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  1. TSB Passing Revolution

    This is an amazing hack. I would like to apply this to the original 28 ROM game. Does anyone know where the edit goes in the hex code is for the Madden Style Passing option?
  2. Game Clock - Start/Stop Logic

    Tried this and it seems to work fine. Any thoughts on where the change would be to have the clock start running once P1 receives the kickoff?
  3. Blocking during QB Scrambles

    Anybody have experience with this?
  4. Turn off Season Injuries

    k awesome. Thanks War6. I put in 60 and EA to replace C5 and 45. Appreciate the help and responsiveness!
  5. Turn off Season Injuries

    thanks a lot, so 60 and EA work better than C9 and 00?
  6. Where in the code do I go to turn off injuries and what are the inputs? I see this is in a section in Brudog's Editing Documentation, but like most of the links there, it is broken. Can anyone help?
  7. Has anyone ever looked into an edit that would have the offense block defenders during a QB sneak. I'm guessing since a qb sneak doesn't really follow the way the play was programmed, the offense doesn't know to go over and block defenders in line to stop to the QB scramble past the line of scrimmage. For instance a receiver will just stand there and do nothing. Any thoughts???
  8. The possession-style overtime link is down. I want to put this into my ROM. Can anybody help here?
  9. Just tested it with my wife and it I noticed a big change. Good defensive players are still quite decent, but it's not nearly as drastic. Quite a different gameplay experience. The 25% decrease to the defense stats makes it a great matchup. Thanks Bruddog!
  10. That seemed to lower their speed, but it doesn't fix the ability to catch up to the receiver while the ball is in the air. F'ing Howie Long can always do it.
  11. Ok cool, I take this doesn't have affect for the games against the Computer? Also, what would the string be for Defense speed if I wanted to say 75% of what it currently is? Just the 3/4 the hex value for every spot? So for the MS Defense x3DFEF to x3DFFE I would change it from 25 26 27 28 29 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F 30 31 32 33 34 to 1C 1D 1E 1F 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2A 2B
  12. k gotcha, makes sense. I'll keep looking to where the change for this might be located.
  13. Ha, that's the beauty of Tecmo...I would prefer the man defender doesn't catch up the RB unless he's actually fast enough based on his stats. But as far as the passing goes, the defense-man has chosen to cover the top receiver, he should not be able to get all the way to a deep bottom receiver while the ball is in the air. Like you had in your defense speed notes Boost back up (After player with ball past line of scrimmage?) @258E4= default = 05 notches back up =50MS I changed the 05 to 00, which doesn't give them any boost right?, just their actual speed from their stats? I thought this change was great.
  14. Hey, I'm curious if there is a way to change the way a human defensive player speeds up to the receiver the ball is thrown to. In an unedited version of the ROM, if you are in man coverage on the top receiver passed the edge of the screen and the quarterback decides to change to the bottom receiver, your defensive guy is so fast that he can get all the way to the other receiver before the pass reaches him and it breaks up the pass or interception, etc. Can this be changed? I saw Bruddog's notes on Man controlled defender top speed and the suggested changes don't seem to change how fast a human defender can reach the receiver. For example, a guy that we regularly play always picks Howie Long and always drops him back into coverage and can get to any receiver the ball is passed to before the ball can reach the receiver, thus breaking up the pass. It's really frustrating and lame. Any thoughts?
  15. nevermind it works. Just some typos in the post, copying it straight from version D worked.