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  1. Every year I look forward to a co-op option. How difficult would it be to implement two MAN players on the same team? On offense: P1 controls QB, P2 can switch from RB to WR pre-snap. (I understand if it would be too difficult to switch to WR pre-snap. I'd settle for only RB) On defense: P1 and P2 can select their player, pre-snap, as always.
  2. I look forward to the TSB releases every year! Thanks for your hard work! Maybe an idea for next year is to enable co-op. Playing defense would be a blast. On offense, maybe let P2 select RB, TE, or WR pre-snap. Too bad I wasn't better with computers, or I'd try to make this happen.
  3. Love what you guys do. Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to it every year. Is there any chance you would release a mid-season update after we see how well\poorly players perform? I wish there was a hack that automatically adjusted player traits for you as the season went on according to stats accumulated on ESPN, SI or NFL .com. Also, any chance for a random season opponent generator? It'd add even MORE replayablilty to what's already there.