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  1. He's got all the physical tools to be successful, but how do you feel about him knowing the history of Texas Tech QBs in the NFL?
  2. Draft night is so much better if you just refresh reddit's NFL page every few minutes. You get to see the picks without hearing crappy commentary, and the reader comments can be pretty insightful (at times)
  3. The live sports on ESPN are still great, but everything else is a dumpster fire of crap. I have no idea why they shifted towards TMZ-style reporting either. A few months ago, I had a 20 minute break between classes and had decided to watch the TV in the cafeteria so I could see highlights of the previous night's NBA game. But instead of seeing highlights of LeBron and Kyrie Irving, I was subjected to 20 minutes of listening to "Did you hear what so and so said?" and "How do you feel about (team X) after this win and why?". I was like "JUST SHOW ME THE DAMN HIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!"
  4. First of all, I have a ton of respect for the profession that you chose to go into and the amount of schooling you had to go through to get where you are now. Such a useful field, and so much math and sciences involved. I don't think that I could ever do that (nor do i have the funds to do all of that either....) Secondly, my Ethics teacher (who is awesome, and I think that you'd like him a lot) actually took what you said a step further, and said that life simply "continues" after conception. He also gave a really good breakdown of why abortion could be considered unethical too, if you're interested in hearing about that too. Thirdly, I guess I'm not the only person who has noticed this hypocrisy. Of course, this cuts both ways too. I do believe that climate change is happening in some form, because I believe that the evidence supports it. Of course, I'm not sure that the evidence says that people actually have anything to do with it and that there's anything that people could do to stop it. For all we know, the cause of climate change could just be natural processes. Anyways, the point is, from what I've seen, people who deny climate change usually (and this isn't directed at you) don't bring up facts to support their arguments. Rather, they talk about what they believe and such.
  5. It sounds like Peterson is signing with the Saints. I was going to root for AD on his new team, as long as that team wasn't New Orleans.
  6. He was a good athlete, but nothing spectacular. He wasn't a great baseball player either. Dozier was a good player who had nice quickness, but wasn't anything spectacular. The only reason that I made this video is because he always seemed to be popping up in the games I was watching for other players videos. Eventually, I decided that I might as well take advantage of all of that video just sitting around and made a video of Dozier. And this was the result.
  7. DJ Dozier wasn't the most gifted athlete of all time, but he knew how to run effectively and just got yardage. I really enjoyed making this video. Also, the cover is one of the more iconic images in CFB history:
  8. So he did.
  9. When you say Millennial babies, I hope that you're just talking about athletes. Because let me tell you, I don't think that I know a lot of people that, like me, have to work long 40 hour weeks on top of attending school before they turn 20, would appreciate you calling them babies.
  10. The life of luxury and undeserved respect turned out pretty well for Peyton and Eli Manning. From what I've seen of Sanders Jr., he's just not very talented.
  11. A guy who played for an Ivy League school, yet was a heisman winner. He was a single-wing tailback, so Kazmaier was essentially the QB of the team. In today's game, he'd be considered an exciting Manziel/Vick/Lamar Jackson type of dual threat QB.
  12. Russell Westbrook now is going to officially average a triple double for the season, and has broken the single season record with 42 (and counting). He deserves the MVP. Watching OKC sans Westbrook is like watching a smoldering trashcan roll down a hill.