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  1. @NateMeyvis I played pickup volleyball in Marblehead, Mass., last fall, and my experience was jortly identical to y… https://t.co/jmv12mz0ax

  2. https://t.co/eJMGzROYEu @derektenbusch maybe TPE should represent if you're not still in the Main! Candlebox/Cracker on another date too.

  3. @thinkingpoker thought of you for some reason https://t.co/rOj72Qzvbf

  4. @snoosnoo13 Oh, I have no idea. There used to be a thread on BO where someone put Bowman Draft in an Excel file and… https://t.co/nkP2YpIthN

  5. @snoosnoo13 I mean like ripping 10 cases

  6. This is so true. https://t.co/6ELDqu45WH

  7. The fish out of water trope could be done with someone giving every inanimate object the "OK Google" treatment, in… https://t.co/RtEKu6too4

  8. The sell-high moment for Ohtani is tonight. His starts have been vs. Oakland, which is a good matchup, and no one c… https://t.co/DqPrGuRcbl

  9. @DoctorAvenue Clearly channeling "Careless Whisper" and the old Dos Equis guy

  10. Here's another way to look at the gun issue. It's not about getting guns out of the hands of criminals. It's about… https://t.co/ssL4xPHSra

  11. I'm not happy about it, but Amazon stock may be a good buy because the reasons it's dropped aren't really real.

  12. I sent COMC a Magic Johnson 86-87 Fleer Sticker with a dinged corner under the basic service and they're sending it… https://t.co/lFTff3qo1y

  13. #sodesu https://t.co/98f3ORDBvx

  14. Also WilliamsCards is having an amazing sale on COMC. Spend your balance before it goes to rent tomorrow!

  15. Sweet. But not sticky sweet. Thanks, @GroceryOutlet. CC @HipHop101Trivia https://t.co/W3RUN1yMRG