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  1. @ebayguruEric Take it from someone who's seen him play since he was at Nevada. He has everything he needs in Green Bay.

  2. I'm basically taking all the herniated disc recovery of the past 3 years and blowing it on 1 weekend of mosh pits and 800 miles of driving

  3. I've received 300+ "negative balance" emails from COMC today because a bunch of stuff is ready to go live. Thank goodness for threading.

  4. @HipHop101Trivia good stuff about @TravInAVan at https://t.co/ROW45BDVhr :) Finally reading it and having a good time.

  5. Love that @deshaunwatson tackle. Making tremendous adjustments to the pro game, too.

  6. RT @Itsfaco: The reason praying is not working is cuz they're spelling it with an E.

  7. You heard it here first: Next year Topps will make a pumpkin spice parallel.

  8. @LumberjackCards @warrenman9 @dorgon runs music trivia and is planning on giving some out as prizes. It's going to be great.

  9. My new thing when people say "hip, hip!" is to reply "buffet!"

  10. @lunabrd Does that count as "no music on the train without headphones"?

  11. My old hockey league expanded back to 8 teams, I just rejoined my pinball league, and I have 10,000 cards to price on COMC. What will give?

  12. @adultswim What a pleasant surprise to see a Brak Show marathon. I hope Pete Smith does the opposite of dying in a fire. #petesmithforever

  13. Was COMC down for most of the day or what? I've only sold 12 cards today. https://t.co/pCsGLHrp9J

  14. Politics aside, a "U Bum" Triple Threads-like LeBron custom card would sure sell well, wouldn't it?

  15. I think I've cracked the SRP code on COMC. SWP is from port sales. SLP is from flippers. SRP is from shipped cards.