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  1. RT @FCHWPO: Got'em😂😂 #DriveByDunkChallenge

  2. RT @Kevin_Durand: WOW! Our last #comiccon trip is done. Thank you for all the @thestrainfx love. We love you back. #TheStrain…

  3. 8th annual #TecmoBowl begins today!

  4. RT @cgodwin23: New adidas graphics! GO PIRATES!

  5. RT @Kyle_Phillippi: Serious point of discussion here: what color do you prefer for mint chocolate chip ice cream?

  6. RT @mrbenwexler: Most people would’ve taken this meeting

  7. RT @murrman5: [tattoo artist talking loudly after remembering I told him to keep going if I pass out] IM GONNA PEEL THE STENCIL OFF NOW

  8. Guess who comes home this week 🤗 Look at those paws, kid is gonna be the LeBron James of pups! @LifeAsKatie_

  9. RT @DepressedDarth: Another actor's life destroyed by drugs and alcohol

  10. RT @BestMovieLine: Pirates of the Caribbean

  11. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Best rivalry in sports

  12. RT @BarstoolNate: Busting the Main is disappointing but I won the same number of bracelets as my friend @phil_hellmuth this year so I can't…

  13. RT @BarstoolNate: Yesterday was the most fun I ever had playing poker, today was the wildest. Up to 355, down to 190, bagged 255,300 going…

  14. RT @cjzero: "did you just copy an old powerpoint to a new template?

  15. RT @DomGarrett: Live look at @SmittyBarstool telling @BarstoolNate to not let @stoolpresidente get in his head. #GoNateGo…