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  1. @sternbergh @SeanFitz_Gerald untrue. The correct answer is Anthony Calvillo #CFL

  2. @jccuthbert great to hear - thank you!

  3. Thanks to #MarksCFLWeek more prepared for @CFL draft than ever before will @CFLonTSN be showing 2+ hrs of coverage this year? @TSN_Sports

  4. Before Gizmo, Winfield & Johnny Rodgers there was Larry Highbaugh All-Time great DB/Returner RIP Mr. Highbaugh #CFL https://t.co/FXiATXr0aT

  5. RT @EdmontonEsks: Rest in peace Larry Highbaugh We will forever be proud he donned the Green & Gold & extend our deepest condolences to hi…

  6. Great idea and planning by #CFL for #MarksCFLWeek looks like they are doing it right! congrats! @CFL @MarksCanada

  7. @mattdanfran source on this :)

  8. I'm supporting this fundraiser, please check it out: 'Save Argos Legend Coach Leo Cahill ' https://t.co/j7RWHbhEX6

  9. @Qman604 so true amazing pic!

  10. RT @CFL_News: .@CBC is a proud sponsor of #CFL Week https://t.co/v7Xf02boMQ via @cbcsports

  11. @AndrewBucholtz @pxw13 agreed some room there as an unabashed league supporter would want improved revenue sharing first if possible

  12. @pxw13 @iamrocketismail not a more deserving #Argo fan!

  13. @alex3780 loving the @TheAthleticTO hoping you can add more Argonauts and #CFL content and perhaps the #Argos logo? Thanks again!

  14. @mattdanfran @nmq95 @fakeGAINER deserves credit for that definitely

  15. @BillJubyJr @MattBlack39 @Foley4Real @AD3TWO Great approach! time to get behind this @CFLPA @Keep67 !!!