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  1. @DavidWolfe Science still > whatever bullshit you're peddling.

  2. RT @krassenstein: Trump's hair literally came unglued... WTF!?! https://t.co/gvIgO0KCMt

  3. @hulu_support This happens all the time. 😡

  4. RT @Comey: That’s it? Dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the House intel committee, destroyed trust with Intelligence Community, damaged…

  5. @PaulCostanzo https://t.co/TLnjkxTdm2

  6. @TinaAguayoTV This is the biggest load of crap I've ever read. We've done enough burying heads in the sand and not investigating abuse.

  7. RT @kumailn: As you fade away, @seanhannity, you will know you made the world worse. https://t.co/TgxCqaRIdR

  8. RT @edgarwright: I love Brussels Sprouts. Mr @kumailn does not. Last year I said he and @emilyvgordon would be nominated for Original Scree…

  9. @bwallawalla @hulu_support This.

  10. @topherhart @MelindaDF21 @hulu_support Some of us pay far more than that because we use the live TV service.

  11. @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @EricTrump @JudgeJeanine https://t.co/mbid4KbyHB

  12. RT @loneblockbuster: If 👏 you 👏 sneeze 👏 on 👏 a 👏 tape 👏 you 👏 must 👏 rent 👏 it 👏

  13. RT @nihilist_arbys: Trump: a sentient beef n cheddar who cares for nothing save his own immediate pleasure as he courts the end of all thin…

  14. RT @nihilist_arbys: Bannon is a reminder that, even if you're a creepy, gin soaked walking corpse covered in bugs and sores, life can still…

  15. RT @YesYoureRacist: Fox isn’t even pretending anymore https://t.co/16WxaIteSb