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  1. RT @CGRnascar: 8️⃣th runner-up of the season for @KyleLarsonRacin and his second of the year at @NHMS #TeamLarson https://t.co/g7ujHUh8hE

  2. RT @SportsCenter: ICYMI: The hidden ball trick worked to perfection. https://t.co/fvmwPtCaJe

  3. RT @JayBilas: 'Forback Friday! Flint Tropics star Jackie Moon. https://t.co/JH1kOUkG3H

  4. RT @CuteBabyAnimals: hiding from responsibilities like... https://t.co/sFzUAxU6on

  5. RT @OptimumScouting: NFL source believes it's "better than 50/50" Josh Gordon gets reinstated this year. Still far from a lock. We could l…

  6. @hashtagASHtag 😂😂😂 preach!

  7. RT @JoelEmbiid: JOEL EMBIID IS BETTER THAN MJ EVER WAS @QuireSultan #FACTS #BurnerTwitter

  8. RT @ryanseelucas: Everything will kill you. Choose something fun.

  9. RT @NFL_Memes: This cameraman laying out a cheerleader is the hardest hit you'll see today https://t.co/M4pz1YDfGV

  10. RT @BleacherReport: Upset Alert! Memphis defeats No. 25 UCLA 48-45 https://t.co/N5VdrFqvw7

  11. RT @NFL_Memes: GAME OVER. https://t.co/OrsVRRAL87

  12. RT @_Scarden5: That's a good throw back #tbt https://t.co/86k7Fj8e6b

  13. RT @JoelEmbiid: It's almost that time of the year... can't wait to shut these bums up and the Process never ends. JUST TRUST IT #TheProcess…

  14. Team Winner 1-0, House Ringo 1-0, Jousting Flamingos 1-0 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #RoadToPerfection @TigerMouse10 @UhHuh_Shr33zzy… https://t.co/c9il7dRwYe

  15. RT @BarstoolHubbs: There's no way this guy actually works for ESPN https://t.co/6u0xEu4xPL