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  1. Bubbalewis43

    Coach K Manager...

    Hello Everyone I have been searching for a coach K manager so I could edit my rom of Coach K college basketball for ever now. I found some forums that talk about some guys working on one which is way awesome but cant find a download anywhere for it. if there is a manager for this game can you post it on this topic? if not, i have been editing some NES roms with hex editing and kind of understand what I'm doing. When i go to edit genesis games or super NES I don't understand where to start. If i could get any advice on that I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Bubbalewis43

    Coach K Editor V.09

    Where do I download this editor? Also is there an updated version of this editor?
  3. Bubbalewis43

    Revising the Large Helmet Template

    How do I take the large helmet picture away? I'm making a mod of my high school teams ariund my area and dont want to mess with the large helmets I actually just want that spot blank. But those new style that y'all are doing look really awesome!!! Good job!!!
  4. Bubbalewis43

    Tecmo NBA Basketball editor for ANDROID?

    Ok thanks
  5. Hello I am new to editing my tecmo roms. I am really enjoying editing TSB on my phone I was wondering if there is an app tk where I can edit TECMO NBA BASKETBALL for ness on my phone?