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  1. RT @TOBenfica: Is it wise to piss off media that follows the Argos during the season? Argo fans need to grow thicker skin

  2. @CFLPA @UpperDeckSports #CFLPAgiveaway https://t.co/nsNyy8j9Tr

  3. @jetes1979 @SlamminDannyG Dang it we’re watching and missed this

  4. Fantastic comments here for a #CFL trailblazer https://t.co/U6I5eRpYVk

  5. RT @TSN_Marsh: Good to see this Canadian staple get renewed for another season. #Argos #CFLFA #CFL https://t.co/KLJmXugkCl

  6. Fantastic stuff all the best! Always a home in double blue #Argos #CFL https://t.co/wp9chXJQsE

  7. RT @argosandolphins: Hey Toronto, you have one last chance to see one of the best QB's to ever play football. 10 games left to watch the le…

  8. @3DownNation Straight facts I think he is right if he fulfills the contract.

  9. RT @TorontoArgos: #BellLetsTalk Day is Jan 31. Get the dialogue started by downloading the Bell Let’s Talk conversation toolkit: https://t.…

  10. Love James Wilder Jr. for the #Argos and the #CFL. Fact remains it is January 24th and a long way until June.

  11. @56Parkies @Fernie635 @EdmontonEsks @BlakeDermott Connop ;)

  12. Legend! Great stuff here from the 2017 MOP #Esks #CFL https://t.co/es6yUOcftX

  13. Big thank you to my friend @BomberHistory for the awesome Ricky Ray jersey card! @UpperDeckSports @CFLPA https://t.co/sxLYWlujgE

  14. @TSNDaveNaylor Of note Flutie received significant salary to come north to BC. Different #CFL salary structure then… https://t.co/2WXKw6nBqu

  15. RT @CCtsn: Congrats to Chris Getzlaf on a terrific career. One of the many Canadian players who need the Canadian ratio to get a shot but o…