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  1. RT @tmohollands: there are two types of people when the teacher assigns you questions on a reading: michael b jordan or chadwick boseman ht…

  2. RT @JamColley: Garfield is a cat and doesn't have a job. The only ostensible difference between Monday and any other day is that Jon sudden…

  3. RT @Bencjacobs: Speaking of facts and data, the CDC has been legally prohibited from studying gun violence since 1996 https://t.co/sPds3OwU…

  4. RT @TheDweck: Sorry for using dead children to advance my controversial political agenda of wanting fewer dead children

  5. RT @PFTCommenter: S🍷H🍷E🍷E🍷S🍷H https://t.co/x2z6kIn7CO

  6. RT @ConorTripler: wow... just realized some serious shit.................. https://t.co/9GKvGHJDKi

  7. RT @skrongmeat_: he almost died Anthony https://t.co/p0nCeshTjr

  8. RT @gilbertjasono: From the President who maintained the Central Park Five were guilty even after being cleared by DNA evidence: https://t.…

  9. RT @helfitzgerald: multiple generations who grew up in superhero movies and james bond and no one can recognize a supervillian when he laun…

  10. RT @PersianRose1: Ridiculously photogenic cow https://t.co/L3gEbkc0OZ

  11. RT @Fallout: Follow + RT for a chance to win your own copy of @FFGames' #Fallout board game. Happy Tuesday! https://t.co/nyLxx5Fx4n

  12. RT @FiveThirtyEight: In the not-too-distant past, a quarterback was supposed to stay in the pocket, survey the field and make the throw — n…

  13. RT @TheWilderThings: Nick Foles is like the sporty girl in the rom com who takes off her glasses and everyone is like whoa but instead of g…

  14. RT @LibyaLiberty: yikes. if you're not thinking 'what's next', you're in denial. https://t.co/smMgZdA23H

  15. Uug https://t.co/g3eQoQ99XI