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  1. RT @TheSfid: Glad I stayed up to see Corey Feldman crash #NESathon2K18. https://t.co/MRrNC431zV

  2. RT @clearvus: Playasguide is doing an NES marathon to raise money for charity. You should totally check it out and donate if you can. Pleas…

  3. RT @slydogstudios: Okay, let's try posting like this... This is Sintar, and he's a boss on Candelabra: Estoscerro (please work please work…

  4. This starts tomorrow, guys. Let’s do this! Please help spread the word and donate after this kicks off so we can ha… https://t.co/7v6XOZkQMC

  5. @LabbiCayron Indie developers should be encouraging one another. Not bashing or demeaning someone's work because of… https://t.co/33wMRejQzG

  6. @SEGAbits cc @thefellduck

  7. @Zezzler God I want some Timmy's so bad! Told my girlfriend we need to make the 9 hour drive one day to the closest one. :)

  8. @R0bbit @gradualgames @slydogstudios @retroUSB @InfiniteNesLive Despite all the begging @SoleGoose did, I couldn’t… https://t.co/MeO9Lb0OJU

  9. RT @alex_navarro: trump’s gonna pardon billy mitchell

  10. RT @readtedium: Back in the ‘80s, every kid wanted to make their own NES game. Now, 30 years later, some of those grown-up kids are actuall…

  11. @HerNameIsNki @BertramFiddle The Silent Age!!!!

  12. @thefellduck @realDonaldTrump @secupp There are good people on both sides.

  13. @clearvus Which part of FL are you in, again?

  14. RT @slydogstudios: Currently ongoing Rise of Amondus high score challenge going on at NintendoAge! Ends on the 14th of this month: https://…

  15. Looks like I lost my recycled skateboard sunglasses. :( Man I am so bummed.