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  1. RT @dairshine: had so much fun at the major we had here and I cant wait for the next one ❤️ https://t.co/TIT0u77Ssn

  2. RT @ShitpostBot5000: https://t.co/FLBSmV9dz0

  3. im streaming league for some reason https://t.co/uiV50m745h

  4. Let's @PlayBlacksquad and win lots of cool in-game items! https://t.co/ueuwyAX6kb #Blacksquad sigh

  5. @realgamerhours @microwavebread @dopi_cs what the fuck did you say to me you little shit

  6. RT @TPAIN: Fellas, quick tip: if you’re thinking about textin your ex. Write out the text. Close the messaging app. Open your browser. Go t…

  7. @idiotcat Long time no speak but happy birth :)

  8. Nigga just boolin https://t.co/Ejy2zXwBWt

  9. so i decided that im gonna start making content from my game clips instead. mostly because xbox's website for game… https://t.co/SzO4tamu8T

  10. beast https://t.co/HS6RngwUJG

  11. @hmmmm https://t.co/8BjA23YVyW

  12. RT @StrBeans: WHERE'S THE MONEY LEBOWSKI https://t.co/MMBppIvzrd

  13. holy fuck that attire is INSANE @RealBlackHeron