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  1. RT @BSmile: 1909 St. Louis Browns Team - What they lacked in talent, they made up for in beautiful baseball sweaters @UniWatch #MLB #FirstD…

  2. @batkaren :D "Intercourse affirmative" is my new favorite thing today

  3. @mmfa "Neil...welcome back!"

  4. @baseball_ref @bball_ref but...bball_ref is for basketball

  5. @jitka before Ellis Island his family name was "Hutherford". they made them change it because it carried the joke out too far

  6. @text_quest truly the people's villain

  7. RT @timescanner: David Lynch on happiness: https://t.co/WGwgoPOOXi

  8. @squidlarkin some of the old external hard drives, CD drives etc had regular USB instead of mini

  9. RT @bintiM: RT if you know why https://t.co/5EBH6YkNr8

  10. @Manglewood it seems like a lot of work honestly

  11. RT @business: DEVELOPING: Martin Shkreli will be jailed, judge says https://t.co/32024uBWcn https://t.co/3vk91LzX2h

  12. @egg_dog @jitka Maeve Binchy, Dan


  14. RT @simpsonsfilms: Twin Peaks: "The Return, Part 18" (2017) (dir. David Lynch) https://t.co/jPCSgV8Ceo

  15. @donetodeath I don't know where my inner prude is, but I definitely discovered my No Thank You To Viewing Lena Dunh… https://t.co/6moQnuVurO