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  1. RT @dancingcrab: Platforming classic tonight - the hourglass release of PRINCE OF PERSIA! Game is way too hard for me, but dang, that box.…

  2. @SoleGoose I need these.

  3. RT @theipaper: #TwinPeaks is an increasing source of inspiration for video games https://t.co/URFHM42G8u https://t.co/pkrLe6Ojk0

  4. @MarkPetocz @db_electronics I’m guessing that’s one of my games. ;)

  5. @patrick_wilson I hope you replied "Well, I'm gonna need to add that insurance now..."

  6. @ecmyers @SoleGoose @johnblueriggs No time like the present! Let us know if we can help you in any way.

  7. RT @gradualgames: Everyone give @OrabGames a warm welcome to Twitter! @SoleGoose @atonofglaciers @RetrotainmentHQ @slydogstudios @Broke_Stu…

  8. @nathantolbert @RetroGamingExpo Double woohoo!

  9. @gradualgames @retroUSB He is indeed.

  10. RT @shaunaitcheson: Legend of Hand is OUT NOW! RT's appreciated :) via @steam_games: https://t.co/CxMjVvxaWs via @itchio: https://t.co/Hcs…

  11. @miau6502 Thank you so much for listening, miau. We are huge fans.

  12. Featuring @SoleGoose and me and @NESHomebrew and @CommodoreKulor and a lot of other people* who are watching us record live. (*not true)

  13. @realDonaldTrump 2/ It was never about the flag but has always been about racial injustice. To say it isn't about r… https://t.co/u1MlXNl6Lo

  14. @gradualgames Red stroke around black text is such a strange design choice.

  15. @Cherryb6mb I thought of deleting some of the spambots, but they have feelings too, right? :)