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  1. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Can we get a shard out on the Madison FB feed maybe get a little local hype going for this... Look at that cup, its worthy.. @davefmurray
  2. Can't find the date of when this is taking place? 9am.. Just that draft is actual NFL draft weekend.
  3. turBO Mon, Tues, Thurs avail 7pm-945pm est Weds off all day can schedule whenever Sat-Sun AM is best but can schedule whenever Typically unavailable on FRI
  4. HSTL S44 Draft

  5. HSTL S44 Draft

    I'll take Bubby Brister
  6. HSTL S44 Draft

    Ronnie Harmon and friend for PHI
  7. TTL30 Deadline April 16th @10AM

  8. Caps for prosperity

    Furthering the above response considering NOT MAKING EXTRA WORK for admins this is how I see it -The roster check has to be done anyway bc certain owners cant wipe their own asses -I believe the CAP will force more owner involvement during offseason, Trade/FA/Cuts deadlines will be SOO much more important to owners that the likelihood of owners having too many players or missing players will actually be lower- thus the CAP will ultimately make less work for admins at end of offseason having to deal w/ the same old issues..
  9. Caps for prosperity

    Kamp- At the most basic level 2 things are needed for implementation 1- Picking a cap limit example 72.5K and spreading the word that you must be under limit by the end of offseason final roster cut deadline 2- Someone (I've volunteered) has to do a quick once over of all the rosters before flipping to new season. (This already happens bc never fails some owners are over 35 players and or missing a punter or something stupid. The team total salary is already calculated on team page.) Taking it to higher levels is a different story and would require much more effort at least up front in brainstorming/database work etc. but not necessary I think your idea of forming a team to hash out details for the said cap and detailed approach of how to implement is the next step Only other thing not already mentioned is how to deal w/ teams that are over cap after deadline has occurred. When it comes to having extra players (over 35) the admin make cuts... when a team is missing a punter the admin adds one.. ANSWER: In this scenario I see 2 clear options for addressing teams over cap at deadline 1) Admin will Cut extra players/backups where possible. 2) If option 1 doesn't make enough cap room the Admin will LOWER an attribute of a stud player one notch will greatly impact salary and can be enforced as a penalty. example knocking a 63ms RB down to 56ms will take 8,000,000 (63ms) down to 5,500,000(56ms) shaving serious $$.. (changing attribute can be done on site no Database work here) Again the salaries are already assigned by player GRADE and nothing will need to be manipulated in database! Option #2 will certainly not go over well but I'm sure it will be few and far in-between Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback... I just now thought of how to address teams over caps by reading the last 2 posts, the feedback keeps the concept development moving forward.
  10. HSTL S44 Draft

    Looks like I can pick Jamie Mueller and Ray Bently
  11. HSTL S44 Draft

    Jeff Query and Mark Murphy for PHI
  12. Caps for prosperity

    Just a follow up thought here, since there is no real work required to implement a cap as is maybe when plan finalized roll out as is w no changes in database and see how it affects league over few seasons, and if it achieves what said goals are. If it goes well, consider a database manipulation furthering the caps integration. Seeing how increasingly buggy the site is getting every season (as I've experienced before in gtfo) an overhaul of the database is imminent regardless of caps, so best case combine these two and make less fuss over caps and site less buggy making admin work easier again..
  13. Caps for prosperity

    Thanks for the feedback, I don't see any need to do anything w the database in order to roll out a cap. All that's needed is a established number and that a "cap check" take place when rosters finalized before flipping season. That said Drake had similar notion that anything worth doing is worth doing well and considered manipulating the DB to impose the cap.. that would be a game change and take some serious doing, but again isn't necessary. To further this as well as as well as Kamps points I agree a team should be assembled to work on this and present a clear cut concept and roll out plan for the leagues consideration.
  14. Caps for prosperity

    Thanks ODT
  15. Caps for prosperity

    Kamp - "I think to get something like this, one should flesh out exactly what it would look like before putting out a vote. I haven't read the whole thread, but I would just recruit a team of 3 to 5 and flesh out details before proposing it" Thanks for the feedback!