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  1. @jonjones Much Respect for taking the #wrongjonjones ball and running with it

  2. @NBCPolitics He got one right... Good. Now lets see if TODAY is the operative word

  3. @JustinRoiland @Todd_McFarlane That's a really cool inscription as well.

  4. @_elFamasRangel @GarciaforWesty link?

  5. #fact

  6. @VERTiiGOGAMING Love your content no matter what it is... keep up the great stuff

  7. @CUBuffsSoccer @ColoradoRapids @TimHowardGK @s_gashi11 @ZacMacMath GO BUFFS!!!

  8. @PeterBurnsESPN Hey Pete check out @IMVGAMING they are working on building a new CFB game

  9. @millerol_ @ColoradoRapids Hey Oliver you should Definitely swing by the @C38sg tailgate!

  10. Wow

  11. @Brian_Cronin_TX

  12. @kylemartino Helluva game eh? Hope to see you on the flight back to the states tomorrow.

  13. @stewartgardner @ManUtdUSA @ManUtd I am!!! Making my first trip to Old Trafford from Denver Co. A dream come trip #GGMU

  14. @JimmyKimmelLive @BaruchelNDG oooooooooh