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  1. my best boxing workout yet. I am gonna hurt so bad tomorrow and do not give a single fuck 💪

  2. @famoushorse in that case, how do you do, fellow kids

  3. @imteddybless I hope it's a brand new car

  4. RT @SABRbioproject: A wonderful action shot of Dizzy Dean with the #Chicago #Cubs on the mound at Wrigley Field. Best remembered as a #STLC…

  5. RT @PubicZirconium: good morning https://t.co/LrYsb74GNI

  6. and it doesn't help that she's got somewhere to be, and someone to be with


  8. @Benigma2017 we’re all dead

  9. @papasuncle @AtticusFinch79 why not both?

  10. RT @MLB: .@Cubs, RHP Yu Darvish agree to 6-year, $126M deal, @Ken_Rosenthal reports. Club hasn’t confirmed. https://t.co/MfhTBJtIU9 #HotSto…

  11. @zarawesome would play this

  12. @SlippyOHoulihan @videodante I would like an explanation for why universal health care is tyranny. No childish insu… https://t.co/sRCU1ZNpBf

  13. RT @drinksmcgee: When your dog starts chewing something and you’re not sure what it is. https://t.co/WkjNe2T0YP

  14. @AllredMD @Marvel Allred + Adam Warlock is one of my favorite combo meals ever

  15. @snukamonero @MurderBryan @trillgoreklout what other facts do you want? there is so much data about how rising weal… https://t.co/jy6gdHBAQ7