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  1. RT @MrFilmkritik: 189 people are dead, more than 200 are injured. But still no worldwide solidarity or condolences from world leaders. #Pra…

  2. RT @Brendan_Tobin: I’m Ron Burgundy??? https://t.co/FErIPu1unk

  3. RT @DOGGEAUX: trans person: trans people face an exceptional amount of violence cis person: oh Yeah? ronald reagan was cis. and he got shot…

  4. RT @ChrisBiderman: #49ers safety Eric Reid to reporters in response to @VP leaving today’s game in reaction to players kneeling during anth…

  5. RT @ItsReginaG: Open for a surprise https://t.co/7R2GubN5HS

  6. RT @runolgarun: as the daughter of 8 fathers, i, too, feminism

  7. RT @RoFlo: Well at this rate, Eminem will never get to host Sportscenter.

  8. RT @feministlady: All I am asking is for the insurance that I ALREADY PAY FOR to cover ALL of my medication so that I’m not paying for…

  9. RT @NicCageMatch: Next, Mike & Karen Pence will take a private jet to PR where they will slowly drink a bottle of water in front of the may…

  10. RT @TheDweck: Trump: You're really hurting our budget, Puerto Rico! also Trump: Mike, fly to Indiana for 2 seconds to show how much you ha…

  11. RT @kanye_bars: When Kanye only has to play one note of a song and the whole crowd spazzes. What a fucking legend https://t.co/y7YI8KWtf4

  12. RT @jezzashi: pls tell me im not the only one who reads "uwu" as "ooowooo" and not as an emoticon

  13. RT @DennisCalero: I adapted it. https://t.co/iYhARRkT6h

  14. RT @MarshallProj: Study: Predominantly black Philadelphia neighborhoods are disproportionately impacted by the use of stop-and-frisk. https…

  15. RT @Younghuevona: i am disgusted. https://t.co/fHoe8b386f