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  1. People that go out of their way to ask for review copies and then do absolutely nothing with them make me sad.

  2. Please release "When the Pawn" sometime down the road. :) It doesn't get enough love and deserves a vinyl release.

  3. @SoleGoose Spending that kickstarter money right!

  4. Two hours left, nerds! Back a NES homebrew!!!!

  5. RT @SoleGoose: Finally made it home and got to open the Scramble LE. Nothing like a good KHaN Games release! @atonofglaciers…

  6. RT @Zezzler: I just backed Spook-o'-tron: a Homebrew Game for the NES Always happy to see new NES games being made…

  7. @digmeoutpodcast @verucasalt @Rocket_Fuel @tankboy @chipmidnight Really enjoyed the episode. EATHY is such a great…

  8. Any pixel artists follow me? :) Doing a sequel to one of my best sellers and hoping to make it look as good as I think the story is.

  9. RT @playasguide1: Videos of #NESathon 2k16, including #nes #homebrew hour host by @retroMog feat. games from @retroUSB @atonofglaciers http…

  10. @hansadventures Demo still up anywhere? :)

  11. The puzzles in Thimbleweed Park are so good! Love this game.

  12. @Delta @Delta Also, the phone number you guys are giving out for "customer support" doesn't even work. Awesome service.

  13. @DariaPlays @New8bitHeroes It was dropped when the person heading it up was killed in a motorcycle accident, as far as I know.

  14. RT @grumpygamer: Not an April Fools' Joke! You can buy Thimbleweed Park! or RT to save adve…

  15. RT @grumpygamer: Run to your local computer store and grab @thimbleweedpark!…