either. But both just broke a ton of tackles and grinded out solid run after solid run.
  6. WEEK 10, Pickem!

    There better not be! Keep Keenum in for the rest of the season, and then have the QB battle next year between Bridgewater and Keenum. At this point, it's been proven that Sam Bradford is made of dust and can't be relied on to stay healthy.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Guy in his 40's in my history class: I don't follow sports anymore cause all these players are criminals and thugs. They used to be good role models and people you could look up to. Now all they care about is ****ing and drugs and playing for money. Me: Let me tell you about these two guys named Lawrence Taylor and Magic Johnson......
  8. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Dear @~Tailback King~, I'll make the JJ video after I get a girlfriend. Sincerely, Pocky
  9. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Yeah, he's the only player I've ever seen who could consistently pull off those jukes and spins on a regular basis. Not just every game, but on almost every run, he put some sort of move on a defender that made your jaw drop. Even his 4 yard runs were sensational. Saquon Barkley actually comes the closest from the backs I've watched (at least on the collegiate level). Yeah, the amount of depth those OK State teams had was exceptional on offense. Thurman Thomas and Sanders for a couple of years, and Hart Lee Dykes and Mike Gundy were terrific for all 3 years of Sander's career there. Their defense was crap though
  10. Classic Tailback Highlights

    So this isn't my usual 15+ minute video, but I found a few Barry Sanders highlights while making my Thurman Thomas video. I figured I'd throw them together and release them anyways. One of these days, I'll find all of his 1988 games and create the ultimate Barry Sanders video.
  11. Random Thoughts

    https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/9/16630902/star-wars-new-trilogy-rian-johnson-disney-lucasfilm A new trilogy that doesn't revolve around Skywalkers? Sign me the **** up! I'm hoping/praying that they cover the Old Republic and Mandalorian Wars.
  12. Random Thoughts

    I think that the dislike is mostly confined to white and very conservative Americans, since he hasn't insulted them (yet). I honestly think that people are disrespecting Trump for all the wrong reasons. I personally don't care about his name-calling and weird obsession with Hillary Clinton, but I do care about the Mueller probe and his probable collusion with Russia. If it is proven (and it's looking like it will) that Trump got outside assistance from Russia to win the Election, then he deserves to go down. And if it's true that Clinton also benefited from Russia, then she deserves to go down too. But anyways, here's something much less political. If you're going after someone, I don't get the problem with double-texting, because maybe they didn't receive your message. But don't triple-text, because then you just look like a stalker.
  13. Random Thoughts

    I had to listen to some guy tell me that (paraphrasing here): "Trump is the most disrespected president of all time. People should show the President the amount of respect that he's due." I agree with him to a certain extent, but it was hard to take my uber-conservative friend seriously when he (and a sizable portion of the country) also complained for 8 years that "Obama is a Muslim terrorist and should be deported." You can't ask for respect if you're not going to show any yourself.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    lol I have no faith in my team (mostly the offense) to not shit the bed in crunch time either. But that doesn't mean that the defensive line wouldn't murder Brady.
  15. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Oh MGK, Minnesota's pass rush would do some NSFW things to Brady and the Patriots' o-line. You know this is true.
  16. World Record Progression: Donkey Kong 64

    Thanks for posting this. DK64 was my favorite game to play growing up, and this vid brought back a lot of good memories. Although I never did beat the game in under 5 hours. More like 40 hours.
  17. College Football Chat Room

    Ned Stark was right, Winter definitely was coming.
  18. Random Thoughts

    I was listening to some early morning talk radio a few days ago, and one of the hosts was making fun of Jose Altuve for speaking with a heavy accent. The host then went on a small rant about how people who come to America should learn how to speak "proper English". What made that rant so funny to me was that I could barely understand the host, because he had a extremely strong southern accent and used terrible grammar.
  19. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Thanks, and I hope that your son liked the highlight video!
  20. Random Thoughts

    I come back from work, and I see that I've missed a ton. Anyways, Buck, I bet that your dialect is way easier to understand than some of the people I'm around.
  21. Random Thoughts

    I get that all of you are being all serious and stuff, but I just want to say that I really enjoy this community and the poster on here. I just wish I had more time to play TSB (or that i had the dedication to play more than 8 games into a season before quitting and changing teams).
  22. Classic Tailback Highlights

    I'll write my full thoughts later, but here's another high-quality, but very long, video of a college legend. The plays themselves are all really good, but I may've included too many replays.
  23. Random Thoughts

    The hype is one of the more interesting parts though. No professional team crowd in America can get as amped up as a bunch of drunk co-eds at a SEC football game. I'll give you the part about the spread being boring, but whenever I work through games from the mid-90's, it seems like every team runs the same I-formation offense. So there's always going to be the boring trend. And you may get TN games on TV, but I live among the fans. You'll never meet a group of self-loathing but ridiculously optimistic people like Vols vans.
  24. Random Thoughts

    You're a Kansas fan, right? That would explain why you don't enjoy college football. And I watched a few minutes of the game, but I ended up watching a random Nets VS Knicks game. D'angelo Russell and Kristaps Porzingis were more entertaining than anything the Lions could do.
  25. Random Thoughts

    Would you be more interested in the NFL if you tuned out all of the media coverage of it? At this point, I read almost no actual NFL articles, and I haven't watched ESPN Sportcenter in a year. I keep up with the league using Reddit (where it's a lot of hardcore fans) and twitter (I only follow beat writers and credible journalists). It's made me enjoy the league a lot more. Or you could just migrate over to the cesspool known as college football, where moderate fans aren't a problem and games are only played on Saturday, aside from the weird random game of Thursday.