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  1. @modernistwitch Irony, situational, slapstick, and prop

  2. @roqchams Man, what would you do without dogs?

  3. @TheMarySue I love how centrists will erase women and PoC of color in their campaign to stan for hillary

  4. @MattBruenig @ObsoleteDogma https://t.co/hFkoeUMP3s

  5. @jongraywb I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need you to be my pun lothario!

  6. RT @NifMuhammad: Going to have nightmares about this Shel Silverstein album cover https://t.co/67dWTDwbxI

  7. @LanaDelRaytheon you can't stop the truth!!!


  9. @sailoremo its a lovely color

  10. @ShutUpAndrosky @willmenaker @cushbomb josh fucking delete this

  11. @outlawlana @unabanned @crookedmedia @robhuebel @TazzyStar @ByYourLogic @lapodfest Anyone to the left of you.

  12. @absurdistwords obama was still a bad president, just not for the reasons that conservatives think he is.

  13. @ivan_rorick @roqchams uhmmmmmm

  14. @MattBruenig @MattBruenig By boosting these posts that contain their real name, you're putting them on a spot that… https://t.co/eZyXc2rKRB

  15. @nonstopforest @killeveryhetero @NuclearTakes because her profile pic is literally a hillary faceswap