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  1. RT @lordflaconegro: I thought she was drinking a penis

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  3. RT @David_Risager: Dropped my phone in the middle of a video on a night out.

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  9. RT @WeAreRosemary: Ew.. a Skywalker showed up on this stream.. we despise Rednecks.. but it's still a cause to support, Hivelings.. https:/…

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  11. Rumblethon - THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY at 5pm EDT! Raising Money for the Canadian Cancer Society!

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  13. RT @jamesbardolph: @FrankieButterly ****** on a horse!

  14. @MDickieDotcom When it comes to WR3D, do you plan on adding multiple universes and fixing the game speed/fps bug?

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