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  1. RT @Trumptweets2020: I’m calling for immediate Congressional action on this week’s tragic event, #Fergie’s rendition of the #NationalAnthem…

  2. RT @jowrotethis: #BlackPanther might be the best movie I’ve seen all year but this is second best. https://t.co/QIWZlxvgkS

  3. RT @HotFiyaStarter: 'cism https://t.co/J2so6toxoD

  4. @HotFiyaStarter SMMFH.....Who's gonna complain next? https://t.co/ajcXtkg9jM

  5. @rodimusprime wtf?

  6. RT @_Zeets: LeBron giving the OK to send Wade back to Miami https://t.co/iGbk3c04XD

  7. @big_business_ @THE_COLI @loicpodcfb @AminESPN

  8. @terrellowens @WhitlockJason Damn right. Fuck dat fat sambo bum.

  9. RT @rlecomic: Home Alone could have been resolved much more quickly. . #homealone #classicmovies #wetbandits #ruiningmovieswithcommonsense…

  10. @Nayhova You going to the Bowl right!!!

  11. RT @CjWilson850: Man this pic wild 😭 https://t.co/AgBiQNV1ys

  12. RT @TonyAndersonTV: @ROB_WIZLE @KennethJack14 @katelinbyrd @jemelehill MLK was HATED when he was alive and considered anti america & on the…

  13. @C_A_Huggins @KBadds Holdup.... Mystikal in that shit?

  14. @peoplescrtic @KBadds @HotFiyaStarter wow