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  1. .@DoctorAvenue Wouldn't a game called "Chu Chu Rocket League" be the best game ever?

  2. Some bad coaching by both teams on the last play of the first half #GBvsDAL

  3. Japan in a hat. Can't wait to go back.

  4. I also would accept the old fishing pole gag

  5. About 1% of those are mine (144 per day). Very happy that so many other sellers are supporting them!

  6. Never a good sign

  7. So the way Mexico would pay for the wall would be via tariffs that we DON'T charge them. And bec. Congress decides tariffs, there'll be none

  8. Visited some friends in Denver last month, and one of them is dating a woman whom Clarence Kay (Denver, TE, #88) used to stalk. Kind of creepy, but thought someone here would find that interesting.
  9. Ending 6 minutes early because he's classy like that #obamafarewell

  10. @_jencarney Please let that be a Kirk Cousins reference

  11. @chrisolds2009 @Goldust Nice hit. I wish Topps would do a better job staying true to the fonts used in the original designs.

  12. @AlvarektMailbag Will you watch the first 7 Star Wars movies in a row before driving to the theater to see the new one?

  13. If you're not putting guacamole in your deviled eggs instead of mayonnaise you're not doing California right

  14. Haven't seen this tack yet, but the Office of Congressional Ethics flap may just be to provide cover over repealing Obamacare

  15. Wow, if anyone used this in a tournament I'd be very likely to enter, no matter where it was