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  1. I was thinking of doing a rom or 2 a few years ago but never got around to it...I'll let you know if I do put "pen to paper" on anything tho.
  2. I guess the CPU...I'd be interested to see what your worst playbook(s) would be.
  3. Just as an FYI, the first set of screens are regular season stats only. The second set of screens have playoff stats included, though the stats are still divided by an 82 game season. I actually didn't know that it kept stats after the regular season was over, I just happened to stumble upon it. It does not add the playoff stats for Tecmo Super NBA Basketball for SNES as I tested it. It also says all these guys played 82 games when they did not...Jon Sundvold, Willie Burton, and Alan Ogg all got injured, missing multiple games throughout the regular season.
  4. Is this it? If not, post your own...
  5. Everything is FINAL! Check out the scores on the initial post, and the vids on my YouTube page (subscribe while you're at it). I'll post some screens soon.
  6. I will update this this weekend...I'm 75 games through and 75-0...shocking I know lol. All of the vids are viewable on my YouTube channel though if you wanted to take a peek.
  7. Updated thru 36 games...peep some of the games on my YouTube channel and please subscribe!
  8. The marketing strategy for the NES Classic is/was at best bizarre...they made them very scarce on purpose apparently (so they wouldn't tank on this venture?). I feel like what they ended up doing is pissing people off and making them not give a shit about this product. I was stoked about this when I originally heard about it, but when I heard how scarce they were, it was like, wtf? I'm indifferent at best regarding this product at this point.
  9. Updated through 12...getting more games uploaded on the YouTube too...go to my page, like, subscribe, comment, etc!
  10. Played another 3 games...will have player stats updated at season's end.
  11. Great tournament guys, love the new format! The Retron systems worked great as well, no glitches and these things are much more reliable than the old school Nintendos. Unfortunately I didn't win one in the raffle lol...congrats O'Toole.
  12. So I have decided on the Miami Heat backups and this challenge will be known as BimbOgg in honor of Vernell Eufaye "Bimbo" Coles and the late Alan Ogg...2 of the 5 starters in this contest. The starters are as follows... PG - Jon Sundvold SG - Vernell Coles SF - Willie Burton PF - Grant Long C - Alan Ogg The results thus far... 11-2-91: @MIA - 107, NY - 60 11-4-91: @MIA - 87, BOS - 64 11-7-91: MIA - 107, @NJ - 68