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  1. @kenwongart @doougle @pmpygame I snorted out loud

  2. @rachelmillman "I deemed it wise" great deeming there buddy

  3. RT @TheVTran: a kid says: "I don't think anyone below 18 should have FB, not because of safety but because it's outdated, boring, & infeste…

  4. RT @AaronM: it’s fun working in healthcare https://t.co/XDeQUKnR6z

  5. RT @markpopham: https://t.co/015mcHnTiG

  6. RT @bladtheimpaler: Arizona spent $3,600,000 drug testing 87,000 welfare recipients. 1 tested positive for a fine of $560. https://t.co/5Kl…

  7. @ThoughtOtter I'd have put "extremely boopable"

  8. I want a flag of all the flags

  9. @SkinnerSteven @beck I've got two V-8 bottles and a can of sooooouuup

  10. RT @VicBergerIV: The 70 year old pig person that eats off of this gold-plated table is eliminating funding for Meals on Wheels. Great work,…

  11. @lrgmnn it's-a me, Mario McRlwain

  12. RT @RobotParking: *freeze frame* *record scratch* Yep. That's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation. https://t.co/9c…

  13. @dubsteppenwolf @nods_sagely "and business is good!"

  14. Should I buy Torment now or wait for patches?

  15. RT @SandboxStrat: Raise your glasses to Roberta Williams – the woman who pioneered graphic adventure games – who turned 64 yesterday. https…