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  1. @argofandave @TOBenfica @Argofans @DoubleBlueBlog @pxw13 Great score congrats!

  2. @CanuckGS @GOGcom Same thinking from #CFL head office that thinks @CanuckGS is too niche to licence this game. Thei…

  3. RT @DoubleBlueOrder: I apologize for the delay on this. THE ORDER IS RECRUITING! It’s been a long six months, but we are at the... http…

  4. @TOBenfica @FenderGuy69 When the years are 1966 1989 2007 and 2013 the last two are a regular basis! #CFL

  5. Great job #Argos thank you again! Cannot wait to see what this guy can di! @TorontoArgos

  6. Great way to check out the new regime at an awesome venue #Argos #CFL

  7. @stevecoady @TSNScianitti Could argue #CFL more valuable property 4 TSN Forcing subscribers. TFC still trying to bu…

  8. Great to see! @MTLAlouettes

  9. RT @TheArgosOARS: Tweet. Number. ONE. Hello Twitter, say hello to the Official Twitter Home of The OARS!!! How about a Re-Tweet?? #A…

  10. RT @CanuckGS: 🇨🇦🏈17 Canadian Football 2017 - Teams & Logos

  11. RT @DTonSC: 44 days to the @CFL season. Seems timely to re-post Shakir Bell's FA profile. Complete stud when healthy #Redblacks #Eskimos #D…

  12. Unfortunate - Was hoping #Argos would get this guy.

  13. RT @jaynutt50: I made a simple request of @TheAthleticTO They followed through by adding Toronto's oldest, winningest team to their coverag…

  14. @mirtle #CFLDraft :)

  15. Great news coming from the @CFL big thanks to @paulosenra and @Litz72 for the contact & info