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  1. Go ahead and put myself and @Woodshed on the list. Team name: Vlade Daw Dee, We likes 2 Potty Also, has to take a lot of time so thanks to those who grouped the regions. It's starting to get real.
  2. My main question is has anyone lost a major tournament game and thought "If I would have won the coin toss in order to get P1 or took P1 after the matchup call I would have had it"? I know everyone has their preference but again thats a preference and not a real advantage. I hope that every TSB player has played from both sides and know that they might be forced to play from P2. The only advantage is the onside kick and if you need to get that at some point the chances are slim, I'll let Bru provide the percentages. And to be clear, I prefer the old way. But I'll take matchup over controller preference any day of the week as most have already stated. Bottom line is not everyone is gonna be happy with whatever is/was decided. It still beats the hell out of predetermined or tiered match-ups. And finally, rules tweaks rules schmeeks. Just ball out brothers! Can't wait to see everyone
  3. A friend sent this tournament to me. It is the original Tecmo Bowl so I probably won't be attending but thought I'd share. Nice prizes for the winner (32" Smart TV & NES Classic). You can read about it/sign up here: http://staydriven.org/tecmobowltournament/
  4. 1 hour away, I'm in.
  5. Kev did an amazing job of putting this thing together. It ran smooth and Kevin killed it by running the whole show pretty much by himself while playing in the tourney as well. Granddads Pizza was a great host as well. I felt this tournament was tight knit, meaning that I really got to know a small group of guys. All of them being 100% awesome, DT in particular. That guy made me laugh so many times throughout the day. I hate that he is heading back west but hope to see him again soon. Mort and Louis are a great time to play Tecmo with but probably a better time to go out with after. I feel that I owe Louis more than the 3 Spotted Cows I gave him as guilt pay for winning two games that I shouldn't have. I guess the serenading we did pre-tournament swooned the Tecmo Gods in my favor. Diaz.....well if anyone has met Diaz you already know, and if you haven't you're missing out. His wife was also incredibly cool with just hanging out all day and mingling with us Tecmo dudes. Matt Miller I've talked to a good bit at other tourneys and always very gracious. I agree that he needs some beer penalty imposed every tournament! JK the guy is darn good. I think I went 9-2 overall but won't break it all down. I lost to Mort 24-21 in semi-finals and Matt got me 17-3 in tournament play after i beat him in a pickup the first game of the day. Should have saved the Pittsburg matchup for our game. I think about 4 of my wins came from Pittsburg. Some of the pictures are of the amazing door prizes, Mort winning the most passing yards with Tupa, SNES shenanigans at 16 bit, and all the final 8 guys. If I missed something or someone, I apologize. After 10:00 it all became a brown out.
  6. Made a quick video from the few minutes of footage I got this year. Sorry it took so long, just been pretty busy. Thanks again to not only Josh, Chet, and the whole Madison crew but the entire Tecmo community as well. β€œIt was a train full of strangers, and they were all the same.”
  7. Count me in. I also have 2 others who would like to sign up, the same 2 who were in Madison: Seth M. (Sticky Icky Woods) and Vicki W. (Tricki Vicki), yes a girl.
  8. Thanks again to everyone for the trade offs! Beef, Knobbe, ND crew, Moulds, Flo and everyone else who swapped me a few samples. It was a great time for about 30 minutes till we were told to settle down by hotel authorities. I guess a dozen drunken tecmoers swapping beers and stories in a small room can get a little rowdy. Small price to pay for weeks of drinkable pleasure.
  9. It was definitely brought on by the GIANT bear hug you gave me after I thought you missed that field goal. I got my money's worth in our two games alone. Awesome stuff man, my buddy kept telling me all night he'd remember that game for as long as he lived, I couldn't ask for a better last game in Madison against a better guy.
  10. Room 207 super 8 south after badger bowl if that's ok with everyone.
  11. Last minute pick ups
  12. I says YES! I am staying at the Super 8 South, cell is :seven 4 zero-3 five 2-sixty eight zero 6. I'll get the powers to be a room number upon arrival so we can spread the word. With that being said, what is the method for exchange here? Just have guys trade one for one or even 6 for 6? I know some guys are wanting certain brews. Or we doing something like a white elephant christmas exchange? We could even do something like musical beers if people can't decide what they want.
  13. Got a few pickups so far, I'll be grabbing some select Great Lake brews also. An extra 6 pack to the guy who drinks the Dog Pound brew from 1993....just kidding.
  14. SMB and Duck Hunt of course, but I was really into fishing at the time. I remember getting Black Bass and Excitebike, took me forever to figure out what worked in Black Bass. Soon followed by Bases Loaded and the Blue Marlin. Thought Blue Marlin was actually a pretty good game.
  15. Wasn't sure what beers were distributed where, so I found this website. Its pretty awesome at telling which states distribute a certain beer, you can even select a beer and see what states sell that beer. http://www.seekabrew.com/distro/index.html That being said I'm not sure what Ohio beers you guys would like. If you know of some let me know or else its going to be Marc Mumford's mystery grab bag.