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  1. RT @cjzero: Me trying to watch 5 things at once https://t.co/6bA65aGKgA

  2. RT @BleacherReport: The Diamondbacks just took the hot dog game to another level https://t.co/WnU0IHTDgX https://t.co/CSII2HKwPN

  3. RT @barstoolsports: "Didn't you graduate 6 years ago? Why are you still at our parties??" https://t.co/YrTUC29bfL

  4. RT @decentbirthday: So annoying how my milk always spoils too fast https://t.co/8io6F0jqFM

  5. RT @Calvinn_Hobbes: https://t.co/QarBMFo6Xd

  6. RT @BestMovieLine: The Lion King https://t.co/x2sZHNLsj4

  7. RT @ColleenWolfeNFL: I know the real truth. https://t.co/nRF9yg6JPR

  8. RT @netw3rk: https://t.co/WWFA7UZkHc

  9. RT @barstooltweetss: If you've ever wondered what it looks like to see a soul snatched in slow motion https://t.co/ou2Fhtak9q

  10. RT @Calvinn_Hobbes: https://t.co/xMaKpMmki3

  11. RT @BestMovieLine: Friends https://t.co/5fAbuVKCa8

  12. RT @BestMovieLine: Boy Meets World https://t.co/zEIYxl2xoe

  13. A flustered @LifeAsKatie_ sighs heavily as she finishes picking the first round of half her bracket. Exhausted she… https://t.co/xN5JTVb0dt

  14. RT @DaneCook: I wanna be knighted.. Jedi knighted. https://t.co/tf3uuitGN3

  15. RT @ClayTravis: Vanessa was on Blue Mountain State?! https://t.co/U7mDfgMxrE