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  1. fstoney1960's photo I love this so much.

  2. casual reminder that poison ivy, mosquitos, and hemlock are also "natural" and "organic"

  3. @robertashley And they are fine indeed.

  4. RT @longwall26: Comey: He's guilty Democrats: He's guilty Trump: I'm guilty Republicans: We may never get to the bottom of this

  5. @FuturePress Let's have an updated ship date, please!

  6. RT @bromanconsul: THE WORLD: please don't be racist please don't be racist FRANCE: ah mon ami, we are only 35% raciste THE WORLD: thank god

  7. RT @jon_bois: if i were down by 30 points in a basketball game, i would bite the basketball open and drink all the juice inside and just ru…

  8. @TheShivas @candaceisaband I'll be there!

  9. RT @griph:

  10. @karengeier escaped mental patient

  11. @OverlandGame C I T Y B I O M E

  12. RT @Loguardsoule: #SlugcatLife 2nd round

  13. @ADAMATOMIC holy crapoli

  14. @karengeier seems fishy

  15. RT @MavenofHonor: What happens in the abandoned orchard by the crumbling ruins, stays in the abandoned orchard by the crumbling ruins