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  1. I like the Adult Swim-style interludes on @KBCWtv during Family Guy. This is why I watch it even though it's on Adult Swim at the same time.

  2. This is why @Bakes_Jamie13 does color so well. First thing he says after Marleau goal is to point out all Oilers on bench looked at clock.

  3. @ebayguruEric No, Rookies_n_Jerseys has more.

  4. Interestingly, some COMC cards are getting cross-listed immediately now. There might be 2 tracks: Existing and newl…

  5. No surprise @HipHop101Trivia and I feel the same about restaurants whose menu prices show no cents. Corollary: Square plates? Too rich.

  6. Sales taxes are technically regressive, but if they were progressive the way income taxes are, you could fairly abolish income taxes.

  7. Eri Yoshida is still throwing the knuckleball in Japan. She's currently pitching for Tochigi:

  8. COMC decided to add to my account the 1990 Leaf puzzle piece cards I used as spacers. Well, I just sold one for $1.05.

  9. There are only two other people who have used #easterwithsoul this morning? I do not deserve to be the third! Long live Soul Train anyway.

  10. I have like all of my lucky eggs. I wish I had time to use them this weekend. #PokemonGO

  11. @ebayguruEric It was on COMC :(

  12. D'oh. Had a really good counteroffer on my 2015 Kris Bryant Topps Chrome Green Refractor auto, but he canceled it. Real world in the way.

  13. @derektenbusch Open bar Groupon, but probably service is not as good as PT's.

  14. I don't understand this card.

  15. They stay at 100. Basically they are always 100 unless they are in bad, in which case they are 94 across.