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  1. This will take 63 years to complete

  2. RT @JasonFebery: Brutal cartoon from @guardian.

  3. RT @johnorloff: Dick Winters and I had long conversations about neo-nazis & holocaust deniers. ZERO patience 4 them. Or their enablers, WHO…

  4. RT @Lilyachttty: Trump on his superior genetics & German blood. He'll never denounce Nazis / white supremacists #Charlottesville https://…

  5. RT @ShaunKing: Daniel (Dan) Borden from Mason, OH we found you. Your classmates turned you in. You are guilty of assault. Neck moles g…

  6. @SheaSerrano Shea you're the best this was a good distraction from today's shit show

  7. RT @CassandraDJones: @CJ_the_Actor is thrilled his 94 yr old mom saw him on the big screen in @BabyDriverMovie Thank you @edgarwright https…

  8. RT @Hatewatch: White House adviser says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much via @thinkprogress

  9. @Owairio OPEN 24/SEXVEN

  10. RT @yashar: NEW: FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home

  11. @katienotopoulos @morganbaila Whoever it is, they are a true scumbag.

  12. RT @AynRandPaulRyan: This happened 3 days after POTUS sanctioned police brutality in front of a bunch of cops. #Mon…

  13. RT @Khanoisseur: In high school, Stephen Miller repeatedly criticized English skills of Hispanic students—one classmate called him an “unab…

  14. RT @albz: I bet when Stephen Miller found out he might be communications director he went home and told all his jars.