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  1. Game 1 Props: 1. Who will win the coin toss for the matchup call? Essentially who will be player 1. (2 points) Rico 2. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) Rico 3. Will halftime show be skipped? This is determined if "B" is pressed at any point. (3 points) Yes 4. Over/Under (0.5) on # of JJ TD's 50 yards+. No CC's! If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (3 points) Over 5. Total points scored in game 1. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) 33 Game 2 Props: 6. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) Rico 7. Over/under (1.5) how many TOTAL fumbles there will be. This is lost and recovered so TOTAL. If you say under, you are saying 1 or less. (3 points) Under 8. Total points scored in game 2. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) 27 General Props: 9. Who will win Thunderdome? (10 points) Rico 10. How many games will the series last 2 or 3 games (7 points) 3
  2. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Mort: Got results in to Dave for Minnesota: Millard's Mayhem Tourney like 3 months ago. Your all good
  3. Thunderdome X: Consolation Tournament Signups

    Smith Still will be running strong. Sign me up!
  4. Dista, Not a quality write up. You forgot to mention your Nostradamus skills that game and how you picked 50 percent of my plays. You also didn't mention T-Zack's supreme accuracy that game, and your Barry Sanders'esque moves behind the line of scrimmage with Neal. This just my two cents added. It was a fun game none the less. Thanks, Kris
  5. Drake, That write up was hilarious. Good stuff. Especially the crackhead Irvin. You real wrote with actual facts.
  6. is using the Texas Murray Server going to be an option for the tournament?
  7. Discord Handle: SammieSmith33 Can you host?: no work computer (can host if we use Murrary's Dallas server) Your time zone: central Best time for you to play: 8:30-10:30 M-F Weekends pretty flexible except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  8. I am pumped for Madison just for the fun of it. Getting together with buddies and partying the night before along with getting some games in. I am definitely in on the Street Fighter Tourney. Vega is going to be saying a lot of yodalayeeehooo's. I like the new format especially for the continued play for all players. My brother George aka "Gayge" aka "Peoples Champ" can really make some noise now in one of the bracket plays. I agree with Neerm those first two games are going to be very interesting. You're going to have the mentality of the Cobra Kai. "Sensei said no mercy."
  9. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    All right MN fellas. I am pretty much in as long as the weather is nice. That means no snow or rain. We need to rack up the rest of the MN Tecmo Family. I might even be able to hook up a Nintendo in my mini-van. I will check on that. It would probably be a one day trip for me. Go win the tournament and head home with the trophy. Lets cruise like Harry and Lloyd in the Shaban wagon.
  10. Tournament Abundance

    Madison has been pretty good to me. I was fortunate to run into Chet and Josh early in Madison Tecmo so I got to know them and they always welcomed me but that was also when tournaments were 50 people. I think it would have definitely been hard to talk to people this year with and probably would have been a little unwelcoming with how crowded it was. Plus I think the competition in Madison is pretty extreme especially with only one person coming out of the group there isn't a lot of room for giving advice and be welcoming to opponents. If there was some way to have the top 64 play in a bracket and then the next 64 play in a consolation bracket that at least gives half the field a good chance to get not only their moneys worth but also experience more of the Tecmo vibe and experience. Plus then you have players staying longer and meeting more people. I have been fortunate the last couple of year to make it to the bracket of 64, but before it sucked to lose two and have to go home. You can play some pickup games but it is nice to play for something and have them competitiveness involved. I really loved running Millard's Mayhem 2 this year. I know I have said this already but I really got to meet some great players. New and experienced in an more in depth way. Also people who walked by were excited to see what was going on. They wanted in for next year. I think the small tournaments is the way to bring people to the big stage. I told some of the newer people about Tundra Bowl because its a little bigger but you still get a good amount of games in and there is a consolation bracket. If anyone ever wants to hang out with the Shaban brothers at any tourney be my guest. We live it up Friday night before the tourneys we do go too and also after the tourneys. We took a couple of guys under are wings this year and they had a blast. I think they were a little surprised especially with George. This is a great topic! Maybe at Madison we should invite Art Monk, Gary Clark, and Rickey Sanders they are the original fun bunch.
  11. Baraboo,WI 2017 Tecmobowl Bar league 9/18/17

    That sounds awesome. Will you have sixteen systems set up then? I like the idea a lot. Having all the equipment would be tough. Good of luck with it. If I were in the area I would be interested.
  12. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    I really want to go. Been trying to get to Iowa for two years now, but that damn snow says no. If the weather is nice I will be there. Need to bring the mayhem to the great city of Des Moines. Minnesota lets car pool down there (Segathon, 4-Bit, Nostradamus, Lakitu, Lebron of the Thon, and Lukeaplakia). We should get a penthouse hotel down there. It would probably only be like 10 bucks a person. Need to reclaim the thrown of Tecmo Supremacy.
  13. Tournament Abundance

    I like having at least one vet in the group with new players to give pointers and help them out.
  14. Tournament Abundance

    Segathon and I were also talking about this. When you have friends or new players sign up and I know the thrill of victory is important but help some of the new guys with setting up play books and some of the fundamentals of the game. I made that announcement in Millard's Mayhem and it was good to see that happening before and after games. We can build a bigger fan base and more participation based on that as well. Destroying some one you know you are going to beat really doesn't make it worth while. Let them enjoy the past of the greatest sports game ever made. Making it as fun as possible is key. I had lot of free raffle prizes and everyone made bracket play. Most of these guys just want to play and maybe get one victory under the belt.
  15. Tournament Abundance

    I think it is good but coordinating dates is also important. I did think about that when setting Up Millard's Mayhem. Nothing was happening in August in the WI, IA, IL, MN region. I like having one in Minnesota because we have a lot of local players in Minnesota and I have my brothers and friends who like playing and actually get to play more than two games and not have to spend an outrageous amount of money. Plus I think you get to know some of the other Tecmo players better. I would have never really talked to the Schultes and Kramer brothers, Rico, Mort, Peters, etc as much in bigger tourneys because to much is going on and I hang out with my brothers and college buddies. Plus each tourney has its own pizzaz which makes it authentic. It gives good ideas to other tourneys to make quality tournaments. I think having around 32 players though is important too. It makes the gameplay exciting and brings the madness to Tecmo. Also having good equipment and extra equipment helps as well. You shouldn't rely on to many others. I had most of the equipment but Segathon helped with the NBA JAM which he did straight out of his own heart. Awesome guy. RetroNathan who was a another great help and did it out of pure kindness by bringing his system and helping with bracket. Organization and being prepared is key. Overall, I would say let's keep them up. Fellowship is important and online doesn't not compare to playing on a CRT with a classic NES in a bar or venue and having fun. It keeps the man cards from expiring. Mickey: "If you catch this chicken, you can catch grease lighting. Rocky: " I feel like the Kentucky Fried Idiot."
  16. Alright everyone it is official. Minnesota is back in the Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney mix. Please read the flyer below. First prize will be a minimum of 300.00 dollars no matter how many people come and their paid entry into the Tecmo Madison tourney next year. I hoping for 32 to 64 combatants. Please read the flyer below. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Kris (SammieSmith33) (bushy1333@gmail.com). Instead of a t-shirt you will get a special gift instead when you sign-up. Millard's Mayhem 2 When: Aug.12 Time: 11-7 Location: Doubletree Bloomington MN (952) 835-7800 Hosted by: 2d Con Register at: 2dcon.net under additional info in registraton put Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney Email me (bushy1333@gmail.com) so I can get a count and if you can supply a Nintendo and game. We have tv's covered Cost: $30 Minimum Cash Prize: $300 Free Raffle Ticket with Entry and Player Performance Prizes Rules: Tecmo Madison Rules: tecmomadison.com 4 player Round Robin with top 2 coming out of each group. Elimination Bracket after that. Double Elimination for top 8 also twitch will be providing streaming for those games.
  17. @Lebron of the 'Thon @segathonsovI hope to make it to the Segathon NHL Tourney. I bet that is allowed since it's Hockey. I'll have to practice up. My favorite team was the Islanders.
  18. Top 10 Moments From Millard's Mayhem 2: #10: Everybody coming! This tourney couldn't of happened with all of you coming. You all really brought the Mayhem to the tourney. Hopefully you are all back next year. I have heard of or seen most everyone at the tourney but it was nice to actually talk and get to know some of you a little more. At Madison it is so crazy trying to get to know others is pretty tough. #9: My buddy Tony losing with the 49ers against the Bills against my brother Mike. I think of the 49ers as the unbeatable team and my buddy Tony should of easily won with way more experience. It was funny to see him lose and my brother getting his first Tecmo victory. #8: The Raffle prizes: I gave away a 12 month calendar the People's Champ made with some of his greatest sports memories. It was hand drawn by him. I believe Cory (Noonan) won it. Ask him. He can tell you it was a real Picasso. Also Segathon's buddy Nate winning the autographed Jeff George Card giving him good luck and getting him to the Elite 8 of the tourney. He truly did give 110%. I spent many of hours during my summer school prep periods on craigslist and ebay bargaining for low prices. I tried to make sure almost everyone won something. If you didn't let me know I will make you a card of your favorite player and bring it to Tundra Bowl. #7: Everyone making bracket play. It meant a lot to my buddies who aren't the best and new players that I haven't met (who were part of 2D Con) to be in bracket play. Also for those traveling from far away distances it makes it worth while. Everyone at least got 4 games in. It gives a fighting chance to everyone. It was also great to see my friends and brothers matched up against each other in the brackets. #6: The People's Champ getting his first victory. He almost had 2 in bracket play. He had Segathon on the ropes for most of the game in a Jets (Segathon) vs. Phoenix (George) it took a last quarter drive to get the win. Then the next game he defeated my brother Alex to cement his name in the win column. My brother could be an up and comer. I bet in 20 years he could take Madison. #5 and #4: RetroNathan stepping up and helping me out. Tom (8-Bit) was suppose to help me run this but for some reason just didn't. I know he did move so he was busy with real world stuff but it is hard to run a tourney one your own. My buddy Scib reduced him to 4 Bit because of his performance and play. Nate really came through with setting up the bracket putting in scores and helping clean up. I really appreciated it. He received a Joe Montana Starting Lineup as a reward. I couldn't of run the tourney as effectively without them. Segathon bringing his Tv's and NBA JAM. Having extra controllers which we needed two of and an extra TV which we needed and NBA Jam was awesome. Not only did my buddies love NBA Jam a college favorite for us but other people from 2D Con were playing NBA Jam. I really wished I wasn't running the tourney because I was jealous watching my buddies and brothers playing NBA Jam. I wanted in on that action. Miller and Smits never were able to get their groove on. These guys are also great guys in general. Awesome personalities and super fun to hang around. If you don't know them go to Tundra Bowl this January which Retro Nathan host or a Segathon event. It will make you smile. #3.5 and 3: The Iowa boys representing. I had heard of these guys but to really meet them was a joy. I played Kyle in group play in a classic match of Cleveland vs. NO which was back and forth until I fumbled on the kickoff and he took the lead for good. I played Cory in the final 6 in which he crushed me. I played Kris Kramer in the Elite 8 and he won in a Bills vs. Giants matchup which I was lucky to comeback and then lost on on my final drive. He blocked my JJ. I didn't get to play Justin or the other Kramer Brother but they are fun guys. I think they were all part of the Elite 8. Partying with you guys would be great. I hope to make it down there for one of your tourneys. I have tried a couple of years and each time snow has been my nemesis. Josh coming in from ND. He was classic. He had a classic game against my buddy Scib in bracket play. He also brought a case of Coors tall cans in and had great enthusiasm. That is what I call class. #2: My buddy Scib (Nostradamus)(Bills) and Josh (ElijahPeters)(Oilers) game in bracket play. Segathon posted the video a must watch. Scib throws a pass and it goes out bounds in the endzone for a safety with a minute left up one. He then kickoffs and Josh throws a JJ to get himself to the 50 with 3 seconds left. Zendejas lines up a perfect kick only to get blocked and win the game. It was pandemonium! I forgot how it all broke down until I watched the video that is how pumped I was. #1: The Championship game Francis (Mort)(Buccaneers) vs. Kyle (The Gamer)(Cardinals). This game had some of the best back and forth action I had ever seen for a championship game. It was classic. Mort was doing JJ's with Carrier like no one I had ever seen. He was on fire. Next year could definitely see a name change to Millard's Mayhem because of this game. Kyle did come back on a JJ to Roy Green and then out tapped Mort to score to send the game to overtime. I think the total play was 80 yards with the JJ happening on Mort's 48 yard line. Mort won the toss in OT and then after two plays fumbled on his 27 yard line. After two plays Kyle kicks the game winning field goal with Al Del Greco to seal the deal. He wins the Championship Belt and the prize money. It was great. An awesome way to end the tourney. Super fun and super exciting. Thanks again everyone. There were other great games and lots of excitement across the board to talk about as well, but that will all be in the book I write. Just kidding. Thanks for the memories.
  19. "It's gonna take a couple Vai Sikahema's to set me on my feet again."
  20. Awesome! Noonan and RetroNathan in the house things are coming together. I just met with the one of the heads of the 2D Con today. We are the first tourney happening on Saturday at 11:00. I would really like to get going at 11:00 so please come around 10:00-10:30. I will be there at 8:30 getting TV's, Systems, and games ready for action. You can show up early too if you want too. If you want to get in some practice feel free. There will be no pre-tournament stuff on Friday but 2D con will be running full force from 2pm until the late hours. They will have plenty to do check out the flyer I have attached. If you want to practice maybe try coordinating with each other hotel style. I would be interested but I have the brothers and parents coming in for the tourney. You know George has to get his game face ready. On the flyer it says we have a Sunday time too. That is an error we are only running Saturday. There will be plenty to do when you are not playing as well. There are stand up arcades and pinball games and other tourneys going on. I will be doing the Injustice 2 tourney on Sunday. If you have any questions please feel free to message on here, email, or discord. I will be on all three frequently now that it getting close. If you want to bring your own equipment that is fine. I know Nick and Tom had originally four systems each but they are down to two systems a piece. I know Justin Peters, Nate, and Noonan are bring a system. If anyone else would like to that would be great. We are 13 systems of as now. 16 would be perfect. Thank you all for making this happen. It means a lot and I am hoping this will be a great experience for you all as well. It's going to be a blast. program.pdf
  21. Justin, Thanks for bringing the equipment. The additional info screen will be on on the registration page after you put in your info. It's the second screen. I will definitely check about Friday. I will contact her tomorrow. Mort, Is there anyway we can handicap you to just playing with one hand for half the game. Just kidding. I am glad you are coming with Technicolor Pants. Should be a fun time.
  22. Forgot to also mention, Segathon is going to have some NBA Jam set up as well for play while there is down time. Yeah Baby!!!!!! Miller and Smits
  23. One week away! Tourney at starts at 11:00. Going to be Great! Make sure you sign up! I can't wait for the raffle stuff. I must excited about that. We need a couple more cartridges if anyone can bring them. Other than that we are all set. Thanks for everyone that is coming.