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  1. @germanrlopez scab

  2. @AwardsDaily @alfranken just here for the ratio

  3. @jibrantweets congratulations on being one of the few sane National Review writers

  4. @ebruenig You are the mommest mom to ever mom

  5. @nuclearsandwich Hey dude, what is your email?

  6. @Ninety7life Is your sales and marketing team run by chimps? I don't think you could come up with a worse name than… https://t.co/xqH8LFuM5j

  7. RT @xychelsea: want to support veterans !? 😏 stop sending us overseas to kill or be killed for your nationalist fairy tales 😉 we can do bet…

  8. @ByYourLogic @Biedersam That was brad pitt.

  9. @reason just here for the ratio

  10. @minimaxir why the long face jim

  11. @RLisDead it also signifies that the DSA could and should do better outreach for people of color, too

  12. RT @KrangTNelson: (•_•) <) )~ IF UR A REPUBLICAN / \ \(•_•) ( (> AND UR CANDIDATE / \ LOST TODAY (•_•) <) )>…

  13. @pixelatedboat @TheCultOfJustin au contraire: https://t.co/SFn7b0Qylf

  14. @ldrinkh20 Did you see the jeff goldblum tattoo review video? I literally died