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  1. @TotalRadNES This should be the official website picture, @retroUSB. Step up your game!

  2. RT @commondefense: As Veterans, we told Donald Trump that the way to honor Heather Hayer is to unconditionally oppose white supremacy & hat…

  3. @DariaPlays Don't you remember your slogan? The joke writes itself.

  4. @mewithoutYou With the track record you've had, I'd be okay with that. You're probably overdue.

  5. @linoleumrose People act surprised that a country run by a man who consistently berates and threatens people public…

  6. @linoleumrose Who you callin' folksy? 😂 as always, thanks Donna!

  7. RT @gradualgames: Check out The Assembly Line, an NES homebrew podcast by @atonofglaciers and @SoleGoose featuring The Mad Wizard! https://…

  8. RT @TotalRadNES: Brand new on @Kickstarter: Goofy Foot - NES Controller Mod Kit by Steve DeLuca #RetroGaming #NES #…

  9. @AdeyLady123 @helenvholmes Make sure we use Lyft when we go to Portland @SoleGoose

  10. @ThatKevinSmith @JayMewes No secret stash jokes???

  11. @dosnostalgic Whaaaaaat!

  12. RT @johnblueriggs: You demanded, I'll be in a couple new Metal Jesus videos in the near future. Lots of obscure games you may not have ever…

  13. @liquid_sinister @ds_detective It's a huge accomplishment to ship a game. You should be excited for them!

  14. @slydogstudios What's your schedule look like this week? Any night after 6:30pm CST.

  15. RT @LumpztheClown: I LOLed...