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  1. Thought that it would be a fun topic. Here's Rodgers making the most amazing throw/play in NFL history that didn't actually count: Boston Terriers FTW:
  2. This is the first highlight video ever posted on youtube of Eric Dickerson during his Pony Express days. What an incredibly graceful runner; his running style looked effortless even though he was faster than anyone else on the field. @buck and Tailback King, you two will probably enjoy this video the most.
  3. He was a good athlete, but nothing spectacular. He wasn't a great baseball player either. Dozier was a good player who had nice quickness, but wasn't anything spectacular. The only reason that I made this video is because he always seemed to be popping up in the games I was watching for other players videos. Eventually, I decided that I might as well take advantage of all of that video just sitting around and made a video of Dozier. And this was the result.
  4. DJ Dozier wasn't the most gifted athlete of all time, but he knew how to run effectively and just got yardage. I really enjoyed making this video. Also, the cover is one of the more iconic images in CFB history:
  5. So he did.
  6. When you say Millennial babies, I hope that you're just talking about athletes. Because let me tell you, I don't think that I know a lot of people that, like me, have to work long 40 hour weeks on top of attending school before they turn 20, would appreciate you calling them babies.
  7. The life of luxury and undeserved respect turned out pretty well for Peyton and Eli Manning. From what I've seen of Sanders Jr., he's just not very talented.
  8. A guy who played for an Ivy League school, yet was a heisman winner. He was a single-wing tailback, so Kazmaier was essentially the QB of the team. In today's game, he'd be considered an exciting Manziel/Vick/Lamar Jackson type of dual threat QB.
  9. Russell Westbrook now is going to officially average a triple double for the season, and has broken the single season record with 42 (and counting). He deserves the MVP. Watching OKC sans Westbrook is like watching a smoldering trashcan roll down a hill.
  10. I decided to make a generic top 10 plays video, complete with the ALL CAPS clickbait part in the title.
  11. My video got used in this article!!! https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/secs-best-individual-season-time-herschel-walkers-1981-campaign/
  12. LaDainian Tomlinson!
  13. Who remembers this guy? He finished second to Barry Sanders in rushing during the 1988 season.
  14. I will never understand girls.
  15. Greatest cover EVER
  16. I'm two games into a season with the cards. Haven't thrown a pass yet; just runs with JJ. So far his stats are 43 att 684 yds 13 tds So far he's been very good, even though his line just got destroyed by Reggie White.
  17. The other half of Army's incredible duo in the 1940's. Glenn Davis, who was the lightning to Doc Blanchard's thunder.
  18. Signs Datone Jones, gets a new tackle to replace Matt Khalil, resigns Adam Thielen, brings back Terrance Newman, and gets rid of AD. Other than not resigning Cordarrelle Patterson, the Vikings have had a pretty decent offseason.
  19. @buck You should watch Oliver Stone's documentary "The Untold History of the United States". You'll love it!
  20. Annnnnnnnnd Brandin Cooks is now a Patriot for a measly 1st rounder that BB was probably going to turn into a second and future 3rd in 2034 anyways. What a steal.