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  1. john madden football

    I love this game for genesis!! Madden93!! does any one have a updated version or planning on making one? if so can you post it plz!!
  2. madden editor

    does anyone know where i can get a madden 93 for genesis EDITOR??
  3. QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 83 UPDATED

    Ok, can't wait!! Keep everybody posted. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the GREAT work.
  4. QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 83 UPDATED

    Love the ROMS especially the best of 80's ROM you did!!! Are you going to make from 1992-2015 that would be so sweet!!!
  5. text files

    yeah rosters, but i also have a formations text file would that work also?
  6. text files

    Trying to apply text files but i think i'm doing something wrong!! OH yeah and data files Too.
  7. text files

    TY Knobbe!, but could you give me the steps? Every time i try it doesn't work i think i'm doing it wrong. Is this the way??? Open tool, load data,pick rom, then apply???? If i'm wrong plz help because every time I do it screen pops up with alot of garbage!
  8. text files

    I know its probably simple but HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. text files

    Can someone tell me how to apply text and data files PLEASE!!! Bare with me i'm just starting out!!!
  10. blocked punts

  11. IPS patches

    Does anyone have any defensive IPS patches available?????
  12. How Do I apply The Codes to a Rom!!????
  13. all time rom

    I've seen it before, but was wondering if anybody was going to make one . i played a rom where deion was on the 49ers,ravens,cowboys and falcons it can be done!!
  14. all time rom

    Can somebody make a all time Rom? for ex. the Jets secondary is ty law, darrellle revis, steve atwater, and ronnie lott!!!