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  1. TTL Wait List

    player121xk Not at this time, but I can probably figure it out with some help.
  2. Man, I am totally down with everything you have detailed here. I know that doesn't add much value by way of feedback or suggestions that you are looking for, but I just can't wait to see what you put together.
  3. If I ever come back...

    I am giving this guy a long look in the first round of the draft.
  4. My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    Ha! Yeah, I did the same exact thing for my daughter, and it did me no good. So I thought I should just take control of this new guy's birthday and make it what I wanted. I have a lot bigger finished files and all the fonts and other stuff that you would need to make it your own. Just let me know!
  5. My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    Thanks, man! Yeah, I spent most of the party explaining it all until I realized no one really cared. It was basically a situation in which a 35 year old man was throwing a birthday party for himself at 12.
  6. My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    I do believe that you are just missing a free win or two a year.
  7. My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    Not sure about a birthday party, but I hope you know that you have a standing invite to the party in my pants, big boy.
  8. My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    And finally the food name plates: ^ That's what the drinks were in.
  9. My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    The posters I hung around the room: This last one was also on a shirt we made for him.
  10. Because I don't see any evidence that one year olds like anything other than, like, things to throw on the floor or bouncy balls or breasts for sucklin', my wife let me plan the kid's first birthday. So I went Tecmo themed. Just thought I throw this stuff in here for your enjoyment. The invites:
  11. Why I'm quitting online Tecmo

    Full disclosure: While I'm not a super fan of JJing all game, I'm not bothered by it enough to quit at all. And I do get real frustrated when I lose and was really hoping to have improved more by now, but my love of playing is enough to look past that stuff, too. See my HSTL thread of the same name for the real reasons I quit. What I was really going for was the following moment from season 4 of Mad Men, but I apparently just really overestimated the overlap of the Tecmo/Mad Men venn diagram.
  12. Why I'm quitting online Tecmo

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! Most of that stuff is overstated just to match the Mad Men aesthetic (and it works on another level there, too, because Don Draper didn't want to write that letter; he just felt like he had to), but I just really don't have the time any more. It sucks. I still love playing, but now the new guy is 10 months old and my daughter wakes up crying two hours after she goes to bed, and she won't go back to sleep until I go lie down with her. Kids with special needs, man. That after-everyone-goes-to-bed time used to be my prime playing time, so, after losing that, I just can't make it work any more. Plus the business I started with the Kid, his brother, and their uncle is taking off and requires early mornings and evenings. All of that, I guess, to say: I want to make time; I just can't. Also, I played A LOT of Tecmo to prepare for Madison (at least 4 lunch-time games per day with the Kid and his brother, and we even played like six hours the Saturday before Madison), so I am feeling a little letdown after that tournament. I pretty much think about Madison all year, too. And Coco, that round of 32 game was a killer; I fumbled the opening kickoff, you got a touchdown and we played even after that - but I did get some nice CC love from Wilson to Fryar all game. Three years our of four to the round of 32; I just couldn't ever break through. And, Diaz, I'm pretty sure if there were vaginas lying around that we could just pick up whenever, all of us would be quitting. I do plan on trying to make it to the Vogt's tourney this summer and possibly some others close-ish to me still. Anyway, I have loved playing online against you queefs, and this community is the best, so I will still be around these boards with the hope of coming back when things slow down.