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  1. RB2 on teams with 2 RBs, isn't it? I seem to have forgotten it wasn't a play in the playbook but selectable with its own button. Too much TSB III I guess. In TSB III you have to put it in your playbook, but you can hit R, I believe, to jump forward with the ball carrier.
  2. Knobbe beat me to it with the pads comment. But defensive players also aren't in pads. The big difference I see is that a player can't run as fast while holding a football, can he?
  3. Today on Iron Comedy: Your ingredients are solar panels, the alt right, and #SolarEclipse2017.

  4. It's Twitter days like today I'm thankful @thinkingpoker had @catehall as a guest so I could learn who she was.

  5. @snoosnoo13 Well let's see what happens

  6. I'm opening a case of 2016 Panini Unparalleled football. Why is it called "Unparalleled" if it has parallels in it?

  7. I'll play it if you make it.
  8. When you get your daily Nextdoor digest and realize you post way too often

  9. Wearing my @iloveparallels shirt at Lowe's but wishing I could be at Home Hardware because Canada

  10. If someone made a Robert Mueller dream team shirt that looked like the 1992 US Olympic men's basketball Dream Team shirt, I would buy it

  11. Just wanted to say this is exciting. Will you have a team of humans, a team of water and ice pokemon, etc.?
  12. If even one person thinks a petition is more important than voting, we have failed as a nation

  13. Well, I can't buy or accept offers on COMC so I guess I'll just go to bed.

  14. Fast food restaurant coupons are like tournament poker chips: Each additional one is worth a little less than the ones you already have.

  15. If my volleyball team made trading cards, I wonder whether COMC would take one of me. I mean, @calculusdork is already on several cards.