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  1. They're bad with all carriers. I think they deprioritize tethering, which is maddening. I would pay a lot of money…

  2. @snoosnoo13 dammit

  3. @DatDudeAP21 Don't overthink the DFA. That's baseball. Keep up the work in the pen, and we'll see you with the big club soon.

  4. Topps continues to not try

  5. Well I guess I am watching @Shan_Berries tonight so I can stock up

  6. Another win for whomever it is that writes Caltrain's tweets.

  7. I'm watching the Paris Hilton episode of South Park on Comedy Central, and the first ad during this break? Hilton hotels.

  8. Only on eBay

  9. The @MLBNetwork cut away from Brewers/Padres at the end of the 9th for Quick Pitch, whose anchor is named ... Heidi. Can't make this shit up

  10. Nobody ever gets mad at the Constitution for not getting that people feel unsafe when they see things they don't understand

  11. @BillyHamilton You're a true gamer out there. Keeping your team in the game tonight.

  12. @calculusdork well done, again!

  13. @HUPPodcast Sorry to miss you at the WSOP, unless you can extend your trip past July 1.

  14. Does it get any better than Sally Yates?

  15. Love the person who does Caltrain twitter. They're always right.