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  1. @ArashMadani @CFLPA What about the franchises losing $1-5M+ per year?

  2. Beast! Let’s go #ArgosFootball #CFL https://t.co/dsMS0CSw8h

  3. Don't like to spend too much time on hindsight but if Copeland et al had this #Argos ticket pricing structure with… https://t.co/zkOZ0IhyTi

  4. @TSN_Marsh @MarshAndMelo How did this go? I missed it can I find it?

  5. Wow fantastic! @RandyAmbrosie #CFL https://t.co/nPZuC77wAd

  6. @marklearns @TSNDaveNaylor @JManziel2 Agreed was a good interview. He seemed genuine - intriguing story to follow.

  7. Final piece of schedule solved #Argos https://t.co/uyOZXzb81o

  8. @JGab9 @DoubleBlueBlog @CFHOF https://t.co/nYwsLArcnK

  9. RT @TheAthleticTO: Anthony Calvillo moves to Toronto for football finishing school under @TorontoArgos coach Marc Trestman, via @SeanFitz_G…

  10. Sounds terrific! Saving my dimes for Edmonton in November though. #CFL https://t.co/mBKhlzEGRm

  11. Great additions to the collection of the 🐐 Ricky Ray. Thank you @BomberHistory #CFL #ArgosFootball #CFLFans#1 https://t.co/UMMkLmDTbM

  12. @SeanFitz_Gerald @mirtle @TheAthleticNHL Hans Moleman and Kerwin Bell agree! More @SeanFitz_Gerald and more #Argos #CFL

  13. @mirtle @TheAthleticNHL I hope different means better. @SeanFitz_Gerald coverage of the #Argos was terrific I hope for more of the same.

  14. Time for the #Argos and #MLSE to market @IAm_Wilder32 like crazy! #Superstar #CFL @TorontoArgos

  15. Short sighted that Hamilton city and Ticats cannot get to an agreement that allows a Grey Cup to be bid and awarded… https://t.co/v9z9iBRJEV