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  1. @SchmoesKnow @ErikGriffin @markellislive MONTEZ!!!!!

  2. @BrandonSpano @Sportster5280 That said 950 is by far and away the best at this point

  3. @KristianHarloff speaking of people coming to the council, Did you ever get a hold of @donald_faison to be on the show?


  5. @reedmarks So old and forgetful 😉

  6. @TheGhostofMarv @patrickghidossi you gonna hit up a Rapids game anytime soon?

  7. @KaylaKnappFOX THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING @KaylaKnappFOX !!

  8. LOL COME ON @AltitudeTV That was New England... Not Chicago... #facepalm..@FlemingSport @marcelobalboa17

  9. @ChiFireEyedBoy lol

  10. @AndrewDasNYT who?

  11. @KristianHarloff if @TheRock does infact come onto the #schmoedown would his theme be eligible?

  12. @Shapalicious the first question is... WHY?!?!?!?!?!

  13. RT @C38sg: @sbagley That is not a @C38sg led chant and our members know that it is not allowed. @C38sg is not responsible for @DSGpark and…

  14. @thechrisdenker wait you're leaving youtube?

  15. @JamesTurnerYT Mar-a-Lago aka donald trumps house