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  1. Discord Handle: GameHigh Can you host?: Yes Your time zone: PST Best time for you to play: Evenings / Late night
  2. HSTL S42 Draft Lists

    RD 10 - best WR3/LB3 combo based on LB RD 11 - best RB4/DB4 combo based on DB
  3. HSTL S42 Draft

    HOU DL/K/P
  4. HSTL S42 Draft

    Everyone ahead of me has LB1/WR1 already, so I'll take NE combo Tippet / Fryar
  5. HSTL S42 Draft

    DET combo WR1 Clark / LB1 Gibson
  6. HSTL S42 Draft

    KC combo DB Lewis / RB Word
  7. HSTL S42 Draft

  8. HSTL S42 Draft

    BUF LB Bennett / WR Edwards
  9. HSTL S42 Draft

    DET QB combo please
  10. HSTL S42 Draft

    RAI DB/RB combo Anderson / Smith
  11. HSTL S42 Draft

    Give me the second best RB and second to worst DB... DET combo Sanders / Irvin
  12. HSTL S42 Round 0

    Chargers with pick #6
  13. AFC West divisional tilt to kick off the season. And based on projections, I've only got 5 more recaps to write. The Chargers, reeling from multiple seasons of suspect QB play (in which this owner assumes zero responsibility), drafted Joe Cool in hopes of resurrecting the offense. However, due to the draft format, the flip side is an average at best defense. Facing the Seahawks with a Krieg-to-Rice combo is the disaster scenario for the Chargers. True to form, the Seahawks get the opening kickoff and embark on a 3-minute drive down the field, balancing Herschel Walker runs with Krieg passes. Krieg lobs one to Chris Carter for a TD. But there's only room for one Carter in this game, and his name is Anthony. The Chargers respond with a pass-heavy drive with AC shredding burn routes to tie it up. Next possession, Krieg is picked off and the Chargers salvage a FG before halftime to trail 14-10. In the second half, Montana cooked up a glorious Waffle House offense - scattered, smothered, and covered in CC's. And it was 3am drunk, "hey, how did I get here?" delicious. Has anyone seen my wallet? Oh, here it is, along with 200 yards and 2 TDs from AC. You're the best, man. Meanwhile, for the Chargers defense, an excellent Brett Maxie padded down Rice as multiple bombs from Krieg fell incomplete. Final score: Chargers 24, Seahawks 14 GG @Barletti and GLTRW! Box Score: http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=15014
  14. HSTL S41 Draft

    RB Ron Wolfley
  15. HSTL S41 Draft

    WAS DL