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  1. Your Group-Ol'Dirty group Who won toss- I did Matchup called by coin toss winner- MIA KC Team that coin toss loser chose- KC Brief happenings of the game (doesnt need to be a novel)- KC was up by 4, got a fumble turnover drove and missed a chip shot FG turning over momentum and ball. KC would turn it over again in MIA redzone w/ game on stick not going for the chip shot down 3 later in game. Highlight of the game, after mistakenly leaving QB Mitchell in after last chance prehalftime heave, in bad entire 2nd half / Marino in good.... whoops, Mitchell delivered a strike to Duper on pass 4 flag route to ICE the game late in 4th lucky AF. GG J
  2. In ---------- War Machine edit: Discord: Bo Host: yes
  3. Jay Schroeder went 9% passing, for 6 total yards, and threw 3 interceptions... PHL advances
  4. Young leads PHL to 13-3, good clean tecmo.
  5. @kamphuna8 DL Millard won the tie breaker for 4th gain slot w/ the tackles tie breaker on site, shouldn't he have gotten a gain roll?
  6. Wins have been by good margins despite mostly close games in 1st halfs. Both losses were by less a touchdown, and OA went down w injuries on 1st possession in both of these games. DET game was the most fun despite the loss getting burnt by his 63ms wr late in 4th when prevent D should have been on. Marino to Clark 2x a season is just going to be murder on my secondary for a tecmo decade or so. 6-2 on the year so far with the significantly harder 2nd half of the schedule to go.. W Young and OA you would think the PHL O would be the hype but right now it's the LB crew leading this D and bringing home the Ws. We will see how they hold up. Hopefully OA isn't out too long in beginning of 2nd half of season.
  7. messaged you just now before re reading this... how about sunday or Monday night ? I'm home after work like 9pm est that's around your window. let me know
  8. still a hell of a turnaround in a tough division
  9. No need to stir the pot over same ol shite mon. Its a handful, they know we know everyone knows, is what it is. Be patient, play the games you can, and when the absentee owners surface scramble to get a game in like the rest of us. Drop the @bo next time. I prefer less communication on post like this.
  10. Here I thought I was trading up for Steve Young in 84'.. Welcome back, kinda
  11. Can't wait to underperform w a monster squad
  12. Times are tough, you have a replacement owner in mind?