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  1. @rickiiconrad You're a big ass kid 😭😭😭

  2. The fucking disrespect..... wow.

  3. RT @cjzero: Larry Nance Sr and Larry Nance Jr Side by side https://t.co/5O487kHV84

  4. @cthagod and @breakfastclubam should try to interview these following people before 2019: Shannon Sharpe Drake Kany… https://t.co/MmUg42f1bR

  5. toxic masculinity is not real at all. I hate the concept of it.

  6. RT @barstoolsports: Bill Belichick wins Valentine's Day https://t.co/MDlQM33WQw https://t.co/RffX3QArqE

  7. RT @abdulamemon: Shaun White = Clutch 🏅🇺🇸 https://t.co/BaUc6jmPWx

  8. @mike_Zollo Can you promise that lol? First let's make sure everyone is safe and then investigate this ordeal.

  9. RT @CardChronicle: 2017-18 Pitt Panther basketball https://t.co/MnatxOTJGE

  10. RT @AliefofFaith: Y’all: “This is the most trifling generation ever” Our grandparents generation: https://t.co/MoSZjKEuUm

  11. @1942bs 1. This is sad 2. Gotta wait until more of the story unfolds. 3. Also wait for her news medically to come.… https://t.co/SLMkUdh1nz

  12. It's really crazy that Jimmy G is the highest paid player in the NFL. I remember when we drafted him in 2014.. I n… https://t.co/xhlTxOPqKc

  13. RT @CBSNews: The first modern Briton had dark skin and blue eyes, London scientists say: https://t.co/qzjGwE0UR6 https://t.co/sxgk1jv0WR

  14. RT @SportsCenter: Giannis took flight OVER Tim Hardaway Jr. 😱 #SCtop10 https://t.co/AeoDVSGBbk

  15. RT @216Champ2: White people have convinced themselves that the people in ancient Egypt (Africa) were white. Imagine the amount of arrogance…