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  1. LoL even the best players mess up. He apparently was on a 21 game win streak. Check out this clip! Ninja playing F… https://t.co/0UFNvNxOAb

  2. @Beantown_OS No problem

  3. @iAlex_Sweetie18 that's what you think. He's thinking about Fortnite way more than he is you.

  4. @GeorgeFoster72 @phontigallo I've never had spaghetti at a cook out. Is that normal? Never heard that in Texas.

  5. RT @espn: Fitness goals. (via @usatf) https://t.co/fwOjj1DvDq

  6. @Bluengold34 @Beantown_OS we are in.

  7. @CuseLove44 @Mighty_LR unfortunately I've noticed that a lot of older people are really rude about this. I always h… https://t.co/TZaSJc80x3

  8. @FunnelVisionFam YouTube still deleting and demonetizing videos?

  9. @Beantown_OS No mic though.

  10. RT @bustedcoverage: Wyoming, PA seems ready for Easter https://t.co/t18ZECFoUT

  11. @Beantown_OS @Bluengold34 @ThatSportsGamer @FortniteGame Will do. Love this game.

  12. @CiaraRamos Nah. Started one night but it was late and I didn't have the drive to read subtitles for an hour and a half.

  13. RT @unco_mbb: 😮👀@UNCJD0 DID IT AGAIN!!!! #SCTop10 https://t.co/o47bGKXVai

  14. @dsallupinyaarea used to buy blindly. Now I rarely buy new games.

  15. @ReggieTap7 lol for real?