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  1. When you shop at supermarkets and drug stores as much as I do, you know that Albertsons acquiring Rite Aid is a match made in hell.

  2. I can't believe how little Carmelo's stuff sells for.

  3. @NateMeyvis @thinkingpoker thanks again for the recommendation to start reading @MargRev. It's a GTO way to complem… https://t.co/Rpd7xHoUTD

  4. Also at the top of the @SpinnPlatt playlist at https://t.co/e6dOvUXLrk. https://t.co/ftew2clWbK

  5. RT @soda_89: Me today in the office - "BART is shittier in the literal sense, Caltrain is shittier in the metaphorical sense". Hyuk hyuk

  6. @snoosnoo13 Thanks. I didn't see that. (Slow connection on train means less patience.)

  7. RT @sarahhhclifton: we went to waffle house at 2 am and it was super icy outside so the workers gave us serving trays to go sledding outsid…

  8. @snoosnoo13 Blowout is a better choice for new stuff, DA for everything else. They’re like eBay and amazon, similar… https://t.co/DPTExlzni9

  9. Everything sells on amazon. Unreal. https://t.co/YxGZKWnM8z

  10. RT @JoelWritesGood: https://t.co/R23cGnA4sl Reg E. Cathey, rest in peace. I honestly never saw him in anything but Square One TV, because w…

  11. @NateMeyvis For me Nextdoor has been a hotbed of retired people poetry

  12. @Caltrain Will 319 pass 215?

  13. A lot of times “karma” is just someone drawing out on someone else

  14. #psychic https://t.co/AyYLaKFVug

  15. Can’t help but wonder whether someone snuck NWA into the president’s record collection #fuckthepolice