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  1. RT @igothackedlmao: piogfbe3n q[gopl';fibnews https://t.co/PKEPkykOQZ

  2. RT @slydoesnthop: @domzieirl mirror mirror on the wall who's the blackest man of all? LMAOO ily domzie thank you

  3. @theobviousking i love myself some goreshit mostly semantic compositions but his other shit is good too

  4. RT @RLewisReports: @Slasher @Uber Police are on the lookout for a red-bearded esports historian...

  5. RT @BarkyBoogz: I’ve watched this loop no less than 27 times and I am not ashamed https://t.co/vlPFXRla0u

  6. suddenly struck with guilt because of that one time i went to talk to @FallenEdits on my birthday and said I'd come… https://t.co/ETrGp8qEgV

  7. RT @msu: *DEAD* -KMX- : 4/5 multipied by 2 is 8/5

  8. RT @TPAIN: “T-Pain washed af” Me: https://t.co/t2bx1hi3lW

  9. RT @CodyRhodes: Stop. You know nothing. You have drawn 0 dollars. No fan has ever left a show thinking about you. You were lucky to be a ju…

  10. @theactuallean you aint never told no lie POGGERS

  11. RT @Hoppin: 20 years old, we old now boys. 🎈 I remember when I was just 16 gamin with ya @scoutzwoof

  12. well... i guess we're back https://t.co/5LEmm4EyRA

  13. RT @theobviousking: gon timetravel back to 2016 lets go https://t.co/mIBRJ2tbJ2

  14. it has been done @wAFFcs https://t.co/SxC7ocWtOR

  15. @wAFFcs how the fuck did you come up with that so quickly not only did you technically just win via the rules of th… https://t.co/ZnLD3ZwVxy