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  1. Some one shoot the penguin

  2. @RumorBreak do it yesterday

  3. @staceyporterfit beautiful eyes

  4. If the nhl doesnt have a hard on for crosby,this con smyth voting says it all #nhl #nyr, this fuck has the nhl in his back pocket

  5. @AnthonyCumia also how many god damn filters + pounds of make up did she apply, om with ant, teacher all the way

  6. @OpieRadio nice....

  7. @TeamVic should follow hockey instead...

  8. @stefaniealva im a big fan of watching the game away from the play, watch ot how it develops, this would be full hockey orgasm

  9. Trade harvey, cabrerra,duda, walker, drnaud,bruce, cut granderson, cut reyes, get best prospects back to fill needs and start over,#mets

  10. @lindacohn @RickCarpiniello @nyr4life98 @DarrenDreger @SethDRothman @stevezipay @DonLagreca @TheGarden… https://t.co/wEpAl3zHEb

  11. So fucking sick of the #mets and their handling of injured players. Sick of the losing, sick of having top prospects turning to shit..done

  12. @staceyporterfit 👍🏻

  13. @NYR_FullTilt could be worse, you could be talking about the mets

  14. @NYR_FullTilt why, we already have nash who cantacore in playoffs

  15. @RickCarpiniello @MSGNetworks I agree, Sid will def be top ten, just where, that's up for debate