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  1. @JorgeIdeaholic You best me on my bus

  2. @Jens1893 @SeppBlatter couldn't find a translation for romansch

  3. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/TsunWJgfKz

  4. RT @The_UnSilent_: Hannity - “You think I’m bad for America?” Ted Koppel - “Yep” 😐 #FireHannity https://t.co/rKoo4jLgzG

  5. @highpresspod HOW DARE YOU SIR!!!!

  6. RT @byterryjones: The Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup parade will follow the usual route. Out.

  7. @JoshuaDover @ColoradoRapids @jamesmerilatt @Dottewill #bowlgame #CJinMediaGame

  8. @TheRumFish you at the game

  9. RT @jonfavs: This is so dangerous, and Gingrich knows better. What an awful person. https://t.co/azJyVhnWAL

  10. @MLSTransfers im not keep tweeting

  11. @VERTiiGOGAMING R-u-s-t

  12. Rousey match was legitimately fun!

  13. @st_vockrodt @rapidsrabbi I agree, they are headed in the right direction, they just aremt there yet

  14. @RapidsJason @nerevsfan @2Fast2Farrell @MidnightRiders This is true

  15. @kylekeefetv @RycroftMark Tyson Barrie had an embarrassingly horrible game. Just innumerable defensive zone turnovers. Abysmal!