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  1. The rangers are like a guy with a stack of 100s in a strip club. All the hoochies coming after the dough. #nyr #NHLTradeDeadline

  2. @BlkNBlueShirts At this point ill take the losses

  3. @HartnettHockey In a perfect wolrd trade all your players to the west

  4. @Athletic_Babes those two are more tight ends then receiver and QB

  5. @LisicaMark @NBCSports @fios By the way this Donato kid looks good, reminds me a vesey

  6. @Espos6xs6x @smackdaddyd215 @4EverBlueshirts Explain, why has he been garbage?

  7. @LisicaMark @TheWrage @TheBroadwayHat His play of late has been effected and its a domino effect, but also , lets l… https://t.co/iJdcmtrIbw

  8. @HartnettHockey Nick hold.....oh wait

  9. @HartnettHockey Pruuuuuuuuuucha.... he was zucc 1.0...

  10. Just once, can the #nyr take an early goal lead? Can they also not take the first penalty?

  11. @AdamZHerman Thats the most frustrating part, the thick headedness of the head coach

  12. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/gIUrxMCymN MLB The Show 17 How To Become A Better Hitter (Hitting Tips for MLB The Show 17)

  13. RT @7BOOMERESIASON: 👍👊💰 https://t.co/1RbPGgRS4L

  14. @RickCarpiniello I have no sound on go just picture

  15. @LisicaMark @KeepingItNashty @TheBroadwayHat Read rumors AV is beyond the hot seat, question is go with ruff now or… https://t.co/dElxydvDzp