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  1. @RealSaltLake @MLS @FCDallas How'd that work out for y'all?

  2. RT @neiltyson: Let’s Make America Smart Again.

  3. RT @GrantWahl: Don't think we should assume that Tab Ramos would want to accept the USMNT coaching position on an interim basis.

  4. 💓of the Buffs! @I_CU_boy is a legend! https://t.co/PKZRyn6uzA

  5. @AmericanOutlaws Please take action on the abusive, almost borderline predatory approach to tickets that US Soccer… https://t.co/SfBHNIPLZw

  6. fuck it... Tinfoil Ted for US Soccer president @MLSTransfers

  7. @KristianHarloff @rianjohnson Reaction Video tonight?

  8. @NWSBoulder Snowing in Highlands Ranch for sure

  9. @kyle_mccall im ready to fire bernardi and jeffcoat... but i was ready for that 6 months ago

  10. @TheGhostofMarv You ready?

  11. @PaulTenorio @herculezg WOW way to bend the rules @MLS SET RULES AND FOLLOW THEM

  12. RT @RepAdamSchiff: At urging of @NRA, Congress gave the gun industry an immunity from liability no other product enjoys. The bill I’m intro…

  13. @shamalanche @j_volt_CU_AF #truth I'm finally getting my Custom Chris Drury 37 jersey this year, that I've wanted since I was 15 lol

  14. Wow..... I can't believe he said this.... I mean I can, but also cant... has he no shame https://t.co/RRCyQzNf9z