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  1. RT @Hazz: 500 and i'll upload tomorrow 💯💯💯💯💯

  2. gonna stream some csgo today if people actually play

  3. i need a private account just so i can tweet into the abyss like i don't want anyone to actually see it, i just wanna tweet about shit

  4. RT @gIumkid:

  5. @ronEdits at least you have friends that play league i can't even get into the game because i hate solo queuing

  6. RT @ShitpostBot5000:

  7. @Hoppin is look very nerd :/

  8. @slydoesnthop another year

  9. looking for a new @ 🤔

  10. @FlashPointGG @Tonythedomo the fuck was that @Grimzy_

  11. RT @MetroBoomin: mask off platinum

  12. RT @PracticalTAS: @HBJohnXuandou Melee is a very interesting game

  13. @ronEdits 120 wew

  14. what the fuck is wrong with me

  15. gang Gang GAng GANg GANG