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  1. RT @InfiniteNesLive: Making some Lizards and catching up on Assembly Line Podcast. @Lizard_NES @bbbradsmith @atonofglaciers @SoleGoose #ne…

  2. @MudkipDoom @SoleGoose Shoot me an email at pedrothekevin@gmail.com with some of your work. Let's talk!

  3. Any potential NES artists out there that wanna do some sprite work for an exciting project? I need 60 enemies, all… https://t.co/vNn8CnbOwn

  4. @zencastr I'm a little worried that it's been four days without a response. Not trying to rush at all, but just try… https://t.co/JKytL6MoQd

  5. RT @partytimeHXLNT: I’m excited to announce Strawberry🍓Milk Arcade, ft. one-of-a-kind indie arcade machines and other sweet treats. Present…

  6. RT @RedTRaccoon: How can I not love the fact a kid named Red won the gold! Great job Red Gerard! https://t.co/ZqSctMUjtg

  7. @zencastr Sent an email last night. Crossing every limb I have that you will magically find a way to save me. :) Thank you so much!

  8. Just emailed support. Crossing my fingers! Thank you in advance.

  9. @DariaPlays @gradualgames I guarantee there will be assets included in nesmaker. Maybe not of the magnitude that RP… https://t.co/IoYttanCoY

  10. @Flea @holly @hqtrivia Yeah, I didn't get any push notifications. wtf.

  11. RT @NESHomebrew: Christmas has come again! The website is still in the process of being updated with the 2017 #NESDevCompo entries. But if…

  12. RT @Blk_Dolphin: CNN & Fox News has done to our parents what they thought violent video games & Marilyn Manson would do to us.

  13. Every time I tweet, I get added to some Homebrew beer group. The same one. Over and over. How do I keep getting add… https://t.co/T9zuEHBWiw

  14. @ROMadventure What confusing answers. :)

  15. @MichaelPConsoli Hi Michael. Trying to get ahold of you to talk about porting your game to the NES. (You spoke to… https://t.co/Ko5mCa1X6K