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  1. This is the first highlight video ever posted on youtube of Eric Dickerson during his Pony Express days. What an incredibly graceful runner; his running style looked effortless even though he was faster than anyone else on the field. @buck and Tailback King, you two will probably enjoy this video the most.
  2. Who remembers this guy? He finished second to Barry Sanders in rushing during the 1988 season.
  3. I will never understand girls.
  4. Thought that it would be a fun topic. Here's Rodgers making the most amazing throw/play in NFL history that didn't actually count: Boston Terriers FTW:
  5. Greatest cover EVER
  6. I'm two games into a season with the cards. Haven't thrown a pass yet; just runs with JJ. So far his stats are 43 att 684 yds 13 tds So far he's been very good, even though his line just got destroyed by Reggie White.
  7. The other half of Army's incredible duo in the 1940's. Glenn Davis, who was the lightning to Doc Blanchard's thunder.
  8. Signs Datone Jones, gets a new tackle to replace Matt Khalil, resigns Adam Thielen, brings back Terrance Newman, and gets rid of AD. Other than not resigning Cordarrelle Patterson, the Vikings have had a pretty decent offseason.
  9. @buck You should watch Oliver Stone's documentary "The Untold History of the United States". You'll love it!
  10. Annnnnnnnnd Brandin Cooks is now a Patriot for a measly 1st rounder that BB was probably going to turn into a second and future 3rd in 2034 anyways. What a steal.
  11. Go Vols *Rocky Top plays in the background* Back on topic, If I were Butler or Ryan, I'd definitely stay in NE if NE was offering around the same amount as other teams. Bill Belichick is the GOAT defensive coach, isn't he? That means that Butler and/or Ryan would be guaranteed to play in a great defensive system for as long as Bill's there. But if the Pats lowballed Ryan, then more power to him for getting paid while he can.
  12. The Colts absolutely suck in TSB. Their defense is nonexistent, and their offense is average at best (all hail Albert Bentley). But what if the Colts had Eric Dickerson? Would the Hall-of-Famer make Indy's offense potent enough to offset their dumpster fire defense? Well, I"ve decided to see if this is the case. Using the magic known as the TSB editor, I've put Dickerson on the Colts in place of some scrub back that probably didn't even make the team in real life. Here's his stats:
  13. John Ross just broke CJ1K's previous record of 4.24 by running it in 4.22 seconds.
  14. I actually don't have the time for that at the moment. I've got a job and schoolwork to fill my time. But when school is over for the semester, I'll probably play a lot of video games.
  15. I have a friend who talks like that, so I didn't mind his voice too much. To Buck: you could always ignore the quest log if you wanted to. I've played my fair share of skyrim, and I didn't even know that there was a quest log until months after I started playing it. It is more fun to figure out what you're supposed to do by yourself. Also, I'd rather spend an hour or two a day playing a video game that I enjoy, rather than watching crappy network TV like some people I know.
  16. Actually, I always thought that these things were for older players (like my dad). The reason he stopped playing video games was because they became too complex.
  17. This reviewer had several complaints with the game, so not every reviewer is sucking Zelda's metaphorical ****. To address your point about 3rd party support, I saw that companies such as Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Bethesda, and whoever makes NBA 2K are all making games for the system. So the switch should have MUCH better 3rd party support than the Wii U had. Of course, I'm going to buy it anyways, so maybe I'm just trying to justify dropping 300 on a system.
  18. If @buck was an NFL running back, this is who I'd imagine he'd run like. Decisive and tough.
  19. I thought that he resembled a poor man's, fat, tubby Adrian Peterson as he waddled across the field for 7 or 8 yards a pop. Here's a video that I forgot to show when I made the video a few weeks ago. The former NFL MVP, Shaun Alexander:
  20. Here's some old-school run n shoot highlights. Weatherspoon was a beast:
  21. Joel Embiid looks awfully good in the post......
  22. Which center would you put Robinson over? Olajuwon?
  23. He was kind of like the Iverson of his era. Respected by his peers and loved by the fans, but not quite as good as his highlights would make you believe. His flashy play was often detrimental to his team and resulted in a lot of dumb turnovers, and he didn't play defense. As far as SG's go, Gervin is the only guy who plays comparable defense (although from what I've seen, his defense wasn't all that terrible), but his scoring was on whole other level when it came to efficiency, enough of a difference to make up for Maravich's passing skills. It should be noted that he probably would've ended up a better player if he didn't play for his dad in college. Maravich was allowed to do whatever he wanted, which gave him some terrible habits that haunted him for the rest of his career. I made a video about him a few months ago, and i was disgusted by how Pete-centric that team was. Maravich was like all of the modern AAU stereotypes rolled into a single player and multiplied by a million.
  24. PG: Magic Johnson, Bob Cousy, Stephen Curry, Isiah Thomas, Jason Kidd SG: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, George Gervin, Dwyane Wade SF: LeBron James, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Scottie Pippen, Kevin Durant PF: Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Bob Pettit, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki/Bob Mcadoo/Barkley C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'neal. Notes: Curry is probably the most controversial, but I'd have to say that from all of the games I've watched of various eras, Curry is up there among the greatest point guards ever. SG looks to be set for the next few years. I can't see anyone challenging those five dudes for a spot in the top 5, now that Harden is a PG (and really has been for the last few years). Although I could argue that the traditional guard positions are dumb anyways. Kobe and MJ were basically PG's in the triangle, as was West later in his career. SF was difficult, since it's not really clear if Bird is a SF or PF, and there's great chance that Kawhi Leonard busts into this list. And you could make the case that Durant is a better player than Erving (skill only, not accolades or perception). PF is extremely heavy on the modern guys. The PF position was beyond stacked in the 00's. I'm not as high on Barkley as some, since he seemed to be a ball-stopper and played very little defense (Nowitzki was better than him on D once you take away the soft euro stereotype). Anthony Davis has a shot of making this list in the future. Center was pretty much Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and then the other four guys in any order. Center is without a doubt the most competitive position in the all-time list. And unless Joel Embiid stays healthy and can fulfill his vast potential, I can't see any change to this list either.
  25. This is worth reading: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/tommie-harris-bears-wife-death/