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  1. You are correct Buck...nice job...I wasn't trying to make it too much about the SNES version but I felt like it was one of the better questions I came up with...without being kind of the typical/obvious NFL, real life trivia.
  2. Sorry, incorrect...Warren Moon is still on the Oilers in TSB 1 for SNES...good guess tho
  3. Which NES Tecmo Super Bowlers became QB Vikings, K Bears, and P Bengals in the SNES version?
  4. Vinny Testaverde
  5. Steve DeBerg
  6. Interesting and thanks for weighing in, though when I do a project, I like to do things my way...I'm revisiting my files and notes and we'll see what's not you, it's me lol...thanks again for all the help've done a ton more hacks than I have thus, congrats.
  7. Bumping for selfish reasons.
  8. Just going to muck them I guess. I'm kind of doing a lifetime challenge on my 1996 version where I'm playing a world series with every team v. every team....756 total...I just completed #7 today and I released the final 1996 version on 7-20-14 (so you see how well that's going lol...I hadn't played it in almost 2 years, but it's still my favorite baseball game and I knocked out 5 games today). I guess if I was feeling froggy, I could make teams of the remaining players from those years 1977 and 1987 that didn't qualify for their real life teams. I strictly used at bats (and games played?) for batters in the 1996 version, regardless of how good or not the stats are and innings pitched (and games?) to determine the pitchers on teams. I guess the reason I'm looking into those seasons is that I don't really care about playing an entire season on the game anymore (especially with the HR disappearing glitch) as I think it would be cool to just compile the stats from all of the World Series I play.
  9. Not sure how gung ho I am about this currently, but I've already done 1996. I initially wanted to do 1994, 1995, and 1997 as well as those are the only other seasons where the 28 teams fit as you have Arizona and Tampa Bay in 1998...but I am looking into 1977 (This Week in Baseball/The Bronx is Burning edition) or 1987 (Starting Lineup Talking Baseball edition) we'll see I will be super anal about it if I do it...I was on baseball reference looking up the most common defensive setups and batting lineups for 1996 as well as player batting stance photos to try to determine the best batting stances. I guess 1977 or 1987 are hot with me right now. Thanks again, man.
  10. Got it to work man, thanks you're awesome!
  11. Hey guys, I was thinking about finally making another KGB hack, but I keep getting an error message when I try to run the KGB editor on Windows 10...does it not work on Windows 10 or does anybody know? Any help is appreciated. Thanks much. Trevor
  12. I haven't played it in a really long time but I do own it. I remember enjoying the little side hitting game, but apparently it has some other features that I was unaware of. I still think that Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for SNES is still the best baseball game of all time.
  13. GAME 19 - PLAYOFFS RD 3: IND - 20 BUF - 35
  14. GAME 18 - PLAYOFFS RD 2: IND - 7, DEN - 0