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  1. 2016

    Great, thanks!
  2. Sometimes it feels as if the people who slow societal progress are those who were either always picked on or never picked on

  3. .@brentandbecca well here is one way to keep people from contacting you, thinking you sent the wrong item…

  4. Still on board with @CW_Riverdale although for the first time it's feeling contrived, what with Alice reading Betty's Diary and all.

  5. My current name for him is "Mike Pence all the poorer"

  6. RT @JoelWritesGood: Leave it to Topps to use internal jargon to ruin a baseball card

  7. I put my ditto in a new gym and then someone else put theirs in. Two dittos and a machamp now.

  8. @brentandbecca Do you PC this guy?

  9. If you've ever worked for a large corporation, the antics in the White House ought to look quite familiar.

  10. Highlights from my trip to NYC

  11. RT @charlotteirene8: why do parents on Facebook think anyone wants to know about their kids potty training experiences.

  12. The surest bet of all Super Bowl prop bets just lost

  13. That Audi commercial seems so long ago #SuperBowl

  14. I want to open a Jewish hip-hop bakery and call it "challah at yo boychick"

  15. @sal_castaneda A few @Caltrain conductors do say, "All Aboard!" but it sounds corny. Helps when saying goodbye to your sweetie, though.