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  1. @edwardgaug

  2. @MLSTransfers anything in the ether on my rapids?

  3. RT @ddale8: I know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House has ever told…

  4. I heart this... I want one... Ring Contest? No? Ok... lol

  5. @RyanKoenigsberg @alliemonroy11 And @MLS with @samilton7 going to the @ColoradoRapids

  6. @JoeMaskivish yes he is... he's the only person in that photo... the other is a Giraffe

  7. fuck... well it was fun while it lasted

  8. @3DogCircus @PsychTheMovie

  9. Damn...

  10. @Jens1893 @ColoradoRapids next to the guy in a bomb pop shirt

  11. @Nick_Offerman @dickfundy

  12. @jonostrower one of my best friends got hired to fly the 787 for them

  13. @Utahrd freaking canucks cant hold their liquor

  14. @MattBinder JESUS

  15. @TheRumFish did you watch that or the US game?