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  1. RT @NFLRT: Ryan Shazier face-timed the Steelers from the hospital after tonight’s win against the Ravens https://t.co/lTCmEmqW9q

  2. RT @ObisKanobis: Pretty sure #TomSavage got knocked out. https://t.co/JD92vEpna8

  3. RT @bycycle: Judge + Stanton = the new brothers of destruction. Yankees hitting ALL the home runs next season. https://t.co/rKIpIoHiCT

  4. RT @Shannniia: You Guys See That Man Laying On The Ground ?? Thats My Dad PEDRO PIERRE !! Black Unarmed Man Shot 7 Times After Being Tased…

  5. @daveyinthecut Nah they should stay with Luke for 2 more seasons at least.

  6. @AintU_Mar 🤔 I'll check him out.

  7. RT @wyattwatson21: Imagine trying to eat your food and becca from apple beta chi starts singing Christmas jingles on her chair like a fucki…

  8. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Eye-level with the rim. Just chillin. https://t.co/m0sDP0OIpv

  9. RT @bballbreakdown: Watch this whole sequence to see the future of the #NBA https://t.co/eWWgFBqxUD

  10. RT @gifdsports: Nick Saban taking shots at Ohio State "I would say if that if we lost to a team in our conference that was not ranked by 3…

  11. RT @Harryyboyyy4: Do you ever wish you could sit down with someone, talk about the differences and start again?

  12. RT @radicaldaily: Dec 1 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white person when the whites-only section was full. Her arrest s…

  13. RT @RealSkipBayless: It's still Nov and Lonzo just turned 20. He has 2 triple-doubles, 5 double-doubles, 5 games of making at least three 3…

  14. @AllieLiscio TSwift??

  15. @OfficialJDeane True but I might just have to spend for that game.