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  1. @ComradeM are we gonna do that art project soon?

  2. An all time @cubuffs great @crosbykicks2

  3. @Brooke_Cale you moving?

  4. @FlemingSport lol are you in la for the weekend?

  5. @MLSTransfers you think its gonna happen?

  6. @redberen @Eurolanche welcome back!!!

  7. @FlemingSport meh could have been worse!

  8. @quill18 @Essentia_Modica So stream in 11 hours lol kidding

  9. RT @FootyHumour: World Cup 2026 be like...

  10. @NickBracken303 I'd rather keep both and move landeskog and varlamov

  11. Watching @RoastBattle filmed live at @ComedyWorks on @ComedyCentral and who should appear? #OneCity #BurgundyBoys…

  12. @Utahrd #raidersofthelostark!

  13. @bleaklefty ?

  14. @ChiFireEyedBoy ?