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  1. @Richie_Murray @DonatoRyan @NHLBruins @HockeysFuture Update this 🚨

  2. RT @KaniJJackson: Michael Flynn (convicted felon) gets a standing ovation at a republican fundraising event. Andrew McCabe (defended Ameri…

  3. RT @bad_takes: you should never feel bad about mocking this guy's personal life https://t.co/CP2hgDUR82

  4. RT @NormEisen: BREAKING: we FOIA’d Mnuchin travel docs & he makes Carson and the others look like pikers—he blew over $1 million of your mo…

  5. RT @davidhogg111: That's fine those future voters will not reelect you and outlive you too can't wait to see what the history textbooks our…

  6. Anyone who finds this interesting should watch The Expanse

  7. RT @ShaunKing: More about #DraylenMason. "An honor roll bass student at the East Austin College Prep, where he studied with William Dick,…

  8. RT @ChipChantry: I’d pay $10,000 to have Betsy DeVos try to cover a textbook with an old paper grocery bag on live TV.

  9. RT @KrangTNelson: video games are very bad bc they promote guns, which by the way are very good

  10. RT @taylorjanzenn: Anxiety @ me when I’m least expecting it https://t.co/cUA5QYaIuw

  11. RT @MrGeorgeWallace: Shout out to the top five bons in the world, appetit, jour, voyage, anza and Jovi.

  12. RT @kenklippenstein: Paul Ryan’s opponent, @ironstache, just got arrested protesting in front of Ryan’s office demanding they pass a fair D…

  13. RT @EvanHandler: This is for all those who tell me I'm too negative, and never post anything positive. Feast your eyes on this gorgeousness…

  14. RT @Emma4Change: They hate us for smiling, they hate us for crying, they hate us for speaking, they hate us for being alive - they hate us.…

  15. @PJPRATTJR @BrianEstabrook this is truly the weirdest season https://t.co/QdsxY8wMOI