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  1. RT @dansalvato: .@gaiaonline I discovered recently that you stole my character design and sold it for money. I don't understand why you fel…

  2. RT @itsbguerra: This nigga said his girlfriend is on vacation in Delaware?…I’m not saying shorty cheating but what tf is in Delaware??

  3. RT @YeahJune14: this how I shot my shot with Niya. We’re almost together for 4 months now, came a long way, and wouldn’t ask for anyone els…

  4. NEW VIDEO THE DOMZSTER IS AT IT AGAIN https://t.co/vvzC42s66C

  5. RT @newLEGACYinc: 9 years ago today, some goofballs played a game called 'wwe smackdown vs raw 2009' together for the first time. they pick…

  6. my bio teacher is a fucking god, he's not gonna be here tomorrow because of the parade so we're getting watched by… https://t.co/TsKzuWv3pN

  7. In case you missed it... playing the role of twitter https://t.co/9OgRCfuFm8

  8. hey i made another battalion video and YOU (yes you) should watch it https://t.co/ykIRsasf6z

  9. okay so since the eagles won i'll start streaming again mostly/only black squad matches with my team and battalion… https://t.co/eTWi63rSu4

  10. okay this is seriously the last time i will change my @ ever, follow me @domzieirl forever okay

  11. @imrags where did you even go wtf

  12. @ka5sh https://t.co/OIK2H5nVI3

  13. nip shop https://t.co/VHFIBauy1n

  14. RT @BAILEYDRAWS: https://t.co/S2LPIHj4tn

  15. RT @kesolol: @phantasyftw @Battalion1944 ? https://t.co/Z4XJwoz24l