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  1. Group B strep I won toss I called NYJ NOLA QBlions took NYJ and kickedoff>>>>>> close game, Drone JJ int by Clifton or EMac on short route could have been the difference but Rickey Jackson dive tackle caused fumble on next play getting the ball back to NOLA O, 17-10 final in favor of the Saints GG Bro TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns9 domelion.nsv
  2. Group B. PHX DAL called by myself vs Casual T in group play he took DAL. I won toss. Pretty much 2 stops in this one failed to convert on his first drive and his last. Otherwise I ran out of clock taking a shot at the endzone w/ 15 sec left in 1st half from about the 20 instead of FG try. Emmit gave the PHX secondary a run for their money w/ Lonnie and Mac both in bad chasing him all over the field. final 21-14 PHX tdo.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns9
  3. Thunderdome X: Matchup Call Tracker

    Bo v Cas T I won called PHX DAL
  4. 6th annual tecmo TurkeyBowl aka squah madness

    Just live, but the show may be going on the road to CT tourney this Sat. Maybe have it recorded/streamed there.
  5. Quick recap of our local friends and family annual TSB TurkeyBowl, aka Squash Madness the quest for the Bad Moon Cup. The field was slim this year w only 7 entrants and probably 7 tailgaters. Double elim bracket seeding was via random drawing. I went 4-0 to secure the repeat, besting former 2015 champ Chops aka heardyasquash this year's host and play by play commentator. Bill M. aka xmadelx took 3rd place and the biggest squash. The real star this year was the live commentary elevating the experience, and Jackie roast pork. Good times for all.
  6. Philadelphia Eagles HSTL S42 Recaps

    Week 2 vs Rob PHX. B Hump goes out on 1st carry I think... PHI down but not out w 38ms backup doing work, but this game was anything but slow paced. Bills to Givens was absolutely dirty early and often from the gate. A back and B bomb from Rypien to Sanders 100 yards closed out the 1st quarter 14-14!!! PHI thought it was end of half! Crazytown. Back and forth game, I'm pretty sure PIC fumbled it away in PHI red zone then got a turnover, and they also got a stop the forced a FG, otherwise it was a who's gonna have the last possession type game. Gg Rob looking forward to round 2, this PHX team makes me play totally outside my comfort zone.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles HSTL S42 Recaps

    Week 1 vs NOS Saints at home in Philly. PHI played small ball w/ B Hump clipping 4 and more here and there pretty much entire game staying true to the run. Meanwhile BJT ensure that every drive NOS put together would be sandbagged at critical moments. Rickey Sanders caught one deep ball when in good. That's all I remember. GG NOS
  8. HSTL S42 Draft

    Ken Clark and kieth Taylor AND RB 4 DB 4 for PHI
  9. HSTL S42 Draft

    Ken Clark and kieth Taylor AND RB 4 DB 4 for PHI
  10. HSTL S42 Draft

    PHI takes kicker pat Leahy and NUN dl
  11. HSTL S42 Draft

    Mia DL k p for PHI
  12. Bo Yes can host East coast Most nights after work 9pm est for hour or so, days off whenever if scheduled.
  13. HSTL S42 Draft

    WR Bill Brooks and LB 1 for PHI
  14. HSTL S42 Draft

    PHI takes Jessie Hester WR and LB 2 colts