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  1. @snoosnoo13 @Robski3030 @UpperDeckHockey @UpperDeckE_Pack Used to. I still contribute to the economy as a catfish. Should fix Compendium bug

  2. @snoosnoo13 @Robski3030 No, since they stopped answering their customer service email I've just been buying singles on COMC.

  3. Hugh Laurie should write a cookbook and call it "House Made"

  4. If conspiracy theories were in a March Madness bracket, water fluoridation and the anti-vaxx movement would be an 8/9 matchup

  5. Oh, America. You don't try to overcheer the Japanese ouendan. You make your own cheers when your team bats.

  6. This extra innings rule in the World Baseball Classic is like watching a hooker on her Friday. Most dramatic part, biggest hurry.

  7. Half price pizzas at Papa John's with promo code PAPA, and you can stack it with promo code SWISH for a free 3-topping pizza next time.

  8. You spend 5 minutes on Nextdoor, and you understand why society needs religion. Nothing else can stop us from judging others.

  9. @SPaulsonKTVU Is it really 61 already in Cupertino? Impressive!

  10. Meh-pcot Center #MillennialDisney @midnight

  11. @snoosnoo13 Ha, then there's nothing "e" about it :)

  12. On the COMC front, Kris Bryant autos are starting to heat up

  13. I know I'm one of 52,000 people, but it's still kind of neat that Georges Laraque followed me

  14. @allhockeyva There's a lot of action at $650–$700 from several people, but it's a desirable enough card that I could wait for my price.

  15. All Hail King Putin, a Nyetflix original series @midnight #RussianTVShows