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  1. RT @Ettin64: Alright, gonna try another Hell Galaxy Stellaris run. Time to make a bunch of incredibly bad AI empires and try to stomp them…

  2. RT @UltClassicRock: A look back at Genesis' epic 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' ... https://t.co/tb02sh0r56

  3. RT @PaulTobin: Next, on "2017." https://t.co/0p38fPlE9j

  4. It's really good, y'all https://t.co/0bnkYPy1m7

  5. .@RonWyden, I’m disgusted that the House voted for huge tax cuts for the rich — at the expense of working families. #NotOnePenny

  6. @razzadoop @MandoPony So, a slot machine.

  7. @jeremymbarr "Hubble Contact buyers, please begin skewering your eyeballs to own the libs"

  8. @MOUNTENNUI We're one step closer to "Resurrect John Brown and Give Him Power Armor 2020".

  9. @realDonaldTrump What is wrong with you?

  10. RT @chidaquiles: NASA’s Juno probe took some raw images of Jupiter AND JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!! https://t.co/9dYGtbCquV

  11. RT @Mikel_Jollett: Republicans - let me get this straight - you think it’s wrong for two adults of the same sex to get married but it’s OK…

  12. RT @alis_samp: Winnebago Graveyard books have arrived. The graphic novel. They're all velvety and we've got some fancier paper inside as we…

  13. @ScottPresler That worked great, racist

  14. RT @CoolComicArt: Frank Quitely https://t.co/lKJZDowFZ2