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  1. RT @SuperMario34567: 🎺 https://t.co/L6NmjEdSgH

  2. RT @kanyewest: if you wanna see the true character of person watch the way they treat someone who can't do anything for them.

  3. RT @eggboybo: me: yeah im about to go fail my astronomy test. mathias: fail astronomy?... just look up!!

  4. RT @PFTCommenter: reminder: your not suppose to talk about a no hitter in progress because its baseball and u shoud never talk about baseba…

  5. RT @shujaxhaider: https://t.co/7XIW8KUldC

  6. RT @jamestweets222: A Quiet Place (2018) https://t.co/PFzI5zcXPW

  7. RT @SmilingBirdLogo: Egg // ovum https://t.co/YJR6zHnGCz

  8. RT @BenFerber: read/read https://t.co/KQh2OxOoXG

  9. RT @Jess_D_Ripper: https://t.co/zlFVHqvQz0

  10. RT @PFTompkins: One of my first thoughts this morning was “All my SpaceXs Live In Space Texas” so I do not know how this day is going to tu…

  11. @trash4masc Kool dude Really Cool dude I’m so cool… https://t.co/DVz6fCQ5DT

  12. RT @lostboy: im crying im so happy for them https://t.co/WNxmnQxswY

  13. RT @BuckyIsotope: We need a Disney princess who plays basketball in outer space with NBA players against a team of bad guys called Monstars…

  14. RT @PFTCommenter: His parent's were able to live in a HOUSE? disgusting. Hope the FBI puts the Russia nonsense on hold and get's 2 the bott…

  15. RT @colesprouse: So I’m confused, was Chamillionare named because of how much money he has, or because he owns millions of chameleons?