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  1. @Utahrd Did you go to the early showing in SLC

  2. @MrSUFootball @ColoradoRapids @Burgundywave LOL

  3. Hey @dbadji14 are you in town? Come watch MLS Cup with @C38sg at @TheCelticTavern tomorrow.

  4. @PsychMovieFans https://t.co/qCM8wQ0ClH

  5. RT @Tdye15dbTroy: He lied straight to my dads face in my living room Thursday night. He didn't keep his word to me Monday. Lost all my resp…

  6. @Ry_Madden Did Nicole ask if she was staying in Denver #Sharpy!!!!

  7. @KirkPSchmidt @WynHere @AaronMatas same here... but like you, I also find it frustrating... its super cathartic to… https://t.co/RYrptce0aW

  8. RT @TranslateRealDT: Putting someone into the Senate who you wouldn't trust to drive your teenage daughter to the mall is the new definitio…

  9. RT @AaronRadioGuy: The #Silverdome not collapsing when the charges went off might be the most #Lions thing in the history of Lions things.

  10. @ussoccer_acad @SockersFCacad @StrikersIrvine @CrossfirePrmr wow

  11. @20committee #dontdropthesoap

  12. @JuannersHD He's 85

  13. @glittergeekali Sorry you hooked me on those 3 words lol

  14. @kumailn I finally saw #Thebigsick and it was incredible. You were incredible!

  15. @Scott_H_Rome Well played! https://t.co/mkiFNMTONA