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  1. RT @BreeNewsome: So kneeling quietly is disrespectful but it's ok to shout & boo during anthem 🙃 Because, again, this is about racism, not…

  2. UAB still can't win on the road.

  3. PVAMU gonna demolish Alabama State https://t.co/HOhwbUIHNx

  4. HELL NAWH!!!!!!! WTF????? https://t.co/rhcohSODDe

  5. RT @Mattmateee: a decent nights sleep https://t.co/ywcO4EyUUf

  6. @TerrellChuggs Yep. Now he gotta work on those hands some more.

  7. LMFAOOOOO https://t.co/4LJL3Uyis2

  8. damn so this is a stat category now? https://t.co/Gabp1fmxKp

  9. I'm still exhausted from that game #FightOn

  10. When y'all started this????? https://t.co/Xr4H4HKviq

  11. today's stats : 2 new followers, 333 non-followers. found via https://t.co/gX2RQIPPai

  12. He slinging that pigskin bruh. Mizzou got a good one comin https://t.co/WejguaGfjd

  13. RT @BleacherReport: “31 plays and you're getting benched? It makes no sense.” Tom Savage’s agent isn’t happy https://t.co/tnaCVQcUe3 https…

  14. RT @rapsody: #LailasWisdom 9.22 featuring...... https://t.co/wDi02iGCxJ

  15. ALWAYS be yourself. Fuck people. https://t.co/ZUcJVQK8N8