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  1. @TheWrestlingBum @KingRicochet @TheSamiCallihan @FlyCadeFly @TheMooseNation @wrestlingleva @EACornellG that was awe…

  2. @MillsGamingTV @GmiasWorld @RexDEAFootball Yeah, but you had a guy on your team with a 10 inch penis. That's a win…

  3. RT @CharlesRobinson: #NFL probe into #Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott found texts on accuser's phone discussing blackmailing Elliott w/ sex tapes h…

  4. RT @ComplexPop: Was 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' actually scary, or were you just a wimp? AN INVESTIGATION ➡️ http…

  5. RT @Gotmadskillzson: Florida couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when woman lights cigarette |

  6. @Colt_Barber based on what?

  7. @MillsGamingTV Which is what?

  8. RT @BE_SicEm365: BREAKING: RB Craig Williams joins fastest class in America via @sicem365

  9. Really feel like I missed out by not playing GTA V online. No idea why I never really tried. So weird since I love online multiplayer games

  10. So ready for #Madden18 I definitely think there are other sports games that are better, but it always my favorite and gets the most play

  11. @kkaut @jkbtjc_53 Even his last season before things went to hell? Seemed like it was heading to top 15 class.

  12. @LunaticLeese Just saw last 30 seconds. Seems weird Rachael wouldn't win so no telling what happened.

  13. RT @barstoolsports: Since when do tackling dummies run a 4.4? @5thYear (via @CoachMattRhule)

  14. What in the world - why?!?! Watch "🌈Forgot My Chute!!!" on YouTube -

  15. RT @maxseddon: Russian TV's live broadcast from Paratroopers' Day is interrupted by a drunk paratrooper. The inevitable ensues…