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  1. RT @Romi_Bean: oh boy.... https://t.co/naI9zYM5HI

  2. RT @TheClemReport: Mark Davis can't feel great about this https://t.co/1dnnetdsXM

  3. RT @thecomeback: NBA Jam creator may still have rare version with Michael Jordan, may release it https://t.co/q0TJZ3vdFp https://t.co/4YLUv…

  4. RT @ScaggsCord: @BrandonPerna https://t.co/wsHJPzYDa0

  5. RT @Deadspin: Basketball fans around the U.S. treated to prematurely-bought ads congratulating Republicans for repealing Obamacare https://…

  6. RT @MarchMadnessTV: Awesome. @BaylorMBB pays tribute to Craig Sager in a special celebration with @danajacobson. https://t.co/pawtf5yoFg

  7. RT @jonathanchait: FBI has info indicating Trump campaign coordinated with Russian hackers. Holy. Cow. https://t.co/B1tjECOkMg

  8. RT @WhalerWatch: Let's be honest, this is the case for most fans in Connecticut. No hockey event has sold out the Hartford Civic Center/XL…

  9. RT @MichaelSalfino: Team Japan’s hotel accommodations reportedly were sub-standard. https://t.co/lCZ8TiCFv5

  10. RT @Deadspin: Keep your hands to yourself, buddy. https://t.co/iVoj7AcPLc

  11. RT @divadirt: Today in History: Mickie James gives Trish Stratus a “gift” https://t.co/0uy7R6OxNR https://t.co/Oqn5ZEi0sK

  12. RT @ComplexMusic: "Return of the Mack," the Song of the Summer, every summer, was released 21 years ago today. https://t.co/hhtJam2U2f http…

  13. RT @TheClemReport: When your mom says you have to wait until Easter to eat the Reese's eggs https://t.co/Jm4Z6c7PF0

  14. RT @MarchMadnessTV: Food of choice for the @NMStateAggies? PB&J 🍞 via @danajacobson #MarchMadness https://t.co/P2b9f22Ut0

  15. RT @barstooltweetss: FGCU's game plan still involves dunking everyone through the crust of the earth and I am here for it https://t.co/5FMU…