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  1. RT @KicksDeals: Turn back the clock night in Chicago 😂😂 https://t.co/F79FgDSVtI

  2. RT @CNN: This taxpayer-owned bank has lost $74 billion in 9 years https://t.co/CrjKlOEGCb

  3. @AintU_Mar You're absolutely right. Hoes be choosing Mar

  4. #1stLineOfMyOscarSpeech Fuck all of my enemies

  5. @AintU_Mar Maybe but I was playing devils advocate.

  6. @AintU_Mar Um.. I'll give you that but let's say most casual fans because some of them watch NCAA

  7. Women cry all day about how men ain't shit but then turn around and brag about how petty and bad human beings they are. WTF?

  8. @_LaBlondeJames You're better than them bitches... Fuck em

  9. The fuck is her problem..... It's always something

  10. RT @tryungsword: I NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD https://t.co/5Xy6Flsuog

  11. New Future and New Fat Joe 🔥 🎶

  12. Chicks like this are why good men don't even try. She's pathetic! https://t.co/UIhfHjlKXo

  13. RT @UpdateJenner: February 15: Kendall arriving at the Anna Sui fashion show in Manhattan. #JennerUpdates https://t.co/AXMeasdODc

  14. @rickiiconrad And I'll get custody. Don't leave that out Ricki.

  15. RT @theMMQB: Otto Graham's Browns and the 49ers of the ’80s-’90s are closest comps to Patriots dynasty. @SI_PeterKing's story: https://t.co…