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  1. @PappyKnuckles I'm thinking he'll enjoy Street Fighter 5. He likes Injustice a lot as well as that free game Brawlhalla

  2. @TripleCrown9 got the first one when it was free on PS +. My son likes to play fighting games but that one is a bit… https://t.co/1vCzlqskCO

  3. https://t.co/AETKy9Ssmj

  4. RT @NOTSportsCenter: “Hey Eagles fans, are you upset that Carson Wentz is out for the season?” https://t.co/G0gNM9sLpT

  5. RT @ChrisNowinski1: Disgusted that the @HoustonTexans allowed Tom Savage to return to the game after 2 plays after showing these horrifying…

  6. RT @DeionGottaSTFU: Nick Saban doesn't watch tape on 1 star players https://t.co/Utxym0n5S0

  7. @OriginalFunko never bought a Funko Pop before. Which Overwatch character should I get for Christmas?

  8. Watching this @overwatchleague preseason game. Going to create a team. We will probably be so good that we will make like a million a week

  9. https://t.co/PrpA4FoQnt

  10. RT @BleacherReport: He flew 😂 (via sharpshootergreen/Instagram) https://t.co/z80XyeVT8b

  11. RT @SportsCenter: When you're trying to do a postgame interview but LeBron is watching the Buckeyes 😂 https://t.co/bDGGY9ppnk

  12. RT @Steve_OS: Michael Irvin pulled a calf muscle going up against Steve Smith. This entire clip has me dead. https://t.co/2ilWTdfiG5

  13. RT @carolinaware: So ready to be 'right'..while being SO WRONG... https://t.co/1Hnq1St5G4

  14. #Overwatch #PS4share https://t.co/B382jJoZ3L

  15. @ReggieTap7 love that character though. Randal and then Jack and Kevin.