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  1. @Kate_Chastain catching up on below deck, I can’t tell if this is shaping for the most awkward season yet....#bitter #ejvsnico #jenvsbrianna

  2. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/mdciueslYK How to remove a broken bolt 4 different ways!

  3. @stefaniealva Well chop chop... get to more games

  4. Just turned ranger game on... how are they not done 1-0 already? #nyr

  5. @Allen_Strk Im hoping after this season, one of the four teams cleans house, wont happen , but im hoping

  6. #Natsvscubs #Nationals what does grapes,nuts,cherries and small candies have in common with the @nationals, things that can cause choking

  7. This is why i hate the fuckin yankees.... go screw... lets go astros #astros

  8. @NYR_FullTilt isnt five years his expiration date?

  9. @Allen_Strk Would have been even nicer if it showed up the last five games, and saved me some strands of hair....

  10. @BMonzoWFAN Along with snacks

  11. Boy, noth these two teams suck #nyg

  12. @Allen_Strk Its cyclical .... talent has to come together, and when it did , it was pre big clubs....

  13. @Allen_Strk @HNS_CFF When in my lifetime and yours , will this fucking team ever make it smooth #never

  14. Ok, lets see how this powerplay changed/stayed the same

  15. @Kate_Chastain @JenHowell_13 Two hot blondes