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  1. RT @TheMeninist: The new Exorcist looks good

  2. RT @UncleDrewGB: Got him coach

  3. RT @JoelEmbiid: You have to get the process to get the game @bleacherreport #upyourgame #ad

  4. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Not allowed to walk by J.R. unless you dap him up, that is a rule.

  5. RT @ClayTravis: LeBron only scores 11 points and his team loses as a 17 point favorite at home? This game just feels fishy.

  6. RT @SBNation: LeBron isn't worried about winning league MVP:

  7. RT @minakimes: celtics fans, be careful out there tonight. don't get memed.

  8. RT @World_Wide_Wob: 6'9" freight train from hell barreling down the lane, Isaiah Thomas with the bravest act i have ever seen on a basketba…

  9. RT @BleacherReport: Embiid sees a bright future with the Sixers' No. 3 pick.

  10. RT @DerekBodnerNBA: Luka Mitrovic and Arturas Gudaitis. Never forget.

  11. RT @JimMWeber: There are now 103 days until college football returns. Hang in there, folks!

  12. RT @murrman5: [waiting for translator to tell me what the chinese businessmen said while we wait for the meeting to start] they've seen bre…

  13. RT @SBNation: And when Coach Pop saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more Western Conference teams to conquer. https:/…

  14. RT @JoelEmbiid: Trust The Process

  15. RT @barstoolsports: Now teeing off, Randy Johnson