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  1. Intro Cut Scenes

    How do you eliminate the intro cut scenes in TSB for the NES?
  2. MLS CUP 2015 Who ya got??? Portland or Columbus???


  3. MLF Week 13

    [7-5] Utah Reign

    [10-2] Tacoma Narrows -7

    Sun, 4:30 PM on FOX


  4. The defending champion Bisons open up the 2015 season vs rival St. Louis in Thursday, Sep 10th at 8:30 on NBC.

  5. MLF NEWS: Narrows trade 3x All-Star WR Nash Greene to Philadelphia Battalion.

  6. Music to my ears...

    Okay, I've been curious to know if ANYONE in the entire world knows how add specific 8-bit versions of songs in an nes rom? If so, and if it's not too out of the way, I'd like to some help lol
  7. Switch plays at the line of scrimmage

  8. How to create franchise...?

    How do I create my own TSB franchise? I tried using Dynastyphile but it's not letting me change anything even as admin. Plz help.
  9. NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

    I FIGURED IT OUT... The pass wasn't the problem. It was where the pass was located. A running play that gets stuffed at the goal line is a waste of a play along with a waste of Seattle's final TO. A fade route to a one on one matchup away from a cluster of defenders would've harmlessly fallen to the turf, the Hawks have their TO and 2 plays at the one yard line. But they tried to throw a slant pass in which the route was supposed to sprung wide open by a pick on THE MOST PHYSICAL CB IN THE NFL(oh and also won a SB for them a year earlier). Lockette is initially open but Malcolm Butler, who was essentially a FS on this particular play, jumps the route like it stole his wallet and wins the game for the Pats. Remember, in 1958 the Baltimore Colts beat the NY Giants in the NFL Championship, AKA "The Greatest Game Ever Played". What the game will always be known for is Johnny Unitas leading Baltimore to victory in the first ever overtime in pro football history 23-17 in Yankee Stadium. Why 23-17 instead of 20-17? Unitas decides to go for a TD on their first possession of OT instead of attempting a FG from inside the NYG red zone. After completing a pass to the Giants 1 yard line to Raymond Berry, Johnny U hands the ball off to Alan Ameche to win the NFL Championship. Why is this relevant? Because 56 years later, 13 years after the passing of Johnny Unitas, his drive to set up the winning touchdown is remembered as one of the greatest, gutsiest drives of all time. In Super Bowl XLIX, Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell made a gutsy decision similar to Baltimore's in '58. But it'll be known as the worst play call in NFL history. What if Lockette scores? Belichick is being ripped my the media for not calling a timeout after Lynch's run, Carroll is known as one of the greatest coaches ever, and Russell Wilson becomes the next Tom Brady. But that isn't how it happened. And instead of seeing the play and recognizing it for what it is, which is a spectacular INT by an undrafted F/A from West Alabama, it's all Pete Carroll's fault. Whether that's fair or not, it's what the NFL and all pro sports is about.
  10. Congrats to the Baltimore Bisons on their first MLF Title.

  11. NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

    It isn't. Tom and Bill getting New England to 6 Super Bowls may never be done again. Many bring up the margin of victory in each win but remember, our two losses to NYG were by the score of 17-14 and 21-17. Easily the Pats could be 6-0 or 1-5 in Super Bowls. Yes, Montana beat Denver 55-10 along with smacking the Peyton Manning of the 80's and 90's in the 84 Super Bowl, but the Pats have sustained their domination of the AFC throughout the entire 21st century is something we've never seen and may never see again in our lifetimes. We have the pleasure to watch the best the game has ever seen. Whether you like them or not, Brady and Belichick are far and away the best to ever do it, and they don't seem to be slowing down one bit.
  12. NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

    real talk
  13. NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

    Those rankings are very accurate, all but Super Bowl V. Earl Morrall and the Colts beating the Craig Morton led Boys 16-13. That game also had MANY, and I mean MANY twists and turns, but it was nicknamed the "Blunder Bowl' for a reason. It's like watching PHI-NYG with Kotite and Handley coaching back in the mid 90s.
  14. NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

    Where does XLIX rank among the great games in SB history?
  15. NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

    Julian Edelman is my hero.