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  1. RT @fergoe: Remember: As bad as you think your favorite sports team is being run, they're not being run as badly as the Knicks are.

  2. RT @pinstripealley: Clippard can show himself off my team now.

  3. RT @SportsCenter: The Cavaliers have looked into acquiring Paul George and Jimmy Butler. Which one is a better fit? https://t.co/8U0jjlz8RC

  4. RT @MrBrandonStroud: shout-out to WWE having a man win the first ever women's Money in the Bank match

  5. @beoliu @JoeCarf Star*

  6. RT @GoYardGoats: STAR WARS NIGHT!! ⏰7:05PM 🆚@AltoonaCurve 📍Hartford, CT 🏠DDP 🌥️65°F ⚾️@LuisNiebla12 📻https://t.co/caDlQMPwuK 🎟️https:…

  7. RT @WONF4W: Daily Pro Wrestling History (06/15): WCW Great American Bash 1997 https://t.co/HQ4TOLVfJv https://t.co/M8k1Mx705y

  8. RT @Romi_Bean: therealterrelldavis doing the hype chant from his playing days with cjandersonrb9 @jcharles25 &… https://t.co/ADNTrNoAgL

  9. RT @ringer: Will Kevin Durant be celebrated as the NBA champion he is? https://t.co/IdfDb1CTaT

  10. RT @BleacherReport: Gordon Hayward to Boston? His daughter’s shirt had some people wondering if it was a sign of things to come 🍀 https://…

  11. RT @ringer: The Patriots’ rookie haul may look sparse, but when it comes to draft dealings, the team knows what it’s doing https://t.co/1RP…

  12. @AJL925 Boooooo

  13. RT @Variety: Adam West, TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at 88 https://t.co/uzGG9ePrZY

  14. RT @ringer: The ‘Sopranos’ finale revolutionized our idea of how a great TV series can end. @aherman2006 https://t.co/scj9ezNgpu

  15. RT @barstoolsports: Marcus Mariota needs to be a better fan https://t.co/gOyN03Gfk9 https://t.co/XlbHtlLIPm