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  1. Now it's more like "Great Football Players" rather than "Great Tailbacks".
  2. I thought that this was going to be another Lindsey Pelas thread.
  3. This post on reddit is pretty insightful. I don't know how many of you guys are NBA fans, but in this analogy, Rex Ryan is the Mike D'antoni to Bill Belichick's Gregg Popovich.
  4. JJ gets killed by Reggie White at 17:28
  5. I'm sure you could find one for a cheaper price in a good thrift store somewhere. Maybe Goodwill?
  6. Thurman Thomas has to be the best tailback that no one ever talks about.
  7. I really don't want to know how bad it can get. We're already at the point where taking a public stance against THE ****ING KKK AND ****ING NAZIS could be considered a bold statement. On another note, the fact that Neo-Nazis call themselves patriots while proudly displaying the flag of a regime that killed millions of Americans in a war is hilarious to me.
  8. Neo-Nazis and White Supremicist "Logic": "I can scream at minorities, attack them, and try to ruin their lives because I have a right to free speech. But if those minorities try to retaliate in any way, then that proves all of the negative views I have of them as sub-human and they deserve to be deported/killed." (Might as well make "Random Thoughts" the new "Ramblings of Pocky" thread)
  9. http://i.imgur.com/6mqAlJt.gifv This is worth watching.
  10. The Bills have officially become the Sixers of the NFL. Trust the Process and trade all your good player to get them draft picks and assets.
  11. Jay Cutler sucks too. Every 5 or 6 games he looks like the greatest QB who has ever lived................and then he goes right back to launching interceptions for the rest of his games. You'll probably enjoy watching him QB against your team if you catch him on the right day.
  12. A grown man just tried to tell me that a "real man" drinks, gets into fist fights, and swears. What an idiot.
  13. But using this logic, wouldn't censorship be the last thing YouTube would want to do? Controversial videos from the far right are extremely popular among seemingly large demographic in this country, and as such, wouldn't Google/YouTube find a way to profit off of the popularity of that kind of video? For example: 1: Mr. Far Right makes a video filled with racist epithets and calls to kill all Muslims. 2: The demographic he's targeting watches video. 3: The video is popular enough to catch the attention of the regular media. 4: Mr. Far Left makes video decrying the video (and of course takes it way too far in the opposite direction) that is popular with the opposite demographic. 5: Mr. Far Right's supporters make videos of their own to respond, and then Mr. Far Left's do the same. Wouldn't/Shouldn't Google be able to find a way to profit off of this stupidity?
  14. This is the first I'm hearing about censoring stuff on youtube (aside from the long-standing ban on pornography). What are they censoring?