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  1. RT @kidsaliveokc: Enroll now for our summer music theater camp! https://t.co/Ji4NxZp46F via https://t.co/w9mwEF0RRC https://t.co/PbpETBnci8

  2. RT @kidsaliveokc: Auditions are May 5-7 for our summer production of #HighSchoolMusical! Go to https://t.co/6QuDS5WUKF for details. #OKC #M…

  3. RT @kidsaliveokc: Our summer production of Aristocats, Jr. welcomes kids 4-14. Visit https://t.co/kfbutcGXJI for details! #OKC #Music #Thea…

  4. RT @kidsaliveokc: You know you love it. We're looking for the next Sharpay and Ryan! Auditions are May 5 - 7. https://t.co/6QuDS5WUKF #High…

  5. RT @kidsaliveokc: Auditions are May 5-7. Join us this summer! More info at https://t.co/IqC5nq6Hmp. Link in bio. @ Jewel… https://t.co/tw8L…

  6. RT @kidsaliveokc: Auditions for High School Musical, Jr. will be held May 5-7. https://t.co/3phaU1rrAQ

  7. @bennetthill2000 don't tweet things you don't mean! https://t.co/nm9oOS3oBp

  8. @OGandE definitely experiencing an outage in NW OKC. I called it in and reported via the website.

  9. RT @OSSAAOnline: Retweet if you think Jones will take this beauty home Friday night #okpreps https://t.co/iW6rKZXyyl

  10. @PhilInzinga is there a podcast version of "two old guys on a park bench"?

  11. @Pinkinkg - out of context, our old tweets are odd. Sadly, I don't remember the context. Hope you're doing well! https://t.co/1X4OOYfwIG

  12. Pic Your Park to Celebrate #NPS100! #FindYourPark https://t.co/ZTNjTcsgTQ

  13. @shaeken #typecast! But seriously, https://t.co/HCZc45FIlZ

  14. @kendavenport hosts one of my favorite podcasts and there is a lot of great stuff on this… https://t.co/imAtpKZEV9

  15. Our summer intensive and Wizard of Oz production is designed for children 4-18. Auditions are… https://t.co/j8Mave7ZgU