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  1. RT @DepressedDarth: "Start building the Death Star, we'll get Alderaan to pay for it later"

  2. RT @SBNation: IT'S A ME, TATTOO

  3. RT @DepressedDarth: mood

  4. RT @World_Wide_Wob: John Wall throws down on Dennis Schroder's dome piece, then a DISRESPECTFUL death stare 😳

  5. RT @stoolpresidente: Gronk casually walking in on a White House briefing.

  6. @TigerMouse10 @Millerk67 @matt8morgan @BGMoon5 What was it???

  7. RT @JoelEmbiid: #TrustTheRefs πŸ˜‚

  8. RT @Chumpstring: GENIE: you have three wishes ME: wow ok gimme a second GENIE: done ME: wait GENIE: sure if that's your wish ME: be quiet G…

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  10. RT @AnimalsGalore: THIS IS ADORABLE

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  12. @LifeAsKatie_ πŸ˜‚

  13. RT @MaxRappaport: What if 3 Sixers rookies won Rookie of the Month this season and none of them was named Ben Simmons...…

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