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  1. I can't seem to find the database results sheet either. It's no where on the TecmoMadison site. Google search brings up Madison VII or something.
  2. Everything was great. Had a blast. All the speed running going on next to us was awesome to watch. Everybody had a blast it seemed, win or lose. That play was actually 95 yards I think. I ran out of bounds at the 5 on the KR to make sure I could get a few plays off. Not to many people can say they have a 95yd TD in a Tecmo tournament under their belt. I did it against Mort with no time left to tie it! That's crazy. Mort's a great sport and incredibly fun to play with. Hope he dominates every where he goes except for when I'm there, haha. I'll definitely be back next year. I'm with you Chris. If I wasn't in the tournament, you bet your ass I was going to go looking at all the other game centers going on. Never been to any game expo before. I know that was a small-ish one but it was awesome. I can't even imagine what E3 would be like.
  3. Already did. Now everybody is in on the joke
  4. I can't make it. I only attend tournaments that are at least 4 hours away. It's something new I'm trying.
  5. I'm registered. I'm holding out for the millions of dollars I expect to be paid for showing up. Be leaving Saturday morning, heading back Saturday night. Just like Elton John would.
  6. I'll be there. Might be able to talk my brother into it also.
  7. Any word on the live feed possibilities? I was going to post the link to a few places so the world can see all our Tecmo genius. Maybe even some of our glorious drunkenness. See where the day takes us.
  8. Guess I better get my hotel room. I'll be there Friday night, not sure if I'll play any games though. Bringing the old man along. Neither of us has ever been to green bay so he's going to do some sight seeing while us cool guys play TSB. See you all this weekend.
  9. I know it. We were all ready about 20 miles before I realized I had left it. I was going to take around with me. My bad. I had a blast at the tourney. Everybody was having a good time, win or lose. That's how it's supposed to be.
  10. Cory and I threw around the idea of allowing the losing team at half time to have the option of switching opponents at half. Example, if 1A was vs 1B and was blowing him away, they could then switch opponents and make it 2A vs 1B. Only problem we found with this idea was that theoretically, one player would play offense the entire game and his teammate would only play defense. We wanted to make it as simple as possible which is why we figured no switching opponents once the game started. Kind of lets a guy get some payback offensively or defensively against someone who may have gotten lucky against them the first half. I feel this could bring about several new styles of tournament to the Tecmo community. Another fun idea I just thought of while writing this could be a 4 man random draw team. You draw your 4 man team, random draw your quarter that you would play, and you play your quarter both offense and defense. You wouldn't know who your teammates are or your opponent for your quarter.