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  1. Perhaps the rebuttal to "fake news!" should be "you're Russian!"

  2. I hope it wasn’t the Black Hood #Riverdale https://t.co/VC6EVZiali

  3. I didn't realize this was a thing. It is! #TIL https://t.co/YiUiPgqpvI

  4. @AznAllin007 https://t.co/aK8B4OLRUZ that's a good price.

  5. @sukiilu https://t.co/WnFDrmekpS

  6. @Starbucks And I do year round in my venti skinny mochas. Thanks for replying!

  7. I’m starting to think no @Starbucks has sugar free peppermint this holiday season

  8. @BSCBell I acknowledge that it’s a cheap shot

  9. For the second straight day I'm only getting offers on COMC overnight, which tells me either nobody wants my shit a… https://t.co/Gu6ALBnm4K

  10. So Nick St. Clair was jailbaiting Veronica Lodge around? I don't know. #Riverdale

  11. For the third straight year I missed out on @sproutsfm's annual gift card sale. #FML

  12. My favorite T-shirt in the '90s had a giant @julianahatfield head staring back at people. Now I have a @MsMichelleWake one that does that.

  13. @Dorgon Probably because your phone wasn't made in America

  14. Love listening to @jaromjordan and @Spencer_Linton reference Boom Goes the Dynamite. Reminds me of Pioneer Sports Wrap with @TheCruZader.

  15. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, this is the greatest World Series ever.