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  1. In a non grapple hack league one of the only advantages of a high HP DB is popcorning WR2, this would limit that if some HP finds its way to WR2, other then that the way your detailing using them and gains eligibility really leaves little to be concerned about. Except maybe it will effect the rookies, knowing the multi use potential at RB/TE..
  2. Total side note that blew my mind. Philly has had FOUR yes 4, top 3 draft picks out of 6 drafts (not including inaugural draft 1980), also a 1.6 in 83', 1.17/1.20 (Banks/Millard), and a 1.22... All while making 4/6 playoff appearances to boot! Big sacrifices have been made (Boomer, Ohenry, Banks, Millard and so on) all traded away.. So far though most of the gambles have paid off! Swill's roll, and Bartletti's Bills hold the key to PHL franchise/GMs past present and future.
  3. 1981 1.6 Rickey Jackson drafted and hits big to start the fire 1982 1.3 Sam Mills (Via TB for the coveted 1983 1.0) This is where the seed got planted... everyone was looking to deal for the Elway to Marino draft and I just see Mills waiting to get scooped up, Retro is all for the deal and it's official w/ half the members now in the bag I'm gonna try and complete the set. Side note 2 trades later I'm back in the 83 top 10 draft picks and still got Mills, who also hit big roll. 1983 no action involving dome patrol 1984 1.22 Vaughn Johnson (DET) and Nos wouldn't budge, who could blame a life long saints fan.. I had 2 late 1st round picks both hit max lines! LB Banks (who would gain in rookie season) and DL Millard, both have mega trade value). 1985 Vaughn Johnson acquired via trade (Bruce Sholtz + 3.0 to Packers for Eugene Marve, then Marve + 2.0 go to DET for VJ + 5.14) Here we go!! taking couple losses to get member #3 (only a 50/50 in tecmo attributes but well worth it) 1986 1.3 Pat Swilling (1984 1.17 Carl Banks + 1.20 Keith Millard + 1986 1.0/2.0 + 1987 1.0 go to BUF for Swill + 1987 1.0/2.0) If Swill don't hit a 63 MS line or BUF doesn't get a top 4 pick in 87' I really took it on the chin in this one but hey Banks and Millard were huge late hits and one gained just waiting to be traded for Swill in this draft... odds are this deal could produce Woodson or the like in 87 as well, so a gamble is a gamble. Somehow its official Dome Patrol will be laying down the law in Philly fall of 86'
  4. Can I vote for prime??
  5. Is there going to be an option added for a playoff game bt duke and tadaos?
  6. I'm away Monday March 6th till the 11th.
  7. I'm away Monday March 6th to Sat the 11th.
  8. Oklahoma_bo is challenge handle
  9. the last game ol dirty/disasta group I won toss called MIN RAMs BC Cuban ain't no back and B temcoer.. trying to get him off his ground and pound honest tecmo game Diaz took RAMS back and fourth game, he had the momentum most of the time, got more stops, I got a HUGE fumble late in the 4th after turning over on downs deep in Rams territory on big stop. almost blew it w/ a 25ms QB kept running over the line of scrimmage on the final drive while cycling to intended wide open WRs... on 4th and short got a deep ball over a well lined up kevin green whos jump was just under the 38pc lob ball.. gg Diaz diaz.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns9
  10. Your Group-Ol'Dirty group Who won toss- I did Matchup called by coin toss winner- MIA KC Team that coin toss loser chose- KC Brief happenings of the game (doesnt need to be a novel)- KC was up by 4, got a fumble turnover drove and missed a chip shot FG turning over momentum and ball. KC would turn it over again in MIA redzone w/ game on stick not going for the chip shot down 3 later in game. Highlight of the game, after mistakenly leaving QB Mitchell in after last chance prehalftime heave, in bad entire 2nd half / Marino in good.... whoops, Mitchell delivered a strike to Duper on pass 4 flag route to ICE the game late in 4th lucky AF. GG J
  11. In ---------- War Machine edit: Discord: Bo Host: yes