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  1. @reedmarks @steveclazy @TweetsDanny https://t.co/8obgIKc5fJ

  2. @StarsStripesFC @JoeMaskivish 2nd half? Insert Same gif here

  3. @NWSBoulder @ChrisCBS4 rain changing into snow in Highlands ranch

  4. RT @ussoccer: Sooo can we borrow for Friday night, @USABaseball? https://t.co/mJ5M3ClWRY

  5. @ComradeM @ElleJayCee_ It was worth it tho haha

  6. WINNER!!!! https://t.co/qrbFZFgkvs

  7. @SoccerByIves As a Rapids Fan I hope its Petke... or that they just kept Cassar... let it burn a little longer... say after April 15th haha

  8. RT @lisang: Best of the memes from the Merkel-Trump meeting. https://t.co/bmsdO6WVG0

  9. @wvhooligan Give the amusement park room to grow and build a 20-25k seat stadium in the Heart of Downtown Denver next to Pepsi

  10. @thechrisdenker ah was just about to ask about this...

  11. @AndyS_Denver Hey Andy, you got the hook up on the Spring game run with Ralphie? Make my dreams come true!!!!

  12. @SpartaBarta42 @markellislive @SchmoesKnow @AmericanCancer Hey Danielle unrelated to your post, but congrats on Israel Baseball's WBC Run

  13. @joestarr187 that was a less satisfying event than fan4stic

  14. @RalphieReport @crazysportgirl1 Oh wow.. you guys tweeted this yesterday? Why did this just show up on my timeline now? #mybad

  15. @hawkmav They were never going to win, but Oliver lost control of the game early and over-reacted to bring it back around.