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  1. @PeruvianPrncs @SefoLiufau @CoachChev6 @AllBuffs how the hell did that happen?!?!?!

  2. @Jens1893 the bayern?

  3. @KristianHarloff @MurrellDan I/I Believe/I Believe that/I Believe that Dan/I believe that Dan will win! I believe that Dan will win!

  4. @DuleHill @JamesRoday @Cary_Elwes Thanks for the response. Loved you on West Wing, But Psych is And will always be in myTop 2 shows alltime

  5. @midnight @TheJohnDiMaggio Bender is Great, Bender is Great!

  6. @MLSTransfers he required their Allocation spot right?

  7. RT @C38sg: The 2017 season is right around the corner. Single match tix available this week. Bus schedules are up and we are... https://t.c…

  8. @Jboarei @TotalMLS #returnofthesuperliga

  9. @theDethloon awww that's adorable

  10. @richardterry85 my guess is that he ends up at united in a flip for De Gea

  11. @DavidKoechner Can i get one? lol #nickname

  12. @The_UnReal_Matt whoa


  14. RT @mrbenwexler: republicans are the true snowflakes (they're all white, they're cold, and if you put enough of em together they'll shut do…

  15. #ImpeachTrump