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  1. Turn Off Defensive Auto Diving

    K. Would be nice to have this in at some point. Just a suggestion.
  2. Turn Off Defensive Auto Diving

    @bruddog Does the above hack work on removing auto diving for a MAN controlled defender? I didn't really see this working that well and was just curious as to where this hack was.
  3. Blocking during QB Scrambles

    any hack that can be leveraged that currently exists, you think could work? Just seeing where to get started.
  4. When using Nestopia with this fix and you put on "No Sprite Limit", it makes the scoring cutscenes very choppy. The trade off is great during gameplay, I was just curious if there was a way to fix this or if anyone noticed this and has commented.
  5. Blocking during QB Scrambles

    Any thoughts on this one? Surprised this wasn't brought up that much.
  6. End of Quarter/half stats page hack

    Got it. Not really worth the effort. Thanks!
  7. Overthrow Bug Fix Question

    Thanks bruddog. everything seems to be running fine. What exactly am I supposed to be seeing in the gameplay with this change?
  8. If I don't have space at the exact location as Bruddog stated below for 0x29DBC, can I just input it somewhere else, say 0x2BF70 ? I have plenty of room from this point on. at 0x29DBC (assuming you have space the the 2BF40-2C00F) section SET(0x29DBC, 0x4CFOBF) JMP $BFF0 ; jump to 0x2C000 in rom SET(0x2C000, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D) JSR $9E31 ; checks for pass result already we wrote over this above so need to run the routine JSR $9E3D ; loads PC into $DC and PC + REC into $DD JMP $9DAF ; return to the location after the jump instruction The location to jump to will have to be changed if there is something there. That section is used for a lot of the grapple hacks and some other jstout hacks so for other roms I'd probably have to post a bank switch routine.
  9. End of Quarter/half stats page hack

    Any thoughts on this?
  10. End of Quarter/half stats page hack

    I tried having both at 2C, which didn't work either.
  11. End of Quarter/half stats page hack

    Any word on getting this to work where it plays the "end of quarter" music at the end of q1, q2, q3, and have it play the "end of game" music after q4? SET(0xEE2D, 0x2C) SET(0xEE3E, 0x2F) I tried it and this code makes it play the "end of quarter" music for all four quarters
  12. Blocking during QB Scrambles

    posted this last year. Anyone come across this or know what would need to be done here?
  13. Turn Off Defensive Auto Diving

    Thanks. From that long list of hacks I used this one, but it didn't work. Better Tackling Without COM Diving NES = SET(0x28DD6,0xA299EAEAEA90E1A90120CBDA4CAE8DA90120CBDA4CAE8D) SET(0x28E9C,0xA299EAEAEA90ADA90120CBDA4C408EA90120CBDA4C408E) Any other one you suggest I should try?
  14. Hello all, Does anyone know where in the code to make the change regarding defensive auto-diving? For instance, when a player controlled defense-man, automatically dives at a nearby receiver about to catch a pass